About the Manitoba Graduated Motorcycle License

Both the Manitoba GDL program for passenger vehicles and the Manitoba graduated motorcycle license are similar in terms of being a three-step process. The intention of the Manitoba motorcycle GDL process is to ensure that new bike riders are able to accumulate enough knowledge and experience to safely ride a motorcycle on any Manitoba roadway.

Our team has put together the specific information you need to know, learn and practice at each stage of the Manitoba graduated motorcycle license process, in order to get your full Manitoba motorcycle licence in the shortest possible time period.

The first stage of the Manitoba graduated motorcycle license program is the Class 6 learner stage, followed by the Class 6 intermediate stage, and finally, the full class 6 motorcycle license Manitoba offers to qualified riders.

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Your Manitoba Motorcycle Licence

Learning to ride a motorcycle can be an easy and stress-free journey

The Manitoba graduated motorcycle license program is a three-step process that helps new motor bike riders gain the confidence needed to become comfortable, safe and confident in all types of road conditions. Building a strong foundation along with lots of practice is the right way to become licensed to ride a motorcycle in Manitoba. We invite you to try our Manitoba motorcycle practice test for a quick refresher on the road signs and rules of the road that motorbike riders need to know.

Manitoba Class 6 Motorcycle License Process

Class 6L (Learner) License + Class 6I (Intermediate) Licence → Class 6F (full) Licence

Your Manitoba 6L Learners Licence

Step 1 of the Manitoba graduated motorcycle license program:

The first step of the Manitoba graduated motorcycle license program is getting a Manitoba motorcycle Class 6L learners licence. This means passing a motorcycle knowledge test (practice here), a vision/medical test and successful completion of a motorcycle training course. The motorcycle knowledge test is designed to ensure all Manitoba motorcycle riders have a complete understanding of Manitoba road signs and road rules. The motorcycle training course builds on your theoretical learning and helps new riders learn the basic skills required to operate a motorcycle.

Manitoba 6L Licence Process

Knowledge test + Vision test + motorcycle training course → Class 6L (learner) Licence

You can get your 6L licence on 16th birthday.

Here's how to get your 6L licence:

Bring your valid licence for any other vehicle class

Take and Pass the 6L knowledge test

Pass a vision test

Complete an approved motorcycle training course

Getting Your Manitoba 6I Licence

Your Manitoba 6I licence is your licence to practice riding a motorcycle in Manitoba

Step 2 of motorcycle licensing in Manitoba is focused on building strong motorcycle riding skills and developing a higher level of confidence handing a motorcycle on any roadway. You need to use the time between getting your learners licence and your 6I licence to practice as much motorcycle riding as you can. Make sure you have the appropriate motorcycle insurance coverage for your situation.

Manitoba 6I Licence Process

Driving with a 6L Licence for 9 months + Class 6 Road Test → Class 6I (intermediate) Licence

You must stay at the 6L level for a minimum of 9 months before attempting the Class 6 road test.

Here's how to get your 6I licence:

Bring a motorcycle in good working order

Bring your 6L licence

Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment

Take and Pass the Class 6 road test

Getting Your Manitoba 6F Licence

Your final, full privilege motorcycle licence in Manitoba

You must remain at the 6I stage probation free for 15-months before you can move to the Manitoba motorcycle full licence stage.

Manitoba Class 6 License Process

Driving 15 months with a 6I Licence → Class 6F (full) Licence

You can get your 6F licence after holding a 6I licence for 15 months.

Here's how to get your 6F licence:

Practice safe driving

Remain at the 6L stage for 15 months

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