The Saskatchewan Graduated Motorcycle License

Similar to the SK graduated car driver licensing program, the Saskatchewan graduated motorcycle license program or MGDL, is structured to help new and already experienced passenger vehicle drivers know everything there is to know about operating a motorcycle safely in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan graduated motorcycle license program helps keep all users of the public roads safer and follows a detailed 3 step process. The SK MGDL program uses a combination of knowledge tests, on road driving exercises and continuing practice of good driving habits to help everyone who uses the roads to feel more confident and safe.

Use our step by step approach at each stage of the Saskatchewan graduated motorcycle license program to get your SK motorcycle license in the shortest time and the easiest way possible. The journey begins with the Saskatchewan motorcycle learners license, then the Saskatchewan motorcycle novice license, and finally, the full, unrestricted Saskatchewan M motorcycle endorsement.

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Your Saskatchewan Motorcycle Driving Licence

Get through the Saskatchewan graduated motorcycle license program faster & easier

As mentioned above, there are three licensing stages you need to complete in order to get through the Saskatchewan graduated motorcycle license program. Each SK MGDL stage comes with its own requirements and restrictions when driving a motorbike. Make sure you are aware of all the laws that apply to motor cycle driving at each in Saskatchewan MGDL licensing stage, or you could delay the process of getting your final Saskatchewan "M" endorsement.

SK Class 6 Motorcycle License Process

Learner Licence + Novice Licence → M Endorsement Motorcycle Licence

Getting Your Saskatchewan Motorcycle Learner Licence

Step 1 of the Saskatchewan MGDL process is getting your learner licence

In order to get your motorcycle learners licence in Saskatchewan, you need to pass a basic knowledge exam, a signs exam and a motorcycle knowledge exam. In addition to the Saskatchewan written motorcycle tests, you will also have to either enroll in an SGI-approved driver training course or complete a basic ability road test (BART) to demonstrate good on-road motorcycle handling skills. Our series of free SGI written test practice and Saskatchewan motorcycle practice test sets can be a great help to test your driving knowledge before the actual tests.

SK Class 6L Motorcycle License Process

Class 5 or Higher License + Written Test (Basic + Signs + Motorcycle Knowledge) + Vision Test + BART/SGI Approved Motorcycle Training → Learners Licence (6L)

You can start the process to get your learners on your 16th birthday.

Here's how to get your learner licence:

Bring proof of age, proof of identity and parental consent documents

Take and pass the written tests

Take an SGI-approved training course or pass the BART

Pass a vision test

Getting Your Saskatchewan Motorcycle Novice Licence

Your Novice licence allows you to gradually learn how to ride a motorcycle.

There are two motorcycle novice driver stages in the Saskatchewan MGDL process. New motorbike riders must remain incident free over the duration of their novice stages, to ensure that they move to the full M endorsement motorcycle licensing level in the shortest time period. Whenever driving a motor cycle, make sure you have the appropriate documentation for your bike, as well as adequate Saskatchewan motorcycle insurance in place.

SK Class 6N1 Motorcycle License Process

Learner Licence + 12 Months + Road Test → Novice 1 Licence 

SK Class 6N2 Motorcycle License Process

Novice 1 Licence + Safe Riding (12 Months) → Novice 2  Licence

After 12 months as a learner you can get your novice 1 licence.

Here's how to get your Novice 1 licence:

Make sure your motorcycle meets safety requirements

Bring your SK learners licence

Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment

Take and pass the SK motorcycle road test

Your Full "M" Endorsement Motorcycle Licence

A full "M" endorsement motorcycle licence is the last step in the SK MGDL process.

Once you've successfully passed through all stages of the Saskatchewan graduated motorcycle license program, you will have become a fully capable and safe motorcycle rider and will have truly earned and deserve your full "M" endorsement motorcycle licence.

SK Class 6M Motorcycle License Process

Novice 2  + Safe Riding (12 Months) → Motorcycle M Licence

You are eligible after riding incident free with your Novice 2 for 12 months.

Here's how to get your full SK motorcycle license:

Ensure your motorcycle is properly registered with the province.

Arrange for proper insurance coverage on your motorcycle

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