The GDL Motorcycle License NB Offers New Riders

In order to increase the capability of New Brunswick motorcycle drivers, in April of 2015 the Government of New Brunswick modified the motorcycle licensing process. Through the recently created GDL motorcycle license NB makes available, new motorcycle drivers are required to remain at the GDL stage until they've developed strong motorcycle handing skills.

NB Class 6 GDL License Process

Motorcycle Driver Training Course + Written Test + Vision Test → Class 6 GDL Licence

Getting Your  New Brunswick Motorcycle Driving Licence

While the GDL Motorcycle License NB mandates is a single stage, there are some key steps you need to complete within the 12-month period, so you can successfully pass the road test and eventually get your full Class 6 motorcycle licence. Make sure your motorcycle insurance and other documentation is appropriate for your circumstances as well. Pay attention to the information learned over the 12 months, and make safety a permanent part of your motorcycle riding routine.

16 years-old

You can start the process of getting your New Brunswick motorcycle license once you turn 16. If you are under the age of 18, you need parent/guardian approval witnessed by a non-relative.

Previous Licence Holder

If you already hold a valid NB drivers license for another driving class, you will still need to follow the process of the GDL motorcycle license NB mandates. At the end of the process, instead of a Class 6 license, you will receive an 'A' endorsement on your existing drivers licence - for example, a Class 5A for previously licensed car drivers.

Complete Motorcycle Driver Training

The mandatory New Brunswick motorcycle driver training course is designed to teach new NB motorcycle drivers basic and more advanced road related stills. This course must be taken through a ministry approved driver training school. A number of accredited driving schools will offer this course on the weekends as well. Once you've completed the motorcycle training course, you will receive an official certificate.

Read The New Brunswick Drivers Handbook

The New Brunswick Drivers Handbook can be obtained online or from any Service NB location, and contains all the information essential to learning New Brunswick road signs, rules and driving techniques. Make sure you read through the entire handbook and revisit any sections that don't make sense.

20 points, MCQ Written Test

  • You will be required to write a basic driving and signs test. See our NB motorcycle practice test for a great way to study for the written test
  • Bring your official certificate to your New Brunswick Motor Vehicle Licensing service location when you go for your written test
  • The number of questions varies but the test is assigned a total of 20 grade points and you need to score 16/20 to pass
  • The best time to write the NB written test is  Mon-Fri before 3 pm
  • On average, it takes 20-30 minutes to finish the test

Vision Test

You will also be required to get your eyes tested (20/40 best eye).

Test in Different Language

The test is available in English and French. If you need to verbally take the test then you cannot do a walk-in and must pre-book your test appointment.

Use our test day checklist to be in the right frame of mind for your motorcycle test.

Arrive Early

Give yourself enough time to show up in advance of your booked appointment. Our NB motorcycle test practice is an excellent refresher just before your test.

Documents to Bring

  • Acceptable identification documentation - At least 1 document
  • Acceptable proof of New Brunswick residency - At least 2 documents
  • Proof of name change if applicable

Vision Aids

If you need glasses or contacts to drive make sure you take them along.

Parental Consent If Under 18

Riders under the age of 18 must have the consent of a parent/guardian which is witnessed by a non-relative.

Applicable Fees

The cost of the written test is $25.

Test Re-takes

If you fail the written test, you can pay the $15 re-write fee and take the test again.

Minimum Licence Holding Period

You must take the next level road test within a 12-month period of getting your NB motorcycle GDL licence.

No Alcohol

Drivers must not consume any alcohol when operating a motorcycle under the rules of the GDL motorcycle license NB implements.

No Passengers

At the GDL license stage you are not permitted to carry any passengers.

Restricted Nighttime Driving

No motorcycle driving between the times of sunset to sunrise.

No Towing Of Other Vehicles

No towing of other vehicles with a motorbike.

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New Brunswick Class 6 Licence

The Class 6 licence is your full-privilege motorcycle riding license for the province of New Brunswick.

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A Canada driving license is a valuable item. It provides not only driving privileges across Canada and many other parts of the world, but is also an important form of ID document. However, if you reside in New Brunswick, you need to apply for a New Brunswick drivers license. Obviously, the NB passenger vehicle license and New Brunswick motorcycle license are the most widely used, but there are other more specific types that are required for other drivers. Click the links for more information.