Passing Your Manitoba Driving Test

Manitoba driver's license test information:

All residents looking to get a Manitoba driver's license must pass through a structured MB graduated driver licensing program or Manitoba motorcycle GDL and pass a series of Manitoba driving test challenges before they can get their full, unrestricted Class 5 MB car driving licence, Class 6 MB motorcycle license or any other type of Manitoba driver's license. This phased approach to driver licensing in Manitoba helps drivers become more capable as they pass through each stage of the Manitoba driver's license process.

Choose the type of Manitoba driving test you need to attempt:

The Manitoba Driving Test For Cars

We strive to help new drivers navigate through the requirements at each stage of the Manitoba graduated license process. As a new driver, you will first need to pass the Manitoba driving test quiz to get your Class 5L or Manitoba learners license. Once you have your 5L, you can then practice under supervision to attempt the on-road Manitoba driving test to get your Manitoba Class 5 intermediate license. The last step in the Manitoba driver licensing process is to get your Manitoba Class 5 Full or Class 5F.

Manitoba Driver's License

Knowing the Manitoba driver license process for car drivers from end-to-end allows new drivers to understand the requirements, tests and restrictions at each stage of the process. As a new driver, you will progress through the MB 5L learner stage, to a MB intermediate or 5I licence and eventually complete your licensing journey with a MB 5F full license.

You can take the Manitoba knowledge test once you turn 16

A driver education program is recommended and allows you to write the Manitoba knowledge test when you are 15 and a half.

Manitoba Driving Test Quiz

The Manitoba learners test is a 40 multiple choice question exam that checks how well you understand Manitoba road signs and road rules before being allowed to drive as a MB learner. In order to pass the Manitoba Public Insurance driving quiz on the first attempt, you need to thoroughly read through the Manitoba Driver's Handbook and attempt as many Manitoba Class 5 practice tests as possible.

Learn everything in the Manitoba Driver's Handbook

Attempt as many Class 5 practice tests as possible. Re-attempt questions you might not get on the first attempt.

Road Test Manitoba

The Manitoba Public Insurance drivers test allows examining drivers to confirm that a MB learner driver has the ability to handle a vehicle in basic road situations such as turns, parking etc. By spending a lot of time practicing as a learner and ensuring you check off all the necessary driving skills needed for the Class 5I road test you should be able to pass on your first attempt.

Review all your Manitoba road signs and road rules from the Manitoba Driver's Handbook

Spend time practicing key driving skills in real world situations.

Manitoba Driver's License Test For Motorcycles

Similar to the Manitoba passenger vehicle driver's license program, new drivers need to pass through a Class 6L Manitoba motorcycle learners license stage and a Class 6I Manitoba intermediate motorcycle license stage, before they can get a Class 6F, or the final, full motorcycle license Manitoba provides to qualified applicants.

Manitoba Driver's License

Knowing the eligibility requirements at each stage of the Manitoba driver's license process helps you to be prepared. As you move through the Manitoba Class 6 learner stage, MB Class 6 intermediate stage and eventually get your MB Class 6 full licence, you acquire more and more confidence in proper motorcycle handling in all sorts of conditions.

Wait till your 16 to apply

Vision testing is a required part of the Manitoba learners licence requirements.

Manitoba Driving Quiz

The Manitoba public insurance driving quiz can be best attempted after you have properly read through the Manitoba motorcycle handbook and attempted as many Manitoba Class 6 practice tests as possible. You want to be 100% ready to pass the Manitoba driving quiz for motorcycles on the first try.

Use the Manitoba Motorcycle Handbook

You need to hold another valid licence type ex. car before you can apply for a motorcycle license.

Road Test Manitoba

Once you are ready to demonstrate your Manitoba on-road driving skills, you should book your Manitoba road test appointment with a Manitoba Autopac Agent. There is only one road test Manitoba for motorcycles and successful completion of the Class 6 road test will get you, your MB Class 6I intermediate licence.

Manitoba road test appointments must be booked in advance.

The more you practice the better

Book Road Test Manitoba

You will need to book a Manitoba road test appointment when you are ready to get your Manitoba Class 5I car licence or Manitoba 6I motorcycle licence. Road tests in Manitoba are administered by the Manitoba Public Insurance and their associated Autopac agents located all across the province. Make sure you thoroughly practice your practical driving skills before you attempt a Manitoba road test.

Road Test Manitoba For Cars

  • Review everything in the Manitoba Driver's Handbook before you attempt any Manitoba road tests. Attempting Manitoba Class 5 practice tests is also a good refresher.
  • Find a good licensed supervisor who you can practice all your driving skills with and who can guide you on how to become a better Manitoba driver.
  • Double check all the major controls on your car to confirm it meets Manitoba safety requirements.

Motorcycle Road Test Manitoba

  • Both the Manitoba Motorcycles Handbook and Manitoba Class 6 practice tests will help you remember key Manitoba road signs and rules.
  • Practicing motorcycle driving with a supervisor will help you develop better on-road skills while still having the guidance of a supervising rider.
  • You need to buy good motorcycle safety gear (helmet, clothes, boots) to be allowed to take the Manitoba road test for motorcycles.

Free Manitoba Driving Test Quiz Sets

When preparing for any sort of test the more you practice the more ingrained the information becomes in your brain. To that end, we have created Manitoba driving test quiz practice sets that are completely free for you to use, to test your knowledge of Manitoba road signs and road rules before you take your first test.

MB Driving Test Quiz For Car Drivers

The free Manitoba Class 5 practice test series created by not only contain all the information you should have learned from the Manitoba drivers handbook, but also mimic the layout and style of the actual Manitoba Public Insurance driving quiz. Practice with these tutorials as many times as you need to become 100% comfortable with the material and you feel ready for the actual Manitoba driving test quiz.

MB Driving Quiz For Motorcycle Drivers

Your Manitoba driver licence test for motorcycles (Class 6L motorcycle test) to get your MB 6L learner's licence is a multiple choice test that has questions on Manitoba road signs and rules of the road as they apply to motorcycle drivers. Our Manitoba motorcycle practice test will help you understand the type of questions and layout of the actual Manitoba public insurance driving quiz for motorcycles so you can be prepared.