The NS Motorcycle Learner's License - Class 6 LM

Regardless of whether you are an experienced Nova Scotia passenger vehicle driver or a new driver with no driving experience at all, you will be required to fulfill the requirements of the Nova Scotia motorcycle graduated driver licensing process before you can acquire a full, unrestricted Nova Scotia Class 6 motorcycle driving license. The first step in the process is to get a NS motorcycle learner's license. However, there are some key differences between the expectations of a new vs. experienced driver which we outline below.

Class 6 LM Motorcycle Licence

Class 7 Learner License + Motorcycle Rules Testing + Balance Test → Class LM License/Class 5 LM

Getting a Nova Scotia LM License or LM Endorsement

If you are a new motor bike driver, your first Nova Scotia motorcycle licence will be the NS motorcycle learner's license or Class 6 LM learner license. Experienced drivers who already hold a valid, full NS Class 5 car drivers licence must commit to the same process, but will receive an LM endorsement on their existing Class 5 licence at the end of the program. Don't forget, driving a motor cycle comes with a lot of responsibility to always drive in a way that is safe for all users of the roads. You must also have adequate NS motorcycle insurance in case the unthinkable should happen, along with the appropriate documentation for your motorbike. In the tabs below, the team at has compiled the information necessary for both a new and experienced drivers to get a NS motorcycle learner's license in the shortest time possible. Click the tabs for more.

16 Years Old

You must be at least 16 years old to apply for a NS motorcycle learner's license.

Pay For Your Knowledge Test

You need to pay for your motorcycle knowledge test in advance and take the test receipt with you on your test day. You can pay for your test:

Study The Registry of Motor Vehicles - Nova Scotia Driver's Handbook*

The Nova Scotia drivers handbook is your guide to everything you need to learn about Nova Scotia road signs and road rules. You can test your rules of the road and road signs knowledge with our series of free Nova Scotia Class 7 practice test sets.

Study The Nova Scotia Driver’s Handbook - Motorcycles

The Nova Scotia Driver's Handbook has a section specific to motorcycle riding. You need to read through that section to be able to attempt the motorcycle section on your knowledge test.

Practice Nova Scotia Motorcycle Knowledge Tests

Once you've read through the Nova Scotia Drivers Handbook, and thoroughly studied the NS Motorcycle Handbook, make sure you attempt our Nova Scotia motorcycle practice test to become 100% comfortable taking the real Nova Scotia motorcycle knowledge test.

Practice Motorcycle Handling

In addition to the knowledge test, you will also be required to complete a "balance" test, so it's a good idea to spend some time practicing basic motorcycle handling skills like balance, simple driving patterns, emergency stops etc. before you go for your Class LM or LM endorsement test (the NS motorcycle learner's license test).

*Experienced drivers who already have a full NS Class 5 driving licence and who have previously held a Class 7 learner license do not need to redo the Nova Scotia road signs and road rules portion of the knowledge test. 

MCQ Knowledge Test

  • The motorcycle knowledge test can be taken at any Nova Scotia Registry of Motor Vehicles office. You need a passing grade of 80%
  • The test is a multiple choice format test, where for every question, you will be given 4 possible answers. You need to choose the answer that looks the most correct to you
  • There are three major sections to the test, which are devoted to Nova Scotia road signs, road rules and motorcycle specific rules. Experienced drivers holding a full Class 5 licence will only need to take the motorcycle specific questions part of the exam.

Vision Test

If you are a new motorcycle driver, you will be required to take a vision test.

Motorcycle Balance Test

A motorcycle balance test demonstrating basic motorcycle handling skills will be required. You will need to show a basic understanding of the motorcycle controls, balancing on the motorcycle, panic stops and driving in simple patterns.

Our NS motorcycle learner's license test day checklist can help you stay organized and calm on the day of your motorcycle written knowledge test:

Get A Good Nights Sleep

The more rested you are, the better your chances of passing the Class LM license tests on the first attempt.

Arrive Early

Arrive at least an hour before closing to ensure you are allowed to take all the tests before the office closes.

Documents To Bring

Get the following documents ready the night before so you're not scrambling to find them on the day of your test:

Proof of age and identity

Parental Consent - if you are under the age of 18 and unaccompanied by a parent/guardian, you will need to provide a signed consent form

Test Receipt - If you don't bring your test payment receipt, you won't be allowed to take the knowledge test - make sure you pay for your test in advance, either through a RMV location, online or through regular mail.

Vision Aids

If you currently wear glasses/contacts, make sure you bring them along.

Your License

New drivers, on successful completion of the learner stage tests will receive a Class LM licence. Experienced drivers holding a Class 5 licence will receive a LM endorsement on their existing licence.

Min Licence Holding Period

You have to hold a Class LM licence or LM endorsement for a minimum of 6 months before you can progress to the next stage, which is the NS Class 6N or Newly Licensed phase. If you take an approved motorcycle training course, this can be reduced to 3 months.

No Alcohol

Drivers at the NS motorcycle learner's license stage must maintain zero blood alcohol concentration at all times when operating their bike.

Passenger Limit

A motorcycle learner cannot carry any passengers.

Restricted Night time Driving

Motorcycle learner licence holders cannot drive during nighttime hours. You are restricted to driving in the time period between 1/2 an hour before sunrise to 1/2 an hour after sunset.

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Motorcycle GDL Process

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NS Class 6N Licence

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NS Class 6 License

Getting to the final stage of motorcycle licensing in Nova Scotia means you have successfully meet the requirements and qualify for your full-privilege Class 6 motorcycle license.

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