Understanding Your Canada Driving Test

We Can Help You Pass Your Canadian Driving Test

Each one of the thirteen Canadian provinces and territories have specific Canadian driving tests that you must complete in order to get a Canadian driving license for that specific region. Knowing how to prepare, what resources are available, and the best way to attempt your particular Canada driving test can go a long way in making sure you pass on the first attempt.

Preparing for Your Canada Driving Test

Canada Driving Knowledge Tests

Every Canadian province has a specific driver's handbook for your license type. You can obtain a copy of your Driver's Handbook either online or through a driver examination center. Make sure you read the entire handbook to become familiar with Canadian road signs and road rules specific to your province/license class.

In order to help you build Canadian driving knowledge test skills and confidence to attempt the actual knowledge test, the icandrive.ca team has created practice quiz sets for each and every Canadian province so you can test yourself first.

Almost every province has formal driver education courses that you can enroll in. Depending on the province, the Canadian driver education program you in enroll in can take you through either some or all of the graduated driver licensing program requirements and testing.

Canadian On-Road Driving Tests

Vehicle safety is a very important factor when it comes to on-road Canadian driver testing. Any vehicle that you take for a driving test must meet safety requirements, have fully functioning controls and be deemed mechanically sound before you will be allowed to take your road test.

While at the learner stage of your Canadian driving license, you must practice driving or riding a motorcycle (depending on your license class) as much as possible. A key requirement at this phase is to be accompanied by a supervising driver who can help you master key driving skills before your actual on-road driving test.

If you enroll in a driver training program, your instructor will ensure that they cover and train you on all key driving maneuvers. The list of skills you need to master is quite long and includes skills like proper parking, intersection navigation and hazard awareness.

What to Expect on Your Canadian Driving Test Day

Your Canadian driving test day might feel a bit overwhelming, so make sure you look up the test day requirements for your specific Canadian province and Canada drivers license type before you show up at your appointment. To help you, we have summarized some of the main things that you should keep in mind for your specific Canada driving test.


Depending on the Canadian driver's license type, there are specific documents you will need to present at the driver examination centre. These can include but are not limited to identification documents, proof of residency, parental consent for under-age 18 drivers and citizenship documents.

Parental Consent

Each province has a specific age you need to be in order to begin the graduated driver licensing process. In addition, usually for drivers under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must provide consent before they can get their first drivers license.

Applicable Fees

There are fees associated with testing as well as the actual driver's license cards. Check to see what the license fees for your specific license type are, and the types of payment methods accepted at your particular driver examination centre.

Vehicle Specifics

Your test vehicle must be provided by you. And in addition to valid vehicle registration and Canada car insurance, you will need to demonstrate that your vehicle is mechanically capable of taking the road test.

Test Re-takes

If for some reason you don't pass your Canadian driving test on the first attempt, you will have an opportunity to re-take the test at a later date. Your local driver examination centre is the best place to find out how long you have to wait between test attempts.

Relaxed & Rested

Lastly, it is important that you're well rested and relaxed before any Canada driving test. Don't stay up late the night before and try to get to your driving test appointment early. If you're rushing, you're likely to feel stressed and not do as well.