The Nunavut Motorcycle Learners License Made Easier

All new Nunavut motorcycle drivers must start their journey by getting a Nunavut motorcycle learners license. A Class 6 Nunavut motorcycle learners license is the first of two stages of the Nunavut graduated motorcycle license process, and allows new riders to build strong motorcycle handing skills and contribute to road safety for everyone using the public roads.

Class 6 LM Motorcycle Licence

7L + Written Test + Vision Test → Nunavut Learner License

Getting a Nunavut Motorcycle Learners License

Nunavut does not yet have an official motorcycle graduated driver licensing program, primarily because many in the Nunavut territory prefer to use other mode's of transport in the very cold climate. However, there is the option for interested Nunavut residents to get a motorcycle license if they desire. You can start the process by mastering Nunavut road signs and road rules to pass your Class 6 learners written test. Click the tabs for more.

Class 5 Licence Holder

Before you can get a Nunavut motorcycle learners license, you must have held a Nunavut car drivers license for at least 1 year.

Study The Nunavut Driver's Manual

The Nunavut Driver's Manual, which you would have used to get your NU Class 7 licence, also contains motorcycle riding rules and sign information that you must be very familiar with in order to pass the Nunavut motorcycle written test.

Practice NU Motorcycle Practice Tests

The Nunavut motorcycle practice test and Nunavut Class 7 practice tests are a great way to complete your studying if you want to pass the Nunavut motorcycle written test on the first attempt. Make sure you attempt all our Nunavut practice tests and exams.

MCQ Knowledge Test

  • The Nunavut motorcycle knowledge test is administered as a multiple choice question test and is made up of 50 questions
  • Read each question and the answers carefully and pick the best answer
  • Nunavut communities of Iqaluit, Rankin Inlet, Cambridge Bay and Gjoa Haven - Apply at any Nunavut Motor Vehicles Division issuing office
  • All other Nunavut communities - Apply at any local Municipal Liaison Officer (MLO) or Government Liaison Officer (GLO)

Vision Test

An individual at the examination office will test your vision to ensure that your eyesight is strong enough to safely ride a motorcycle.

Get A Good Nights Sleep

Get a good nights rest before your test day. A fresher mind will let you attempt the test better and you are less likely to get confused or stressed out if you're not tired.

Arrive Early

Don't arrive right before closing time, otherwise you could be asked to come back another day to write the test.

Test Fee

The test fee is $30.25

Documents To Bring

Bring along at least 2 pieces of government issued identification (birth of date must be visible on one of them).

Vision Aids

If you currently wear glasses/contacts make sure you bring them along.

Test Retakes

If for some reason you fail the NU motorcycle knowledge test, you need to wait 2 weeks before you can re-take the test.

Your License

A Nunavut motorcycle learners license is valid for 5 years and allows you to practice driving under the supervision of another qualified driver.

Min Licence Holding Period

You must remain at the learner stage for a minimum of 4 weeks before you can attempt the Class 6 road test to get your full, unrestricted Class 6 Nunavut motorcycle driver's license.

Supervised Riding

As a learner motorbike driver, you must ride while being supervised by another fully licensed Nunavut motor cycle rider.

Other NU Motorcycle License Types:

Nunavut Class 6 Motorcycle License

The Class 6 license is the full, unrestricted Nunavut motorcycle license that you will obtain after passing the Class 6 road test. Individuals who hold a Class 6 license can supervise a learning rider.

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