Getting a Saskatchewan Motorcycle Learners License

In recent years, to help improve safety on Saskatchewan roads, the Government has implemented a three stage Saskatchewan motorcycle graduated driver licensing or MGDL program. It begins with the Saskatchewan motorcycle learners license, or a Class 6 endorsement on your SK Class 5 car driving licence. All new and experienced Saskatchewan drivers must begin the process to legally drive a motorbike with a motorcycle learners licence, and gradually build strong motorcycle handling skills through the SK MGDL process.

SK Class 6L Motorcycle License Process

Class 5 or Higher License + Written Test (Basic + Signs + Motorcycle Knowledge) + Vision Test + BART/SGI Approved Motorcycle Training → Learners Licence (6L)

What do you need to learn to get your SK motorcycle learners licence?

When preparing for any motorcycle driving test, whether written or practical, it can often feel overwhelming to figure out everything you need to learn in order to successfully pass. At, we want to remove as much stress as possible, by putting everything you need to learn, study and practice, into easy to follow sections. The Saskatchewan motorcycle learners license test is the first challenge you will face, but you won't have to spend endless hours researching how to get your SK motorcycle learners licence - it's all in the clickable tabs below.

16 Years Old

You can start the process to get a Saskatchewan motorcycle learners license on or after your 16th birthday. Learners under the age of 18 must have parental/guardian approval before they begin the process.

Class 5 licence holder

All of the SK motorcycle licensing stages (SK motorcycle learner, SK motorcycle novice and SK full M endorsement) are endorsements that attach to your existing SK Class 5 driving licence, so you need to have a full Class 5 licence or higher before you can begin the SK motorcycle graduated driver licensing process.

Recommended preparation for the Saskatchewan written exams:

Study The Saskatchewan Driver's Handbook

The Saskatchewan Driver's Handbook helps new drivers learn the road signs and road rules that apply to Saskatchewan's public roadways. The best way to prepare for the SK written test is to study the entire Saskatchewan Driver's Handbook from cover to cover and try to completely understand each concept presented. This way, you'll have a high chance of passing the basic knowledge exam and basic signs exam on the first attempt.

Study The Saskatchewan Motorcycle Driver's Handbook

The Motorcycle Driver's Handbook builds your road signs and road rules knowledge and teaches you the rules of the road that apply specifically to motorcycle drivers in Saskatchewan.

Practice Saskatchewan Motorcycle Learner's Tests

Once you've read through the Saskatchewan Driver's Handbook and Motorcycle Driver's Handbook, spend some time attempting as many SGI Class 7 written test practice and SGI Class 6 learners practice test examples as possible. The more practice tests you successfully complete, the higher your chances of passing the Saskatchewan motorcycle learners license test on the first attempt.

Recommended preparation for the Saskatchewan Learner License Road Testing:

After passing the written tests, asspiring Saskatchewan motorcycle learners license holders can either take an SGI approved motorcycle training course or pass the basic ability road test (3 attempts allowed) to get their motorcycle learner licence.

SGI Approved Motorcycle Training Course

The recommended option is to take an SGI approved motorcycle training course. Taking this course means there are no additional fees, no road test at the learner level and you qualify for a safe driver recognition (SDR) discount once you reach the Novice 2 licensing stage.

In addition, if you complete an SGI-approved motorcycle training course you will not have a 'R' engine size restriction placed on your licence.


Basic Ability Road Test (BART)

If you decide not to enroll in the SGI approved motorcycle training course, then you will have to pass the basic ability road test (BART). In order to pass the SK BART, you need to thoroughly practice basic motorcycle handling skills like:

  • Identification of basic motorcycle controls - you will be required to name 8-12 critical motorcycle components, identify them on your motorcycle and demonstrate how they work
  • Starting and stopping the motorcycle while maintaining your balance
  • Road test - demonstration that you have the basic skills to safely operate a motorcycle in any road condition while maintaining the safety of everyone around you

The Class 6 endorsement basic ability road test (BART) must be taken on your own motorcycle. If you decide to take the basic ability road test on a motorcycle with an engine size of 400 cc or less, an "R" restriction will be placed on your licence that does not allow you to operate motorcycle's with an engine size larger than 400 cc unless you later test on a larger engine size motorcycle, or take an SGI-approved motorcycle training course.

Basic Knowledge Exam & Signs Exam

  • Both computer-based and written options are designed to test your knowledge of Saskatchewan's road rules and road signs
  • There are two tests, with each test marked on the spot. An 80% grade is required  to pass
  • Aside from the Regina and Saskatoon Central offices, you need to book your test appointment in advance either through MySGI or by visiting a SK motor license issuer.
  • Your actual test will be held at the driver exam office you selected when you booked your test appointment
  • Make sure you use our SK motorcycle practice test series to be 100% ready for the Saskatchewan basic knowledge exam

Motorcycle Knowledge Exam

  • The motorcycle knowledge exam is similar to the written road signs and road rules exams but its more specific to the rules of the road applicable to motorcycles. A thorough study of the Saskatchewan Motorcycle Driver's Handbook will come in handy for this test.
  • The test is marked on the spot and you need 80% correct to pass
  • You must pre-book your appointment either through MySGI or a motor licence issuer and indicate your preferred driver exam office for the test appointment.

Basic Ability Road Test

  • If you decide to not complete an SGI approved motorcycle training course, then you will need to complete a basic ability road test to get your learner licence. The road test is a hands-on demonstration of your driving skills - the examiner will assess your ability to drive safely and confidently in a reduced traffic situation on the motorcycle you bring to the test.
  • If you get 10 or demerit points, it's an automatic fail
  • In order to book your appointment, utilize the MySGI option or book through your local motor license issuer.

Vision Test

Included in the cost of your knowledge exams is the mandatory vision test. Your vision will be examined to ensure you have acceptable vision to safely handle a motorcycle.

If you've studied both Saskatchewan driving handbooks, attempted our motorcycle learners practice test and thoroughly practiced your motorcycle riding, then you really have nothing to worry about. Review our test day checklist below to ensure you have everything you need for your Saskatchewan motorcycle learners license test appointment.

Arrive Early

Always aim to be 20-30 minutes early for your test appointments. This will give you enough time to settle in and be in a relaxed state of mind before the test starts.

Documents to Bring

Proof of Age - Birth certificate, passport or other SGI acceptable document

Parent/Guardian Consent For learners under the age of 18, you must provide a completed parent/guardian form

Proof of identity - Make sure you bring along several original copies of identification documents ex. passport, other driver's licence etc.

Vision Aids

If you wear glasses or contacts, make sure you wear them for the tests.

Applicable Fees

It costs $25 every time you take the Basic, Signs and/or other Motorcycle related exams.

Test Re-takes

  • Knowledge tests can be re-taken the next day if you fail and you can take 1 test per day until you pass. You will only be required to re-write the exams you failed not all three.
  • Basic ability road tests can be rescheduled, however if you fail the basic road test for a third time you have to complete the SGI-approved motorcycle training.

Getting Your Licence Card

Once you've passed the three written tests and completed the SGI-approved motorcycle training or the basic ability road test, you need to validate your learner licence endorsement at a motor license issuer and pay the $15 fee.

Licence Expiry

A Saskatchewan motorcycle learners license is valid for 24 months (2 years) and if you fail to move to the novice stage at the end of the 24 months, you will have to retake the 3 tests.

Minimum Licence Holding Period

You must drive with a Saskatchewan learners license for a minimum of 12 months before you are eligible to move to the Saskatchewan motorcycle novice level testing.

Display Your L Sign

A Saskatchewan learners license driver must always display a red 'L' sign on your motorcycle when riding.

Single Driver

You cannot carry any passengers at the Saskatchewan motorcycle learners license Class 6 endorsement level.

No Alcohol

Regardless of age, you cannot consume any alcohol or have any level of drug impairment while operating a motorcycle in Saskatchewan.

Restricted Driving at Night

No nighttime riding (1/2 an hour before sunset to 1/2 an hour after sunrise)

No Towing

You are not allowed to tow any other vehicles at this level.

Wear An Approved Helmet

You must always wear protective gear when operating a motorcycle ex. Ministry approved helmet etc.

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Saskatchewan Motorcycle Full M Endorsement

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Regardless of which kind of Saskatchewan driving licence you need to apply for, we have you covered.