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Alberta Driving Practice Test

Our Alberta driving practice tests will help you learn to drive in Alberta and be 100% prepared for your Alberta driving test.

Driver Licensing In Alberta

We can help you navigate the Alberta graduated driver licensing process from start to finish.

Alberta Insurance

You must carry valid and current Alberta insurance in order to legally drive any sort of motor vehicle in Alberta.

Alberta Driving Schools

An Alberta driving school can help you prepare for both the knowledge and practical Alberta driver licensing components.

Alberta Insurance Brokers

Alberta insurance brokers can provide very helpful expertise when it comes to choosing the right insurance product for your needs.

Alberta Registry Agents

All driver licensing and driver/vehicle related services are provided by Alberta Registry Agents in the province.

Alberta Drivers License Tests

Depending on the type and level of Alberta drivers license you are looking to get, there will be specific driving tests you will need to complete. Our Alberta driving test resources, Alberta Class 7 Practice Tests and Alberta Class 6 motorcycle practice tests are all designed to help you learn to drive in Alberta, and be as prepared as possible for your Alberta driving test day.

Alberta Driving Tests Overview

The Alberta drivers handbook, along with the icandrive.ca driving test information and resources, provide in-depth detail on what is expected of drivers at each stage of their ``learn to drive in Alberta`` licensing journey.

Alberta Car Practice Tests

Your Class 7 knowledge test will be based on Alberta road signs & road rules and how they apply to passenger vehicle drivers. Study the Alberta driving Handbook and practice Alberta driving tests to be prepared.

Alberta Motorcycle Practice Test

All new Alberta motorcycle riders must pass the Class 6 written test, which is more specific to motorcycle drivers and helps build a strong understanding of what to expect when driving a motorcycle in AB.

What Makes ICanDrive.ca Unique?

ICanDrive.ca understands Alberta drivers

Our team understands that as an Alberta driver, there are specific needs and challenges that must be met for Alberta drivers to be able to drive in the province stress-free. To help simplify things, we have created easy to follow information resources for Alberta licensing, insurance, driving guides, practice tests and more.

Everything on ICanDrive.ca is free

We don't want to charge fees to provide a service that is so key to helping prospective drivers learn to drive in Alberta. Everything on our site is free and helpful for Alberta drivers.

ICanDrive.ca helps train better Alberta drivers

We want to promote better road safety for all Alberta drivers whether they're driving a car, motorcycle or any other motor vehicle. We do this by contributing useful training sources such as Alberta practice tests and driving guides, so that new and experienced drivers can always stay up to date on changing rules, laws and the expectations of safe Alberta drivers.

How To Get An Alberta Drivers License

The province of Alberta has a graduated driver licensing program for each type of vehicle class which is administered by Transportation Alberta. All Alberta drivers, both new or experienced, need to understand their specific licensing requirements and follow through with all Alberta driving tests to get their full Alberta driver's licence.

Alberta Driver Licensing

As you learn to drive in Alberta, no matter what your question, concern or learning requirement is, we can help you understand and proceed in the best possible way.

Alberta Car License

An Alberta car license is a three-step process. First you get your AB Class 7 Learners license, then your AB Class 5 GDL and finally, your full AB Class 5 car driving license.

Motorcycle Licensing AB

A motorcycle license in Alberta requires new and experienced riders to move through the AB Class 7L learner licensing stages, and then move on to the AB Class 6 GDL or AB Class 6 stage.

Complete Car, Motorcycle, Home and Life Insurance Coverage

Having adequate Alberta insurance coverage is key to remaining safe, protected and having peace of mind that you are covered no matter what life throws at you. As you learn to drive in Alberta, you will of course need to have adequate Alberta auto insurance. Recognizing that Alberta insurance coverage is a key need of Alberta drivers, we have partnered with some of the best insurance providers in Alberta to help you get an insurance quote suited to your lifestyle and budget.

Car Insurance

Good Alberta car insurance will protect you if you're ever involved in an accident.

Motorcycle Insurance

Alberta riders face road hazards every day and require good insurance for safety & the law.

Home Insurance

Alberta home insurance will help protect your biggest and most important asset; your home.

Life Insurance

Life insurance in Alberta means you know your loved ones will be taken care of always.

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The Daily Driver

Our mission as a team is to accompany Alberta drivers on their journey well past the learning stage and help keep them updated on all driving rules and regulations. The Daily Driver section on icandrive.ca provides driving guides, insurance guides and keeps Alberta's drivers aware of any legislative or industry changes that they should be aware of. Use the Daily Driver to stay in the loop on various Alberta driving information and news.