The Quebec Class 6A Learner License

Step 2 of the Quebec graduated motorcycle licensing process is getting your Quebec Class 6A learner license. At the Class 6A stage, you have the ability to drive a motorcycle independently on Quebec roadways. The understanding is that the knowledge learned at the first Quebec motorcycle learners license level, and passing the SAAQ motorcycle road test (or Class 6 road test), means that you should be able to safely navigate most road situations. The important thing to remember is once you have your Quebec Class 6A learner license, you must practice safe driving at all times. You must also keep in mind, accidents can happen and police spot checks are sometimes encountered - therefore, anytime you drive your motorcycle on public roads, you must be able to show valid registration for the bike you are driving and have appropriate Quebec motorcycle insurance in place.

QC Class 6A License Process

6R Learner Licence + 30 Days Wait + Complete Driver Course + Closed Track Test → Class 6A Learner Licence

Getting Your Quebec Class 6A Learner License

The team has put together all of the information you should know if you are looking to get your Quebec Class 6A learner license. It's not a complicated process, but you should try to absorb as much as you can from each learning component so you are confident when it comes to your SAAQ motorcycle road test day. Click the tabs below for more.

6R Learner Licence Holder

You must have held a Class 6R learner license for at least 30 days before you can attempt the SAAQ motorcycle road test.

Successful Completion Of A Driving Course

You will be asked to show an attestation proving you have completed a driver training course at a school recognized by the Association québécoise des transports.

Booking Your Closed Track Road Test

You need to schedule an appointment in advance with the SAAQ for your closed track road test to get a Quebec Class 6A learner license:

Review Your Training Material

Reviewing all the theoretical material taught during your driver course and refreshing your motorcycle driving knowledge with our free Quebec driving test practice and Quebec motorcycle practice test series, is a great way to revisit the information and remember concepts you may have forgotten.

Practice Motorcycle Driving

Use the closed-circuit and on-road riding practice time to master the skills needed to pass the Class 6 SAAQ motorcycle road test. Your driving instructor should have focused on all key motorcycle handling skills such as:

  • Moving forward and stopping
  • Riding at differing speed levels
  • Navigating curves and turns
  • Carrying out a slalom maneuver
  • Carrying out an emergency braking maneuver
  • Avoiding obstacles

Pre-trip Check

You are responsible for bringing your own motorcycle to the Closed Track Road Test so make sure your motorcycle is mechanically sound.

  • It should a registered, 2-wheel motorcycle with a manual transmission.
  • Rental motorcycles cannot be below 400 cc capacity
  • Owned motorcycles can have a lower cylinder capacity
  • Off-road motorcycles, motorcycles with a side-car, 3 or 4 wheel motorcycles and motorcycles equipped with an automatic transmission are all not acceptable test motorcycles

Before the test can begin, the examiner will ask you to demonstrate the use of major controls such as:

  • Headlights, low beams, high beams, rear lights and reflectors
  • Turn signals
  • Brakes and brake lights
  • Horn

Closed Track Road Test

The examiner will guide you through a closed track road test and ask you to demonstrate specific motorcycle handling skills. Stay calm, confident and pay attention to your instructor's requests.

Post-test Debrief

Once the test is complete you will be told if you passed or failed along with areas for improvement.

Arrive Early

Always arrive 15-20 minutes in advance of your closed-circuit road test appointment. You will be calmer and more likely to do well on the road test if you're not rushing to your appointment.

Cancelling or Rescheduling

If you have to cancel your road test appointment, make sure you give at least 48 hours notice or you will be charged a cancellation fee. If the weather is bad, call ahead to confirm that your appointment hasn't been rescheduled.

Vehicle Safety Check

Always check the major controls on your motorcycle before leaving home, since if your vehicle does not meet test requirements, your closed track road test will be cancelled.

Motorcycle Gear

You need to be wearing proper motorcycle safety gear to take the SAAQ motorcycle road test. This includes:

  • Ministry approved helmet
  • Protective goggles if your helmet does not have a visor
  • Long pants made of an anti-abrasive material
  • Long sleeve jacket made of an anti-abrasive material
  • Leather gloves to completely cover your hands and wrists
  • Leather boots with grip soles, flat heels and ankle coverage

Documents to Bring

  • Bring your 6R learner licence or one of the official documents required on the day of the knowledge test, ex. birth certificate.
  • Bring the attestation of successful completion of a driving course
  • If under the age of 18, bring a completed Consent of a Person Having Parental Authority form.
  • Valid motorcycle registration and insurance

Vision Aids

If you wear contacts or glasses, wear them for your closed track road test.

Applicable Fees

The cost of the Closed Track Road Test is $28 and the cost of a Quebec Class 6A Learner License is $6.65. Service outlets do not accept credit card payments so bring payment in cash/debit or cheque/money order.

Test Re-takes

If you fail the SAAQ motorcycle road test, you will need to wait 14 days before you can re-take the test. A new appointment will have to be booked for the re-take.

Minimum Licence Holding Period

You have to hold a Quebec Class 6A learner license for a continuous 11 months before you become eligible for a Class 6A, 6B or 6C Quebec motorcycle license.

Restricted Nighttime Driving

A Class 6A licence holder cannot drive a motorcycle between the hours of midnight and 5 am.

No Passengers

A Quebec Class 6A learner license holder cannot carry any passengers on his/her motorcycle.

No Alcohol

Your alcohol level must always be at 0 when operating a motorcycle.

Protective Gear

Always make sure you are wearing adequate protective gear when handling a motorcycle (helmet, gloves, full sleeve jacket and pants, ankle boots etc).

Demerit Points

Quebec motorcycle learners are subject to a 4 demerit point bracket, which means your licence will be immediately suspended for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months (depending on previous demerit point history) if you exceed the 4 demerit point threshold.

Looking To Get A Different Quebec Motorcycle Licence?

Motorcycle GDL

In order to get a motorcycle licence in Quebec, you must follow the motorcycle graduated driver licensing process and practice driving within the restrictions imposed on each licensing stage

Quebec 6R Learner

The Quebec 6R learner license is there to allow you to operate a motorcycle during the motorcycle driving course closed track and on-road practice modules while being supervised by an instructor.

QC 6A 6B 6C Licences

Depending on the motorcycle type you bring to your final Quebec motorcycle road test, you will receive a 6A, 6B or 6C motorcycle licence at the end of your motorcycle learning journey.

Looking For A Different Quebec Licence Type?

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