Taking a New Brunswick Driving Test?

NB Driving License Test Information:

If you are looking to get your New Brunswick driver's license to operate a passenger vehicle like a van, car or light truck in New Brunswick, you need to successfully complete the requirements of the New Brunswick Graduated License Program or the NB Graduated Motorcycle Licence Program if you want to drive a motorbike. The various stages of these programs require drivers to master certain skill sets and concepts before they can move to the next stage. We have compiled detailed information and resources to help new drivers understand all the requirements of getting a NB drivers license and pass each New Brunswick driving test.

Choose the type of New Brunswick driving test you need to attempt:

New Brunswick Driving Test For Car Drivers

All New Brunswick drivers license holders for passenger vehicles must complete the NB Class 7 level 1, NB Class 7 level 2 and NB Class 5 service NB licensing requirements. Each stage is divided up to ensure gradual but complete learning of key driving concepts. We've put together detailed NB licensing information, permit test NB tips and tricks, as well as how to pass the various types of New Brunswick driving test challenges like the New Brunswick road test. Don't forget, always make sure to have the correct documentation for the vehicle you are driving and the appropriate New Brunswick car insurance in place before driving on public roads.

NB Driver's License For Cars

Getting a full Class 5 New Brunswick drivers license can feel like a huge undertaking, however if you break the NB graduated drivers license program into individual steps and focus first on getting your NB Class 7 level 1, then your NB Class 7 level 2 and eventually your New Brunswick Class 5 licence, you will be done in the shortest time possible.

Service New Brunswick's minimum age requirement is 16

There are a variety of benefits to enroling in a formal driver education program

NB Class 7 Permit Test

You need to pass a Service NB administered permit test that will quiz you on NB road signs and road rules in order to get your learner licence. Studying through the NB Drivers Handbook and really practicing NB Class 7 practice tests is the best way to guarantee success. Some key things to keep in mind are:

Study the NB Driver's Handbook

Practice Class 7 Permit Tests until you understand all NB road signs and road rules

New Brunswick Road Test

In order to get your intermediate New Brunswick drivers license, you need to pass the New Brunswick road test. This road test at a service NB location will assess your driving skills, and ability to safely and confidently handle a car in various kinds of road and weather conditions.

Review New Brunswick road signs and rules in the New Brunswick Driver's Handbook

Practice key driving skills with a licensed supervisor

New Brunswick Driving Test for Motorcycle Drivers

If you want to get a New Brunswick motorcycle license, you will need to follow the specific Service NB administered motorcycle driver licensing program, and pass each New Brunswick driving test you are presented with. Each step of the NB motorcycle licensing process, from getting your NB motorcycle GDL licence to your final, full Class 6 NB motorcycle license requires the learning of specific skills. If you focus on meeting the requirements at each stage you should have your New Brunswick motorcycle license in the shortest time possible. Also, make sure you have adequate New Brunswick motorcycle insurance in place before driving your bike on public roads, as well as the correct registration documents for your bike on hand.

New Brunswick Motorcycle License

All the information you need on how to get your NB motorcycle license is summarized in two main stages. The motorcycle GDL license and Class 6 license sections will help you understand, prepare for and successfully pass the various New Brunswick driving test challenges that are in place before you can get a final unrestricted New Brunswick motorcycle license.

Service New Brunswick's minimum age requirement is 16

There are a variety of benefits to enroling in a Motorcycle training course

Class 6 Motorcycle Test

The theory part of NB motorcycle license testing is a Class 6 motorcycle quiz, which will check to make sure you have adequate knowledge of New Brunswick road signs and road rules. Your goal should be to pass the NB motorcycle quiz on the first attempt. You can accomplish this by studying the Driver's Handbook and using our  NB motorcycle practice test series.

Study the New Brunswick Drivers Handbook

Attempt as many Class 6 motorcycle practice tests as possible

NB Motorcycle Road Test

The Class 6 road test to get your full Class 6 New Brunswick motorcycle licence is organized by Service New Brunswick and will need to be booked in advance. If you want to pass on the first attempt, you need to learn all the necessary driving skills, and spend a lot of time practicing them thoroughly in different traffic and weather situations before attempting the NB driving test.

Buy a proper helmet, non-abrasive material clothing and boots

Complete a New Brunswick motorcycle training course

Service NB Road Test Booking

New Brunswick road test appointments for your New Brunswick car licence or NB motorcycle licence must be booked through Service NB. Whether you are taking the NB road test for your Class 5 passenger vehicle licence or your Class 6 motorcycle licence, you will be asked to drive through a specific route and demonstrate how well you handle your vehicle.

New Brunswick Road Test For Cars

NB Road Test For Motorcycles

  • Road signs and road rules specific to the NB motorcycle GDL should always be front of mind
  • If you attempt some NB Class 6 practice tests, you can refresh your memory on New Brunswick motorcycle driving rules
  • Make sure you practice safe motorcycle driving with proper gear under supervision before attempting the NB Class 6 road test

Free Permit Test NB Online

The only way to guarantee that you know everything you need for the writing portion of New Brunswick driver testing is by practicing sample sets of questions. The icandrive.ca sample NB permit tests are very close in structure and actual questions to the permit test you can expect at your local Service NB office.

NB Drivers Practice Test For Cars

As well as helping you master New Brunswick Driver Licence related concepts, the NB Class 7 practice test series will help you build confidence and familiarity with what to expect on the Service NB permit test. The more practice you can get in, the better your chances of passing the New Brunswick Class 7 permit test on the first attempt.

Motorcycle License NB Practice Test

For many, the most complicated aspect of motorcycle driver licensing in New Brunswick is knowing what key road signs mean, and what rules and procedures to follow. By using our New Brunswick Class 6 motorcycle practice test, you can be sure that you are learning all the necessary information and can confidently attempt the actual motorcycle learner quiz.