Getting Your Nova Scotia Class 6 Motorcycle License

The whole purpose of the Nova Scotia motorcycle graduated driver licensing program is to get new and experienced drivers from the NS motorcycle learner license and NS newly licensed motorcycle driver phases to the final, full, unrestricted Nova Scotia Class 6 motorcycle license in a way that is safe for all users of the public roads. The process is a tried and true way to produce motorbike drivers that are both confident and competent on the roads and highways in all sorts of weather conditions.

NS CLass 6 License Process

6N License + Safe riding for 24 months + Pass an approved motorcycle Driver Improvement Program → Class 6 motorcycle licence

Your Full Nova Scotia Class 6 Motorcycle License

Getting through the Nova Scotia graduated driver licensing program and getting your Class 6 licence is a very rewarding experience. Anyone that makes it through the process should be congratulated that they have reached this final stage. But, never forget, driving a motorcycle comes with a big responsibility to always operate in a safe manner, along with sufficient NS motorcycle insurance and the appropriate documentation for your bike. Read through the NS Class 6 motorcycle license information in the tabs below to ensure you have met all the requirements for getting a NS Class 6 license.

Class 6N Licence Holder

You need to hold a NS Class 6 N licence (Newly Licensed license) for a minimum of 24 months without any license suspensions or interruptions to qualify for a Nova Scotia Class 6 motorcycle license.

Completed Motorcycle Driver Improvement Program

Before you can exit the Nova Scotia GDL program, you need to complete a ministry approved Driver Improvement program and provide the Nova Scotia Registry of Motor Vehicles office with a copy of your graduation certificate. The program includes a 6 hour "defensive driving" course.

Licence Information

Once the 24-month time period and motorcycle driver improvement program have been completed, it is your responsibly to contact a Nova Scotia Registry of Motor Vehicles office and pay the $80.15 fee to acquire your permanent Class 6 motorcycle license.

Looking for Information on Other NS Motorcycle Licence Types?

Motorcycle GDL Process

The three step Nova Scotia Motorcycle GDL program helps new and experienced drivers gain the skills and confidence necessary to ride a motorcycle safely on Nova Scotia roads.

Nova Scotia LM License

The Nova Scotia LM licence or LM endorsement is step one in the NS Motorcycle GDL program and sets the base for both new and experienced drivers when it comes to learning how to ride a motorcycle.

NS Class 6N Licence

The Class 6N (newly licensed) license is step two in the motorcycle graduated driver licensing program for Nova Scotia, comes with increased privileges and helps you prepare for the Class 6 license.

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