About the NWT Motorcycle Probationary Licence

If you want to drive a motorcycle in the Northwest Territories, you need to get a NWT Class 6 motorcycle licence as part of the NWT graduated motorcycle license program. The first step is getting your NWT motorcycle probationary licence, which allows you to learn to drive a motorcycle on Northwest Territories public roadways with certain restrictions.

Class 6P Motorcycle Licence

Class 7 Licence + Knowledge Test + Practical test → Class 6 Probationary Licence

Getting a NWT Motorcycle Probationary Licence

In order to get a NWT motorcycle probationary licence, you need to already hold a motor vehicle operators licence such as a NWT Class 7 learners. Once you have the Class 7 learners licence, you can continue working your way through the motorcycle graduated driver licensing system by getting your Class 6P or probationary licence. Keep in mind, you must also maintain the proper documentation for the motorcycle being driven, as well as sufficient Northwest Territories motorcycle insurance for your bike. Click the tabs below for more information on the process of getting a NWT motorcycle probationary licence.

Class 7 Licence Holder

Before you can begin getting licensed to drive a motorcycle in the Northwest Territories, you need to have an operators licence such as a NT Class 7 learners licence. A Class 7 licence can be obtained by passing a written test on NWT road signs and rules, and an eye exam. You can test your knowledge of the road signs and rules of the road here.

15 Years Old

By default, if you have a Class 7 learners licence you must also be 15 years of age or older.

Recommended preparation for the NT motorcycle knowledge test

Study The NWT Motorcycle Operators Licence Information Guide

The NWT motorcycle handbook is the best place to start learning key road signs, rules of the road and driving techniques specific to motorcycle driving in the Northwest Territories.

Practice NWT Motorcycle Practice Tests

The motorcycle practice tests created by the ICanDrive.ca team mimic the actual NWT Class 6 motorcycle knowledge test, and are a great way to test your understanding of NWT road signs and road rules as they apply to motorcycle drivers. Make sure you practice our NT Class 6 practice test to be as prepared as possible.

Recommended preparation for the NT motorcycle practical test

Book Your Road Test Appointment

You have to book and pay for your motorcycle road test and on-lot test appointment in advance with your local Northwest Territories DMV office.

Practice Motorcycle Riding

With a Class 6 probationary licence, you have the ability to practice motorcycle driving under the supervision of someone who is 19 years of age or older, who holds a valid, full Class 6 licence. They must either be seated behind you or following in another motorcycle/vehicle. Take as much time as possible to practice practical motorcycle riding skills such as:

  • Balancing and controlling your motorcycle in a serpentine (weaving) and straight line pattern
  • Starting on a hill
  • Shifting around curves
  • Emergency parking
  • Making turns and riding in a circle
  • Proper signaling
  • Correct road position
  • Speed control

Knowledge Test

The knowledge test will be administered at your local DMV office location and is a multiple choice exam, with questions based on both the Basic Licence Driver's Handbook and the NWT Motorcycle Operators Manual. Reading through both manuals, practicing our free NWT Class 7 knowledge test practice and our free Northwest Territories motorcycle practice test is the best way to be prepared for your Class 6 knowledge exam at the DMV office.

Motorcycle Safety Check

Before the on-lot motorcycle road test can begin, your bike will be checked to ensure that it is mechanically fit to take the test. If any of the controls (brakes, lights, horn etc) are not functioning correctly, your test could be denied. Make sure you check your motorcycle before leaving home.

Practical Test - On Lot Skills Test

You will be asked to drive through a preset route within a parking lot and demonstrate skills showing the following 8 maneuvers:

  • a test of balance and control by weaving between markers (serpentine)
  • Riding slowly in a straight line
  • Starting on a hill
  • Collision avoidance
  • Shifting around curves
  • Emergency Braking
  • Riding in a circle
  • Making left and right-hand turns

Practical Test - Road Test

The road test will be administered in actual traffic situations and you will be provided guidance either in advance of the test or during the test via a one-way radio. You will be asked to drive through a route and will be expected to demonstrate good motorcycle handling, balance, turning, road position, intersection navigation and speed control during your road test.

Get A Good Nights Sleep

The more rested you are, the more alert you will be during the knowledge/road tests and the higher your chances of passing on your first attempt to get a NWT motorcycle probationary licence.

Arrive Early

Always arrive well in advance of closing time. For the road test you will have to book an appointment in advance, so make sure to arrive at least 30 minutes in advance of the road test appointment.

Documents To Bring

Identification - You need to provide proof of identification through one or more ID's that prove your legal name, date of birth, photo ID and proof of residency.

Vehicle Documents - Your motorcycle's registration and insurance documents might also be requested so bring them along.

Motorcycle Gear

For the practical tests, you need to be wearing proper motorcycle gear (helmet, full sleeve jacket etc).

Min Licence Holding Period

You must remain at the NWT motorcycle probationary licence stage for a minimum of 12 months before you become eligible for an unrestricted, full NWT Class 6 motorcycle license.

Zero Alcohol

Similar to the Northwest Territories car probationary licence, you cannot consume any alcohol before or during the time you are operating a motorcycle.

Demerit Points

If you accumulate 6 or more demerit points your NWT motorcycle probationary licence will immediately be suspended.

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NWT Motorcycle GDL Process

The Northwest Territories motorcycle GDL program ensures all new riders pass through the Class 7 learner stage, Class 6 probationary stage and eventually get their Class 6 full licence.

NWT Class 6 Licence

The Class 6 licence is the final stage in the Northwest Territories graduated driver licensing for motorcycle's program and allows riders to drive without any licence restrictions.

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