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Yukon Drivers Licence Testing

We can help you get through each stage of the Yukon graduated driver licensing program regardless of whether you are applying for a Yukon car driving license or a Yukon motorcycle driving license. From Yukon Class 7 practice test sets and Yukon Class 6 motorcycle practice tests to driving tips and tricks, to the various kinds of Yukon driving test challenges, we can help get you through the Yukon driver licensing process.

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Yukon Driving Test For Car Drivers

To simplify the process of learning how to drive a car in the Yukon Territory, we've divided each of the licensing stages into separate sections with requirements, expectations and tips for each. Our Yukon class 7 Learners license, Yukon class 5 Novice license and full Class 5 Yukon drivers license sections will help you learn everything you need to know to get your YT passenger vehicle drivers license (car, light truck, van etc.).

Yukon Car Licensing

Our goal is to help Yukon residents understand what is expected of them at the YT Class 7L, YT Class 5 Novice and YT Class 5 licensing stages, so they can safely and legally drive in the Yukon territory.

The minimum age for a Yukon car license is 15 years of age.

You can enroll in optional driver education to help with your journey.

Class 7 Knowledge Testing

In order to get your Class 7 learners license, you need to have excellent understanding of the information in the Yukon Driver's Basic Handbook. Read the Handbook and use our Yukon Class 7 practice tests to pass on the first attempt.

Study the Yukon Driver's Basic Handbook

Attempt all Class 7 practice tests

On-road Yukon Driver Tests

On road, testing can be an unnerving experience. The best way to get past the fear of this particular Yukon driving test is to practice as much as possible while at the YT Class 7 learner stage (with a supervising driver) under a variety of road conditions.

Use the Yukon Driver's Basic Handbook and Class 7 practice tests to refer back to

Practice as much driving as possible

Yukon Driving Test for Motorcycle Drivers

New Yukon motorcycle drivers must follow the Yukon graduated motorcycle license (GDL) program in order to eventually get their full, unrestricted Yukon Class 6 motorcycle drivers license. This involves learning about what the various road signs mean, the rules of the road as they pertain to motorcycle drivers, learning how to handle a motorcycle in various road and weather conditions and a Yukon driving test at various stages to ensure that new bike drivers can operate safely.

Yukon Motorcycle Licensing

The Yukon motorcycle GDL begins with the YT Class 6 learner stage, followed by the YT Class 6 novice stage, before you can get your full Class 6 Yukon motorcycle license. Each stage is distinct and has specific requirements that must be met before you can move to the next stage.

You must be 15 to apply

A Yukon motorcycle training course can help you get started

Class 6 Motorcycle Test

The Yukon Learn To Ride Smart Guide will help you understand all the Yukon road signs, road rules and other things you need to know in order to learn how to safely drive a motorcycle in the Yukon. Our Yukon Class 6 motorcycle practice tests are an excellent resource for the written test.

Study the Learn To Ride Smart Guide

Practice as many Class 6 knowledge tests as possible

YT Motorcycle Road Tests

Motorcycle road testing in the Yukon is designed to ensure that new motorcycle drivers have exhibited strong motorcycle handling skills and can be counted on to be safe Yukon motorcycle riders before being awarded with a Yukon Territory motorcycle license.

Safe riding while wearing proper motorcycle gear is paramount

The more your can practice the better

The Yukon Road Test

Before you can get your Yukon Class 5 novice car drivers licence or your Yukon Class 6 novice motorcycle drivers licence you must successfully complete an on-road Yukon driving test. All driving tests must be booked in advance with the Yukon government division responsible for driver licensing in the Yukon.

YT Class 5 Novice Road Test

YT Class 6 Novice Road Test

Free Yukon Driving Tests

At, we want to see you pass your Yukon driving test on the first attempt. To help you build your skills and confidence, we have created Yukon driving knowledge tests for your YT car license and Yukon motorcycle license that will allow you to practice for your Yukon written test well in advance of your actual test appointment.

Class 7 Learner Test

Our Class 7 learners knowledge test practice covers key Yukon road signs and rules of the road as they apply to passenger vehicle drivers. The tests are conducted in a timed environment which is exactly what you get if you use our free Class 7 Yukon practice test sets.

Class 6 Learner Test

To successfully pass the Yukon Class 6 learner knowledge test, you need to read and fully understand the Yukon Learn To Ride Smart Guide and use all our Yukon Class 6 motorcycle practice tests sets to prepare yourself and build confidence.