Your PEI Driving Test

Driving Tests For Your PEI Drivers License

All Prince Edward Island car driving license or PEI motorcycle driving license holders need to pass through the PEI graduated driver licensing program and the associated PEI driving test applicable to their license type before they can become fully licensed PEI drivers. All driver licensing in Prince Edward Island is handled by Access PEI and their service locations help new and experienced drivers understand the steps to driver licensing in PEI as well as what is expected at each licensing level.

Choose the type of PEI driving test you need to attempt:

PEI Drivers Tests For Car Drivers

All Prince Edward Island car drivers have to pass through three major stages of the graduated drivers license PEI administers. To ensure you have all the support you need to move from the PEI Instruction Driver’s Permit stage to the PEI Class 5 - Stage 2 and eventually to the full PEI Class 5 driver’s license level, we have compiled all of the eligibility requirements, practice tests and license restriction information you need to know to get your licence.

PEI Drivers License

The three-step PEI car drivers licensing process can seem like a daunting journey, however Access PEI has designed the PEI Class 7 license, PEI Class 5 - Stage 2 licence and PEI Class 5 - Stage 3 license levels in such a way as to maximize learning and skill development at each level.

You can begin your PEI licensing at the age of 16

PEI Driving schools can help you with your licensing journey

PEI Class 7 Knowledge Test

The first step to getting a PEI car license is to get your Class 7, or PEI Instruction Driver's Permit. To pass the Class 7 knowledge test on the first attempt, study the PEI Driver's Handbook from cover to cover and attempt as many PEI Class 7 practice tests as possible before this particular PEI driving test.

Study the Prince Edward Island Driver's Handbook

Practice all of our PEI Class 7 practice tests until you consistently pass

On-Road PEI Driving Test

Once you've completed enough behind-the-wheel driving with your PEI Class 7 license, you can attempt the Class 5 road test, for a PEI Class 5 - Stage 2 license. Make sure you thoroughly practice all key driving maneuvers with a licensed supervisor and really build your driving confidence.

Make sure you still remember all PEI road signs and road rules

Try to practice as much driving as possible

PEI Driving Test For Motorcycles

Similar to a car license in PEI, if you want a motorcycle license in PEI, you need to go through an entire licensing process which teaches you road signs, road rules, driving techniques and everything else that makes for a safe motorcycle driver. While Access PEI administers the actual PEI driver license testing, our resources can really help you prepare and practice for the various PEI driving tests required.

PEI Motorcycle Licensing

Our team has worked hard to help you navigate through the PEI motorcycle learner, PEI Stage 2 motorcycle Novice, PEI Stage 3 motorcycle Novice and full PEI Class 6 motorcycle license stages so you can be less stressed. From license information to practice tests we have everything you need to get a PEI motorcycle license in the shortest time.

Once you turn 16 you can apply for a motorcycle learners

Driver training is always a good option when learning to ride a motorcycle

Class 6 Motorcycle Test

The PEI motorcycle knowledge test is fairly straightforward as long as you thoroughly read through the Prince Edward Island Driver's Handbook and become competent with the PEI Class 6 motorcycle practice tests. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will feel with the material and the higher your chances of passing on the first attempt.

Study the Prince Edward Island Driver's Handbook

Practice Class 6 motorcycle practice tests

Motorcycle PEI Driver Test

In order to move up from the PEI motorcycle learner level, you will need to attempt and successfully pass a PEI road test. The best way to prepare for the PEI motorcycle road test is lots of on-road practice, the building of confidence and always being aware of PEI road signs and rules. You will also need to schedule your road test with Access PEI.

Invest in safe motorcycle gear

Ask a licensed driver to supervise your riding practice.

Book On-Road PEI Driving Test

Whether you are booking a road test appointment for your PEI car driving license or your PEI motorcycle driving license, all road test bookings must be coordinated through Access PEI. You need you to make sure that you practice driving a car or motorcycle as much as possible before attempting your particular PEI road test.

PEI Driver Test For Cars

Motorcycle Practical PEI Driving Test

  • The PEI Drivers Handbook has general driving and motorcycle riding sections that you need to brush up on before attempting the motorcycle road test. Attempting some PEI Class 6 motorcycle practice tests is also a good option to remind yourself of key PEI road signs and rules
  • Riding with a supervising driver at the PEI motorcycle learner stage will help you develop confidence and correct riding skills
  • You need to invest in good motorcycle gear to practice riding and take the motorcycle road test

Free Online PEI Driving Tests

When it comes to the written PEI driving test, the best way to be prepared and pass on your first attempt is to practice as many PEI practice driving tests as possible in advance. The Prince Edward Island practice tests are very similar in format and content to the actual PEI knowledge test for your PEI car drivers license or your PEI motorcycle drivers license, so make sure you do well on all of our PEI driving practice tests to be well-prepared.

PEI Class 7 Practice Test

When you start learning how to drive a car in PEI, you need to begin with the basics, which are PEI road signs and road rules. The best way to begin your PEI car driving license journey, is to attempt the instruction permit knowledge test after reading through the Prince Edward Island Driver's Handbook and testing your road sign and road rules knowledge with our free PEI Class 7 practice test series.

Class 6 Motorcycle Practice Test

All PEI motorcycle license holders must first learn the PEI road signs and rules that apply not only to car drivers but also motorcycle specific rules, so they can safely drive a motorcycle on any PEI roadway. By reading through the PEI Driver's Handbook and attempting as many PEI Class 6 motorcycle practice tests as possible, you can improve your chances of passing on the first attempt.