NL Motorcycle Novice Driver License - Class 6 Level II

Step 2 in the NL Graduated Motorcycle Licensing process is the Class 6 Level 2 NL motorcycle novice driver license, which involves developing strong on-road motorcycle driving skills that are focused on proper driving techniques and maintaining safety for other road users. The Class 6 road test will determine if you've done a good job of learning how to drive a motorcycle in Newfoundland and Labrador. New bike riders must practice their motorcycle riding skills extensively before attempting the NL Class 6 road test.

NL Class 6II License Process

Class 6 I Licence for 12 months + Road Test → Class 6 Level 2 Licence

Becoming a Confident Newfoundland Motorcycle Rider

While at the NL motorcycle learners license or Class 6 Level 1 stage, you were expected to demonstrate your knowledge of Newfoundland road signs and rules of the road on a written exam. For the Class 6 Level II NL motorcycle novice driver license, you have to demonstrate on-road application of those road signs/rules as well as driving skills. Remember, you must always carry the appropriate motorcycle insurance Newfoundland requires, and also have all of the appropriate documentation for your motorbike. Read through the below tabs to understand all the requirements and skills you need to develop, in order to successfully get your NL motorcycle novice driver license.

6 I For 12 Months

You need to have held a NL Class 6 Level 1 motorcycle licence continuously for 12 months, or 8 months if you took an approved motorcycle training course, before you can apply for the Class 6 Level 2 NL motorcycle novice driver license.

Book Your Class 6 Road Test

You have to take the Class 6 road test by appointment only, so make sure you book when you feel comfortable attempting the on-road test.

Read Through The NL Road Users Guide

In addition to brushing up on your knowledge of Newfoundland & Labrador road signs and rules (which you can do with our Class 6 practice test and Newfoundland permit test practice series), the Newfoundland road users guide also contains very useful information on riding maneuvers, correct balance techniques and many other skills you need to know in order to pass the Class 6 road test.


You should spend the time you have at the Class 6 Level 1 stage to practice your motorcycle driving skills and become truly confident in your motorcycle handling abilities.

Pre-trip Check

In order to pass the pre-test check, make sure you examine your motorcycle before leaving home and confirm that all the major controls (lights, signals, brakes, horn etc.) are working.

Motorcycle Road Test

During the road test, the examining driver will be in a vehicle behind you and communicate via a radio. Stay calm and focused, and follow the instructions given with confidence. Remember the examiners are not trying to trick you but just want to assess your level of confidence and skill in a real world motorcycle driving environment.

Post-test Debrief

Once the test is over, you will return to the examination center and be told if you passed or failed as well as comments for improvement.

Here are some tips on how to make your Newfoundland Labrador Class 6 road test day as stress free as possible:

Arrive Early

Even with a booked appointment, if you arrive late you could be denied an opportunity to take the test, so aim to arrive 20-30 minutes early just to be safe.

Vehicle Safety Check

Double check that your motorcycle and all its components are working 100% correctly before you arrive for your test.

Proper Gear

You have to be wearing a proper helmet, full-coverage (arms and legs) clothing, gloves and boots to be able to take the road test.

Documents To Bring Along

  • Your Newfoundland Class 6 Level 1 Licence
  • Your road test booking payment receipt
  • Valid insurance and registration documentation for the motorcycle that you bring to the test

Vision Aids

If prescribed, you must wear your contacts or glasses to take the test.

Applicable Fees

  • Road test fee $78 (Senior fee $39)
  • Class 6 Level 2 licence fee $125 (Senior fee $65)

Minimum Licence Holding Period

You must remain at the NL motorcycle novice driver license - Level 2 stage, for a minimum of 12 months, probation free, before you can move to the full Class 6 motorcycle license level.

Restricted Night Driving

Class 6 Level 2 motorcycle drivers cannot operate a motorcycle between the hours of midnight and 5 am.

No Alcohol

Anything more than a BAC level of 0% can be grounds for an immediate licence suspension.

No Licence Upgrades

You cannot upgrade to a commercial licence directly from a Class 6 Level 2.

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