The Class 6 Yukon Motorcycle Learners License

Step 1 of becoming a confident and capable Yukon motorcycle driver is getting a Class 6 Yukon motorcycle learners license. The Yukon graduated motorcycle license process involves 3 stages or steps, that begin with the basic knowledge required to safely operate a motorcycle and gradually builds essential motorcycle handling skills, leading to a full, unrestricted Class 6 Yukon motorcycle license that will benefit you for many years to come.

Class 6 Learner Licence

Knowledge Test + Vision Test → Class 6 Learner Licence

Getting a Yukon Motorcycle Learners License.

The Yukon road rules and road signs indicate how one is supposed to correctly drive a motorcycle on various Yukon roads and in various situations. Having a thorough knowledge of the rules of the road and the road signs will help you operate safely with others on the road, feel more confident in your ability, and drive a motorcycle properly on Yukon's roadways. Click on the tabs below for additional information.

15 Years Old

The process to get a Class 6 Yukon motorcycle learners license can be started after you turn 15.

Study The Yukon Learn To Ride Smart Guide

The Yukon Learn to Ride Smart guide is designed to help Yukon motorcycle riders learn Yukon road signs, road rules and basic motorcycle driving techniques. The information contained in the Yukon Learn to Ride Smart guide is extremely important, so make sure you spend enough time studying the entire guide.

Practice Yukon Motorcycle Knowledge Tests

Your chances of successfully passing the Yukon motorcycle knowledge test can be greatly improved if you practice with our Yukon Class 7 practice tests and our Yukon Class 6 motorcycle practice test sets before attempting the actual Class 6 learners knowledge test.

MCQ Knowledge Test

  • In order to pass the Class 6 learner license knowledge test, you need to demonstrate a strong understanding of Yukon road signs and road rules.
  • The passing grade for the knowledge test is 80%. You will be told if you passed right after writing the knowledge test.
  • Visit any Yukon Motor Vehicle Office to take the test.
  • While you don't need an appointment to write the Class 6 learner knowledge test, it's always a good idea to arrive at least an hour before closing time.
  • Practicing our Class 6 learner knowledge tests is the best way to practically guarantee your success on the actual Yukon motorcycle knowledge test.

Vision Test

Your eyesight will be tested before you can be issued a Yukon motorcycle learners license.

Test Available In Different Languages

At minimum you will have the option to take the test in English and French. Contact your nearest Motor Vehicle office for other language options.

Use our test day checklist to be in the right mindset for your motorcycle Class 6 learners knowledge test:

Get A Good Nights Sleep

Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep the night before. Don't try to memorize all the Yukon road signs and rules the day before either - studying over several days is best.

Arrive Early

Arriving at least an hour in advance of closing time will allow you enough time to be relaxed and properly complete both the knowledge test and vision test required for the Yukon motorcycle learners license.

Documents To Bring

Compile the required documents the night before, so you have them ready for your Class 6 knowledge test day.

Identity Documents - Bring documentation to show:

  • Photograph
  • Full, current legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Signature

Residency Documents -  In addition to proving your identity, you also need to provide proof of Yukon residency to the Yukon Motor Vehicles Office. Documents that qualify as proof of residency and show your current address would be:

  • Legal agreements/Mortgage papers
  • Bank statements/credit card bill statement
  • A letter from a Yukon employer
  • A utility bill

Consent Documents - Proof of Yukon residency and consent must be provided by the parent/guardian if the licence applicant is under the age of 18.

Vision Aids

If you currently wear glasses or contacts, make sure you bring them along.

Applicable Fees

It's $20 for every Yukon knowledge test attempt.

Test Re-takes

If you are unsuccessful on the first attempt, you can repay the test fee and retake the Class 6 motorcycle learners test another day.

Min Licence Holding Period

You must remain at the Class 6 learner stage until at minimum, you've reached the age of 16 and held a Class 6 learner license for a continuous six months. After this time, you can begin the process to get your Yukon Class 6 Novice licence.

Practice Riding

As a Yukon motorcycle learner driver, you must complete the mandatory minimum 30 hours of practice driving with a qualified co-driver. You will be required to sign a declaration confirming the 30 hours have been completed and your co-driver/supervising driver will also need to sign the declaration.

Display Your L Sign

All Yukon motorcycle learners must display an 'L' sign when operating a motorcycle.

Supervised Driving

You must drive your motorcycle at the Class 6 learner stage with a supervising/co-rider. The supervising co-driver can be seated behind the learner, however it's recommended that the co-driver follow in or on another vehicle. The co-driver must be fully licensed and maintain a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) level of zero when supervising.

No Alcohol

The learner riders BAC level must also be zero when operating a motorcycle.

Passenger Limit

You are not allowed to carry any passengers except for the co-driver at this stage. It is recommended that the co-driver also supervise from another vehicle since carrying a passenger can interfere with a learners ability to properly balance and maneuver a motorcycle.

Restricted Night time Driving

6L or learner drivers cannot drive a motorcycle between the hours of midnight and 5 am.

No Electronic Devices

The use of handheld devices when operating a motorcycle is illegal.

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Yukon Class 6 Motorcycle Licence

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