Getting an Alberta Learners License or Alberta Class 7

Learning how to drive in Alberta, aside from the sheer joy and freedom of being able to drive a car or motorcycle, also means you'll have greater mobility, more opportunities to see Alberta and quite possibly better employment prospects. Taking the first step towards that goal starts with working on getting your Alberta learners license or as some refer to it, an Alberta Class 7 license. This is a requirement whether you want a passenger vehicle or light truck licence or a motorcycle licence. To get your Alberta learners license for a car, light truck or motorcycle, you need to first learn the basics of driving (like the rules of the road and what road signs mean). Motorcycle riders also need to know some additional things specific to motorbike driving. Car drivers then go through the Alberta graduated drivers licence program, while motorcycle drivers go through the Alberta graduated motorcycle license process.

Getting Your Alberta Learners License

Pass the knowledge test & vision test to get your Alberta Class 7L licence

The Best Way to Get The Class 7 License Alberta Makes Available

Learning any new skill can be a difficult task, but we can help you with everything you need to successfully get your Alberta Class 7 learners license in the easiest way possible. From Alberta learners license rules, to test day tips and more, we've got everything covered. So sit back, read through all of the material provided and most importantly, don't miss our outstanding, free Alberta Class 7 practice test series and Alberta motorcycle practice test (if needed). You'll want to practice as many Alberta driving knowledge tests as possible before your Class 7 learners test day. Click on each of the tabs below to learn more.

14 Years Old

You can start the process of getting the class 7 learners permit Alberta offers on or after your 14th birthday.

Study The Alberta Handbook

The Alberta Driver's Guide to Operation, Safety and Licensing Cars and Light Trucks is your main learning resource at the Alberta learners license level. You need to review all the material in the driving guide and make sure you are familiar with all of Alberta's road rules and traffic signs before your Alberta Class 7 knowledge test day.

Class 7L Practice Knowledge Tests

After you've done a good job familiarizing yourself with all the concepts, road signs, road rules and general driving advice in the Alberta Driver's Guide, it's crucial that you spend some time practicing what you've learned. This is most easily done using our six Alberta drivers practice test sets, and our two Alberta driving exam practice series. These Alberta Class 7 practice tests are designed to imitate the actual knowledge tests and will help you identify areas that need further studying.

30 MCQ Written Test

  • The Alberta Class 7 knowledge test is administered electronically
  • The test is not timed and you can use as much time as you need to finish (until the office closes)
  • The test is marked on the spot. To ensure you have the best chance of passing make sure to attempt as many  Alberta Class 7 practice tests as possible
  • You are required to answer 25/30 correctly in order to pass. You are allowed to skip a question and come back to it but once you enter an answer it is locked. The test is over the minute you get 6 questions wrong

Vision Test

A vision test is also required in order to get your Alberta learners license. If you wear glasses/contacts, bring them along since they will be required for the vision test but not your licence photograph.

Test in Different Language

It is possible to write the Alberta learners license test in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), English, Farsi, French, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese. ESL students requiring minimal help can use an English conversation dictionary or you can pay for an approved translator if needed (separate fees of approximately $75-$100 will apply).

The last thing you want is to be anxious or worried on the day of your test. To ensure you've got everything covered we've created a list of items to bring and things to do prior to your test. This will help to ensure that you arrive in the best possible test-taking mind set:

Arrive Early

You never need to pre-book your class 7L test but it's still recommended that you arrive at least an hour prior to closing time to write the test and get your vision test completed. Depending on the time of year (holidays, March break etc) it could be very busy at the Alberta registry location so always plan ahead.

Documents to Bring

Proof of identification is required in order to take any driver licensing test. You will need to show the following identification:

  • Primary identification - One of the following:  Canadian birth certificate, a valid Canadian passport or an aboriginal status card
  • If born outside of Canada - One of the following: A valid Canadian passport, Canadian permanent resident card or Canadian work/study permit that is valid for more than 90 days
  • Secondary identification - One of the following: social insurance card, Alberta health care card, firearms license or debit/credit card that includes first and last name with a signature
  • Proof of residency - The proof of residency must contain an Alberta address, a first and last name and a date that cannot be older than 90 days except for a residential lease agreement. Some examples include a utility bill, bank or credit card statement, pay stub, residential lease agreement, letter of employment confirmation or a letter from school

Parental Consent Under 18

If you are applying for your 7L and are under the age of 18 you must have parental consent in order to take the knowledge test.

Vision Aids

If you need glasses or contacts to drive make sure you take them along.

Applicable Fees

You will need to pay for both the Class 7 knowledge test and your actual licence card once you pass the test. The cost of these differs depending on which Alberta registry you go to, so it's a good idea to find your local Alberta registry and call in advance to know the exact fees you will need to pay.

Test Re-takes

If for some reason you don't pass, you are able to repay the test fee and take one test per day until you pass.

7L Licence Permit

Once you pass the 7L knowledge test, you will be given a test permit that needs to be given to the Albert Registry Agent in order to get your Class 7 Learners Operator Licence card. The Alberta Registry Agent will only be able to give you a temporary licence. Your permanent licence will arrive in the mail 7-10 days after you pass the 7L knowledge test.

Licence Expiry

Your licence is valid for 5 years.

Minimum Licence Holding Period

You have to maintain the learners permit Alberta provides for a minimum of 12 months, probation free in order to apply for the next licensing stage.

Supervised Driving

You must always drive with a fully licensed driver (Class 5 non GDL) who is 18 years or older and is seated next to the driver.

No Alcohol

You must maintain zero blood alcohol levels at all times.

Passenger seatbelts

The total number of passengers in the car cannot exceed the number of working seat belts and every passenger must wear a seat belt while the vehicle is in operation.

Restricted Driving at Night

You cannot drive (even supervised) between the hours of midnight and 5 am.

8 Demerit Point Suspension

You must practice safe driving all the time to avoid incurring any license demerit points. In the event you do receive demerit points, unlike a regular Alberta drivers licence, an Alberta Class 7 licence will be suspended as soon as the driver reaches 8 demerit points.

Looking for Information on Other Alberta Car Licence Types?

Alberta GDL Process

Both new and experienced drivers can use the Alberta GDL process to learn how to get a driving licence in Alberta.

Class 5 GDL Licence

Obtaining your class 5 GDL licence gets you one step closer to getting your full-privilege Class 5 licence.

Alberta Class 5 Licence

Your full Class 5 unrestricted licence is waiting at the end of your driver learning journey.

Looking for a Different Alberta Driving Licence Type?

Choose the type of vehicle you need to get an Alberta licence for

Regardless of which kind of Alberta driver's license you need to apply for, we have things covered. Some drivers need to get an Alberta car or light truck license, others want an Alberta motorcycle license, and some drivers need different kinds of driving licenses like the Alberta truck license, or Alberta bus license, or Alberta air brake license or even an Alberta boat license. Regardless of which kind of drivers license Alberta requires, we strive to help you navigate the process.