The PEI Motorcycle Stage 3 License

Once you've passed through the PEI Motorcycle Learner and PEI Motorcycle Stage 2 of the PEI MGDL program, you become eligible for the PEI Motorcycle Stage 3 License. There is no written or practical testing required to get this license, however, you do need to drive your motorbike safely within the restrictions of a Stage 2 license for 1 year before you become eligible for a PEI motorcycle Stage 3 license. This is the last stage before one can qualify for a full, unrestricted, Class 6 PEI motorcycle license.

PEI Class 6III License Process

1 year of safe riding at the Stage 2 level → PEI Stage 3 licence

Getting a PEI Motorcycle Stage 3 License

The important thing to focus on to get your PEI Motorcycle Stage 3 License, is to drive safely and within the rules of your Stage 2 licence class. Any suspensions or license cancellation will impact the time it will take you to get your Stage 3 licence. (Our free PEI motorcycle practice test and our PEI road rules & road signs practice test series can be a great way to refresh your motorcycle driving knowledge if you desire.) You must of course also maintain the proper registration documents for your bike and have sufficient PEI motorcycle insurance in place anytime you are driving your motorcycle. Click the tabs below for more info.

Stage 2 Licence

You need to have held a Stage 2 licence for at least 1 year (suspension free) to automatically qualify for a Stage 3 license.

Minimum Licence Holding Period

You must remain at the Stage 3 level for 1 year before you qualify for a full Class 6 license. If your license is suspended/cancelled or revoked you will be required to restart the GDL stage.

Licence Upgrade

You cannot upgrade to a Class 1, 2, 3 or 4 PEI driver's licence until you've exited the Motorcycle GDL program.

Demerit Points

There is a demerit point threshold at this level where an accumulation of 9 or more demerit points means an automatic license suspension followed by a 1-year probation period.

Display G Decal

You must drive with a G/graduated decal sticker on your motorcycle helmet at all times.

No Alcohol

You BAC level must always be at zero when operating a motorcycle in PEI.

No Handheld Devices

You cannot use a cell phone or any hand-held devices when operating a motorcycle.

Looking for Information on Other PEI Motorcycle License Types?

PEI Motorcycle GDL Process

The PEI motorcycle graduated licensing program allows riders to first learn key road signs, rules and driving techniques and then gradually move through the Novice Stage 2 and Novice Stage 3 levels to get their full Class 6 PEI motorcycle licence.

PEI Motorcycle Learner Licence

The PEI motorcycle learner license is your opportunity to practice driving under supervision. You become more comfortable balancing a motorcycle, navigating through riding techniques and practically applying what you learned in the handbook

PEI Stage 2 Licence

Once you've fulfilled the requirements at the PEI learner stage, as a new rider, you will be allowed to take the Class 6 road test and then pass through the Stage 2 and Stage 3 stages before you can get your full Class 6 PEI motorcycle licence.

PEI Class 6 Licence

A full Class 6 PEI motorcycle license is the end result of successfully getting through all stages of the PEI motorcycle graduated licensing program. You can get your full Class 6 motorcycle licence after proving that you are a safe and competent driver.

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