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PEI Practice Tests

Our driving practice tests for PEI passenger vehicle or motorcycle drivers can help you pass on the first attempt.

PEI Insurance

Use our Prince Edward Island quote comparison service to find the best PEI insurance quotes for your needs.

Drivers Licensing In PEI

You'll be surprised how simple driver licensing in PEI can be if you use the icandrive.ca roadmap.

PEI Insurance Brokers

A PEI Insurance broker would love to compete for your business, so let us help you find the best PEI insurance quote.

Access PEI Offices

Driver licensing and registration can be completed through your local Access PEI office location.

Driving Schools In PEI

You can learn to drive in PEI through a PEI driving school. They offer courses on different types of driving license classes.

Prince Edward Island Drivers License Tests

Practice and more practice will help you pass your Prince Edward Island driving test on the first attempt - which can be a great confidence booster for anyone who wants to learn to drive in PEI. Our PEI driving practice tests will give you that added edge when it comes to being prepared for your PEI driving knowledge test.

PEI Driving Tests Overview

Being prepared with all of the necessary documents, prior driving experience and knowledge of road signs/rules will help you pass your particular PEI driving test.

PEI Car Practice Tests

The Class 7 PEI practices tests are specific to road signs & rules in Prince Edward Island, and help you assess your level of knowledge when it comes to driving in PEI.

PEI Motorcycle Practice Test

Motorcycle riders should use our Class 6 motorcycle practice test to develop a strong understanding of PEI motorcycle specific road signs and rules of the road.

What Makes ICanDrive.ca Unique?

ICanDrive.ca knows PEI drivers.

We know that each PEI driver has specific requirements that they need to meet in order to get their PEI drivers licence and we strive to make the licensing process as easy and smooth as possible. Our desire is that you learn to drive in PEI in the safest and most enjoyable way.

Everything on ICanDrive.ca is free

There are no hidden costs or fees to unlock any sections on the icandrive.ca website. You can use our PEI practice tests as many times as you need.

We help train better Prince Edward Island drivers

More knowledge and more testing mean you will be a much more well-rounded driver when you exit the PEI graduated driver licensing program. In addition, our driving guides for more experienced drivers can help to update your driving knowledge and skills.

How to Get a Prince Edward Island Drivers License

Access PEI and the associated PEI Driver's Handbooks are your ultimate guide to driver licensing in PEI. The icandrive.ca team has organized the information in the PEI drivers handbooks and simplified things so you can basically map out exactly what you need to do in order to learn to drive in PEI and get your PEI drivers licence as soon as possible.

PEI Driver Licensing

Our main PEI  driver licensing section answers all of your general PEI driver licensing questions and fully describes your Prince Edward Island licensing journey.

PEI Car License

Car drivers in PEI must graduate through the Instruction Permit stage, the PEI Class 5 Stage 2 and PEI Class 5 Stage 3 passenger vehicle licensing stages.

Motorcycle Licensing in PEI

PEI motorcycle drivers begin driving with a PEI motorcycle learner license and then move through the Novice Stage 2, Novice Stage 3 and final PEI Class 6 licence stages.

Complete PEI Auto, Motorcycle, Home & Life Insurance Coverage

Privately offered PEI insurance coverage can be obtained online through PEI insurance companies or with the help of licensed PEI insurance brokers.

Car Insurance

Mandatory car insurance levels must be carried by all PEI car drivers and is a legal requirement for all PEI automobile operators.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle drivers should get motorcycle insurance as soon as they begin to drive on public roads

Home Insurance

PEI home insurance can keep your home and its content safe in the event of a variety of unexpected events.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can provide peace of mind that your family will be protected if you unexpectedly pass on.

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The Daily Driver

Our mission is to accompany Prince Edward Island drivers on their journey well past the learning stage of driving, and help them stay updated on all things that matter to PEI drivers. The Daily Driver section on the website provides driving guides, insurance guides and keeps Prince Edward Island drivers aware of any legislative or industry changes that they should be aware of. Use the Daily Driver to stay in the loop on important Prince Edward Island driving information, news and nearby driving related resources.