How to Get a Nunavut Driving License

A Nunavut driving license is practically essential if you want to explore one of Canada's most wild and beautiful areas or experience the explosive growing economy of Nunavut and the culture of the Inuit people. Nunavut is definitely a place worth visiting or making one's home in. A Nunavut driving license is the key that opens up many of the rich opportunities that await in Nunavut - we can help make the process of getting a Nunavut driver's license a whole lot easier.

In order to ensure that you are 100% prepared for the various tests that are required, and fully capable of driving in Nunavut, the team at have put together everything you need to know. Whether you want a Nunavut Class 5 car driving license, a Nunavut Class 6 motorcycle driving license, or some other kind of Nunavut driving license, we want to make things easier.

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What Kind of Nunavut Driving License do You Need?

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In Nunavut, depending on which community you reside in, the process to get a drivers license is handled either by the Nunavut Motor Vehicles Division issuing offices, local Municipal Liaison Office (MLO) or Government Liaison Office (GLO). Whether you need a car or light truck driving license, a motorcycle drivers license, or a more specific type of Nu drivers license like a Nunavut truck driving license, or Nunavut bus driver license, a Nunavut air brake license or a Nunavut boating license, we strive to make things easier with step-by-step tutorials. Regardless of which kind of Nunavut driving license you want to apply for, we have it covered.

All Nunavut Drivers Must Abide By Nunavut Driving Laws

Regardless of whether you are a new Nunavut driver or an experienced driver transferring from another province, you need to become very comfortable with Nunavut specific driving practices. You also need to have the appropriate documentation for your vehicle and carry adequate Nunavut vehicle insurance for the vehicle you drive.

Valid Drivers Licence

You must have a valid Nunavut driving license if you're a Nunavut resident and operating any type of vehicle within the territory. If you are caught driving without a license, you could face serious fines.

No Drunk Driving

Over the years, the laws that deal with drunk driving in Nunavut have become even stricter. To avoid serious charges, always refrain from drinking and driving.

Distracted Driving

Across the country, handheld devices like cellphones and tablets have been banned and Nunavut is no exception. If you're caught driving distracted, you could end up with an immediate license suspension.

Obey Speed Limits

Stay alert and aware of sudden speed limit changes around you. Depending on the terrain and traffic conditions, not staying within the posted speed limit could have dangerous consequences.

Looking to Get Your Licence in a Different Part of Canada?

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Depending on where you live in Canada, the process of getting a Canada driver's license can be different. Choose your province or territory of residence, and allow us to direct you to the right people and resources who can provide the best possible driver licensing information.