All About the Yukon Graduated Motorcycle License

Just as there is a graduated licensing system for car drivers in the Yukon, there is also a Yukon graduated motorcycle license process one has to go through to get a Yukon motorbike driving license. The three step Yukon graduated motorcycle license system is designed to ensure that all Yukon motorcycle riders are well-trained on motorcycle driving techniques and able to operate safely under a variety of conditions.

Our team has worked hard to help make your Yukon motorcycle licensing journey as simple as possible. Just follow along with the steps outlined below and you will easily get through the Yukon graduated motorcycle license process and be driving a motorcycle with complete freedom in no time.

The first stage of the Yukon graduated motorcycle license process is the Yukon motorcycle learners license, followed by the Yukon motorcycle novice license, and finally, the unrestricted, full Yukon motorcycle license

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Getting Your Yukon Motorcycle Driving Licence

We strive to get you riding your motorcycle in the shortest time possible.

As mentioned above, the Yukon graduated motorcycle license process is a three stage process whereby new riders gradually build strong motorcycle handling, hazard awareness and safe driving techniques before they become fully licensed.

YT Class 6 License PRocess

Class 6 Learner License + Class 6 Novice Licence → Class 6 Licence

Getting Your Yukon Motorcycle Class 6 Learner Licence

The Class 6 learner license is your introduction to driving a motorcycle in the Yukon.

In order to get your Class 6 Yukon motorcycle learners licence, you need to pass both a written test and a vision test. The expectation at the learner stage is that a new rider will have a strong understanding of Yukon road signs and road rules. The best way to prepare for the Class 6 learner test is by studying the information in the Yukon Learn to Ride Smart Guide and using our Class 6 Yukon practice test sets.

The Yukon Class 6 Learner Licence

Knowledge Test + Vision Test → Class 6 Learner Licence

You can get your learner licence once you turn 15.

Here's how to get your Class 6 learner licence:

Bring personal identification

Bring the associated test fees

Take and pass the knowledge test

Pass a vision test

Getting Your Yukon Class 6 Novice Licence

Your Yukon motorcycle novice licence will allow you greater freedom to ride.

Stage 2 of the Yukon motorcycle graduated driver licensing process is getting your Class 6 novice licence. This will allow you to drive without supervision, but with some specific restrictions after you pass a road test. Obviously, you must also have documentation for your motorbike and of course, adequate Yukon motorcycle insurance anytime you drive your bike on public roads.

Class 6N License Process

16 years old + Practice riding (6 months) + Road Test → Class 6 Novice Licence

You must remain at the Class 6 learner level for a minimum of 6 months and until you are 16 years old to apply:

Here's how to get your Class 6 Novice licence:

Bring a motorcycle in good condition

Bring your Class 6 learner licence with you

Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment

Pass the road test

Getting Your Full Yukon Class 6 Motorcycle Licence

Once you reach the Class 6 licensing level you are fully qualified.

You need to remain at the Class 6 novice level for at least 18 months before you can move to the final Yukon motorcycle licensing stage.

YT Class 6 License Process

Practice Riding(18 months) → Class 6 Licence

A Class 6 license is available after 18 months of good driving:

Here's how to get your Class 6 licence:

Remain at the 6N stage for 18 months

Practice Safe Riding

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