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Saskatchewan Practice Tests

Similar to the SGI driving knowledge tests, our Saskatchewan drivers practice tests are a great preparation tool.

Saskatchewan Insurance

Car Insurance in the province of Saskatchewan is government issued, and we can help you understand the process.

Drivers Licensing In SK

We strive to help both new and experienced drivers understand the responsibilities of having a SK driving license.

SK Insurance Brokers

We can help you find a Saskatchewan insurance broker to assist you with your insurance options in Saskatchewan.

SGI Offices

SGI offices located across the province provide complete driver licensing and driver examinations.

Driving Schools In SK

Learn to drive in Saskatchewan through a good driving school, which can really help build your driving skills & confidence.

Saskatchewan Drivers License Tests

Recognizing the Saskatchewan Government Insurance Corporation or SGI as the primary driver licensing institution in Saskatchewan, we've used SGI issued materials and drivers handbooks, to outline a typical residents Saskatchewan driver licensing journey, so that new drivers can focus on completing each licensing stage in the best and easiest way possible.

SK Driving Tests Overview

Your first resource should be the SGI drivers handbook referenced within the icandrive.ca driving test information sections.

SK Car Practice Tests

Use our SGI Class 7 practice tests to practice your Saskatchewan road signs and rules knowledge for passenger vehicle drivers.

SK Motorcycle Practice Test

Book your SGI motorcycle test only after you've thoroughly practised our SK motorcycle learner practice tests.

What Makes ICanDrive.ca Unique?

ICanDrive.ca supports Saskatchewan drivers

We know everyone has busy schedules, and aspiring Saskatchewan drivers need a guide that can help them navigate to the information they need quickly, simply and accurately. Keeping that in mind, we've tailored our content to match exactly what new Saskatchewan drivers are looking for.

Everything on ICanDrive.ca is free

We don't charge anything for any of our products or services, so you can use them as much as you need stress-free.

ICanDrive.ca helps train better Saskatchewan drivers

All of our products and services are geared towards creating better Saskatchewan driver awareness, defensive driving skills and a stronger focus on driving within the legal requirements of the province. Come learn to drive in Saskatchewan with us.

How to Get a Saskatchewan Drivers License

To learn to drive in Saskatchewan, and get your Saskatchewan drivers license, you will be required to complete the associated graduated driver licensing program for the license class you are seeking. Each licensing stage as per SGI, has specific requirements, wait times and practice needed. So, it's good to understand the Saskatchewan GDL program from beginning to end before you begin.

SK Driver Licensing

We've covered everything that really matters for Saskatchewan driver licensing, from eligibility, preparation, practice tests, test day tips, license restrictions and much more for your convenience.

SK Car License

Getting a SK passenger vehicle driving license is a four-step process, whereby you move through each of the SK Class 7 learner, SK Class 5 Novice 1 and SK Class 5 Novice 2 stages before getting a full SK Class 5.

Motorcycle Licensing In SK

A motorcycle driver in Saskatchewan must demonstrate increasing skills as he/she moves through the SK motorcycle learner license, SK motorcycle novice license and final full SK "M" endorsement stage.

Saskatchewan Car, Motorcycle, Home and Life Insurance

Saskatchewan auto insurance coverage can be obtained through the Government of Saskatchewan's SGI corporation. Other types of insurance can be obtained through private insurance companies. Understanding your insurance needs and options is key to getting the right Saskatchewan insurance coverage.

Car Insurance

Car insurance in Saskatchewan is mandatory, with different levels of coverage available.

Motorcycle Insurance

Mandatory motorcycle insurance coverage can be basic or comprehensive coverage.

Home Insurance

A home Insurance policy in SK will help protect in the event of a variety of problems.

Life Insurance

Life insurance in SK is about leaving some security for your surviving family members.

Try it now. Compare Cheap SK Home & Life Insurance Quotes. See for yourself.

The Daily Driver

Our mission as a team is to accompany Saskatchewan drivers on their driving journey, well past the learning stage and help keep them updated on various driving rules and regulations. The Daily Driver section on our site provides driving guides, insurance guides and keeps Saskatchewan drivers aware of any legislative or industry changes that they should be aware of. Use the Daily Driver to stay in the loop on all Saskatchewan driving information and news.