Compare Canadian Insurance Quotes: Complete Car, Motorcycle, Home
& Life Insurance Coverage for Canadian Residents

Few people enjoy thinking about their Canadian insurance coverage, because, whether its car insurance, motorcycle insurance, home insurance, life insurance or other kinds of insurance protection, insurance can be a sizable expense and may require in depth consideration and planning. However, the absence of adequate insurance coverage can cause real problems down the road, and some types of coverage are mandatory for certain kinds of activities, like driving. The truth of the matter is that not putting in place an adequate Canada insurance policy is opening yourself up to all kinds of risk and taking a real gamble that things turn out okay. For this very reason, most Canadians prudently invest in insurance policies that provide safety and security for their families and themselves. Our free "Compare Canadian Insurance Quotes" service makes it easier than ever to find the coverage you want at the best price. If you require a more specialized Canadian insurance product or have unique requirements, we invite you to explore our Canadian insurance directory page. We encourage all insurance buyers to know your policy.

Car Insurance

Car insurance is essential if you drive and mitigates the risks involved should you be involved in an accident.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is essential if you ride and protects in the event of a motorcycle accident or other kinds of damages.

Home Insurance

Home insurance helps you own, maintain & protect your property from damages to your home or contents.

Life Insurance

Life insurance provides peace of mind that your loved ones will be taken care of if you should pass unexpectedly.

Compare Canadian Insurance Quotes - It Can Really Save You Money!

If you want to get the most value for your money, comparing car insurance quotes, motorcycle insurance quotes and basically quotes for any type of Canada insurance product is the way to go. Comparing rates across multiple Canada insurance companies can be quite time consuming, so, to make that process as easy as possible, our compare Canadian insurance quotes technology does all of the research for you. We work with our industry affiliates to instantly give you access to the best, cheapest quotes on the market so you can make an informed decision.

Different Insurance Companies = Different Insurance Rates

Many individuals don’t realize that each insurance company uses their own specific formula to determine what they will charge a person.  This means that two different Canada Insurance companies may have vastly different rates for the exact same individual.  There are a number of factors that go into determining a rate, and each company will weigh those factors a little differently.  Comparing insurance quotes helps you find the best rate for your particular profile.

Some Insurance Companies Cater To Problem Car Driving Records

Tickets or accidents on your driving record doesn't mean that it’s not worth comparing rates.  Some Canada Insurance companies are able to offer better rates to  drivers with issues on their driving record and this can really save you some money on your car insurance or motorcycle insurance. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that not every insurance company is going to make working off that ticket or accident a long and painful experience

Comparing Rates Means You Could Get More Value For Your Money

If you think you’ll have to give up coverage in order to get a better rate, you are in for a surprise.  Not only are you likely to save without giving up anything at all, but in some cases you could get better insurance coverage and still see a drop in rates.  This means that you could increase your liability limits, add extra options, or choose a lower deductible, giving you more value for your insurance dollar and still saving you on premiums.

Comparing Rates --> Identify Coverage Gaps

Sometimes, when you start shopping around and comparing the coverage under different insurance policies, you notice a gap of coverage on your current policy. Different insurance policies are structured to cover different situations, so often times when you compare the market, you may notice an important coverage missing from your policy which would never have come to your notice until you started comparing Canada insurance quotes.

Try it now. Compare Cheap Canada Insurance Quotes. See for yourself.

Choose Your Province

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Depending on where in Canada you live, and what type of coverage you require, the process of getting insurance coverage can be different. Choosing your province or territory allows us to direct you to the right people and resources who can provide the best insurance coverage for your needs.