How to Get a Nova Scotia Driver's License

Getting your Nova Scotia driver's license is an important decision with many benefits. With the flexibility to travel, commute for work and go about our daily lives with greater ease, most residents choose to get their NS drivers license as early as possible.

Learning how to drive a car, motorcycle or any other type of vehicle in Nova Scotia follows a well-defined process called the Nova Scotia graduated license system. At, our mission is to be there at every step, to guide you on the right approach to getting a NS Class 5 car driving license, a NS Class 6 motorcycle driving license or other Nova Scotia driver's license types in the easiest way and the shortest time possible.

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Choose Your Nova Scotia Driver's License Type

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NS drivers license services are facilitated by the Government of Nova Scotia and more specifically, the Service Nova Scotia - Registry of Motor Vehicles department. Each Service Nova Scotia office is dedicated to providing Nova Scotia residents with up to date information on driver licensing, vehicle registration and any other driver related questions you may have.

Regardless of which kind Nova Scotia driver's license you need to apply for, we can help. Whether you need a regular passenger vehicle drivers license, a motorcycle drivers license, or a more specific type of Nova Scotia driving license like a NS bus driver license, a NS air brake license, a NS truck driving license or a NS boating license, we strive to make the information easy to find and follow.

Driving in Nova Scotia Means You Must Follow all NS Road Rules

Regardless of whether you are a new driver or transferring your driving licence from another Canadian province or territory, it's essential to familiarize yourself with all of the Nova Scotia rules of the road and road signs. This is to ensure that you are driving safely and also not at risk of being ticketed or suspended. To test your NS driving knowledge, challenge yourself with our free series of NS road rules & road sign tests. Don't forget, a Nova Scotia driver license comes with a lot of responsibility - you must carry sufficient NS vehicle insurance, as well as the required documentation for your vehicle.

Valid Drivers Licence

You need to have a valid Nova Scotia drivers license in order to drive in Nova Scotia. Regardless of which licensing level you are at, you must always remain within the restrictions placed on your Nova Scotia driving licence class.

Banned Cellphone Usage

Under no circumstances are you allowed to use a mobile device (cellphone, tablet etc) when driving in Nova Scotia. Using such a device and being a distracted driver means your putting yourself and other road users at risk.

No Drunk Driving

Accidents caused by drunk drivers claim many lives every year and the province of Nova Scotia is extremely strict when it comes to their driving under the influence laws. If you've had a couple of drinks, call a taxi - don't drink and drive.

Obey Speed Limits

As a good rule of thumb, keep an eye out for speed limit change signs and always look for the posted speed limit every couple of blocks to make sure you are driving within the correct speed limit.

Looking to Get Your Licence in a Different Province?

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The process of getting a Canada driver's license can be different depending on where you live. Choosing your province or territory allows us to direct you to the resources you will need.