The Class 6F Motorcycle License Manitoba Offers

The Class 6F motorcycle license Manitoba provides to qualified riders, is the final, full, unrestricted Manitoba motorcycle license obtained after completing all stages of the Manitoba graduated motorcycle licensing process. Before getting the full motorcycle license Manitoba offers, you must have completed the MB Class 6 learner and MB Class 6 intermediate motorcycle licensing stages, making you a skilled, confident motorcycle rider, able to safely drive a motorcycle in any weather or road conditions.

Manitoba 6F Licence Process

Driving 15 months with a 6I Licence → Class 6F (full) Licence

The Class 6F Motorcycle License Manitoba Provides - Made Simple

At, we strive to help make the process of learning how to ride a motorcycle in Manitoba as quick and easy as possible. Successfully passing all stages of the Manitoba motorcycle GDL (Graduated Driver Licence) program is the goal of all prospective Manitoba motorcycle drivers.

Class 6I Licence Holder

You must remain at the 6I (intermediate) licence stage for a minimum of 15 months before you can apply for the 6F licence.

Licence Conversion

As soon as you have completed the 15-month intermediate stage wait period, you will automatically graduate to the Class 6F (full) licence stage. You must of course also have adequate Manitoba motorcycle insurance to legally ride your bike on public roads.

Licence Expiry

Once your licence is close to expiry, you should receive a notice from Manitoba Public Insurance and will need to visit an Autopac agent to renew your licence.

No Alcohol

For the first 36 months, as a Class 6F licence holder, you must continue to maintain zero blood alcohol content while operating a motorcycle.

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MB GDL Process

By following the Manitoba motorcycle GDL process you will learn all the skills necessary to safely ride a motorcycle in Manitoba.

MB 6L Licence

The Manitoba 6L learner licence is your first Manitoba motorcycle licence, and allows you to start learning how to drive a motorcycle.

MB 6I Licence

The Class 6I, intermediate licence is your opportunity to really practice and build on your basic Manitoba motorcycle riding skills.

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