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As a website dedicated in large part to Nunavut drivers, we strive to provide the best information about things that matter to motor vehicle drivers on Nunavut's public roads. From learning to drive in Nunavut, to Nunavut Driving License information, to tips for finding the best, cheap Nunavut car insurance quotes that local motorists want and need, our mission is to serve drivers. When it comes to purchasing insurance in Nunavut, you have three main options. Start with the Quote Comparison Tool and explore other options only if your needs are still not met.

Get Insurance Quotes Online

Nunavut drivers can get a competitive home, auto or motorcycle insurance quote online from a wide range of Nunavut insurance providers.

Nunavut Insurance Companies

Most Nunavut insurance companies allow you to reach out to them directly if you want an insurance quote from a specific company.

Nunavut Insurance Brokers

A Nunavut insurance broker can be a personal insurance shopper who can find you the best, cheap Nunavut insurance quotes available.

Competing Car Insurance Quotes Online in 3 Easy Steps

Use the quote comparison service to search, compare and choose the best Nunavut car insurance policy available for your driver profile. Regardless of your driver profile, you can always get a good insurance quote through our insurance quote comparison tool, the insurance companies we profile, or the Insurance section of our Driver's Directory.

Start a quote

The first thing our Quote Comparison Tool can provide is a diverse list of insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies so you can see your Nunavut insurance options.

Compare Insurance Rates

Once you have a list of competitive insurance quotes, you can then compare your options, research insurance companies and become a more informed Nunavut insurance consumer.

Choose the Best Insurance Quote

Having the option to assess your Nunavut insurance options and make an informed choice without any pressure to purchase is very beneficial to all Nunavut insurance customers.

Try it now. Compare Cheap Nunavut Insurance Quotes. See for yourself.

Find a Nunavut Insurance Broker or Agent

Sometimes, due to unusual requirements or particular circumstances, some Nunavut insurance consumers may find it harder to get a competitive Nunavut insurance quote online. If you find yourself in this situation, we would recommend checking our Nunavut insurance directory. Our Nunavut insurance directory can provide contact information for Nunavut insurance companies and insurance professional who may able to help you find coverage that works for your needs.

A local Nunavut insurance broker can often provide very helpful personal support and advice. They can also help navigate the sometimes complicated nature of insurance policy language and expedite the process of insurance claims.

Nunavut insurance brokers and agents are trained professionals, and must be extremely familiar with the products they offer. They can offer important advice about a number of things as they relate to insurance, such as in depth policy comparisons,  whether winter tires make sense, what to do about too many traffic tickets and other matters.

Nunavut represents a decent market for Nunavut insurance brokers, agents and the many insurance companies that serve the province. Given the growing population and diverse nature of its economy, the types of insurance products that are used by the population and corporations that exist in Nunavut range widely.

Many insurance organizations and their representatives serve the Nunavut region with a huge variety of insurance products. These include but are not limited to:

  • Boat Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Car /Auto Insurance
  • Classic Car Insurance
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Oil and Gas Industry Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • RV Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Title Insurance

How to Save Money and Get Cheaper Auto Insurance in Nunavut

The ideal Nunavut auto insurance policy is a combination of an affordable rate, good customer service, great company reputation and a good fit with the customers needs. Do your research and make sure you know a bit about the Nunavut insurance company you are signing up with before you make a final decision. Many Nunavut residents often talk about the "best Nunavut Insurance rates" as though it's only about getting a cheap rate but there are many other factors that can override  simply getting a cheap Nunavut insurance quote.

Shop Around For Insurance Quotes

The more quotes you get from multiple Nunavut insurance companies, the better your chances of getting the most competitive Nunavut insurance quote.

Check Your Driving Record

Your driving record identifies you as a low-risk or high-risk driver. Always focus on driving safely and avoiding traffic violations to keep your record as clean as possible.

Good Drivers Are In Demand

Remember, if you are a good driver, as much as you want a cheap insurance quote, insurance companies want your business too, so don't settle for the first Nunavut insurance quote you get.

Ask For Additional Savings

Don't be afraid to ask your Nunavut insurance company or insurance broker about any additional insurance savings that can be applied to your insurance policy.

What Can Statistics Tell us about the Nunavut Insurance Market?

Nunavut is the most northern, remote and largest territory of Canada, but has a relatively small population for its size. The capital city is Iqaluit. The types of economic activities going on in Nunavut include oil and gas and mineral exploration, mining, arts & crafts, hunting, fishing, whaling, tourism, transportation and government activities, and therefore, while not large, the Nunavut insurance industry plays a vital role in keeping the wheels of commerce going.

We decided to explore the data provided by Statistics Canada in the 2016 Census, to explore the different kinds of insurance relationships that might be prevalent. The Nunavut insurance brokers and agents and that provide services to the territory, and the Nunavut insurance companies and outside insurance agencies they work for provide an essential way to reduce the risk of the many activities that take place in this remote part of the world.

Nunavut Population by Age Group

Like the Northwest Territories, Nunavut is so large relative to the population, that the 2016 Census data records the population density per square kilometre as 0. 32.5 percent of the population were 0 to 14 years of age, 63.7 percent were 15 to 64 years of age, with only 3.8  percent being 65 years of age and over. The average age of the population was a very young 27.7 years old (the average for all of Canada is 41.0 years old). The median age of the population is only 25.1 versus 41.2  for the rest of Canada. Such a young population indicates growing demand for traditional insurance policies like life insurance, health insurance protection, dental coverage and various kinds of business travel insurance and regular travel insurance into the future.

Nunavut Housing and Insurance Products

Nunavut is Canada’s largest area (comprising more than 20 percent of Canada’s land mass), with a total land area of 1,877,778.53 square kilometres, but with a population of only 35,944 individuals and an astonishing population growth rate of 12.7 percent (the previous census in 2011 recorded a population of 31,906 individuals). While only 11,433 total private dwellings were recorded, all of the renters and home owners in Nunavut still require a way to protect themselves from the kinds of hazards that exist. While not a large insurance market when compared to other parts of Canada, it is still a significant market for property and assets insurance, mortgage insurance, house insurance, renter insurance, title insurance and condominium insurance.

Nunavut Income and Insurance Needs

The average (after-tax) income in Nunavut was a healthy 43,247 dollars (higher than the Canadian average of 38,977 dollars). A large percentage of the population (4,230 individuals) earned a total income of $100,000 or more. A variety of self employed individuals like contractors, lawyers, accountants, doctors and other high income professionals desire to protect themselves from litigation of certain kinds. Therefore, it’s likely that building construction liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, commercial general liability insurance, indemnity and various other kinds of liability coverage will be in demand as the economy grows.

Nunavut Commuting To Work and Insurance Products

Interestingly, unlike the rest of Canada, a larger number of Nunavut residents (5,495) walk to work, with a lesser number of individuals (3,605) preferring to drive themselves to work in a typical passenger vehicle like a van, light truck or car. The vast majority (10,585) needed less than 15 minutes of commuting time. In spite of the relatively small numbers, Nunavut car insurance is vital to the economic well being of the territory, with commercial car insurance and motorcycle insurance also playing a role in the Nunavut insurance market.

Auto Insurance Coverage is Compulsory in Nunavut

The Nunavut government requires drivers to have motor vehicle insurance. Some insurance companies serving Nunavut offer flexible car insurance payment options that can work with your income level. Different car insurance companies offer different auto insurance rates, some rates being more economical than others. Before seeking a Nunavut auto insurance policy, you should know the basic car insurance laws in Nunavut. As per Nunavut law, at a minimum, your auto insurance policy must include Third-party Liability and Accidents Benefits coverage.

Auto Insurance Providers

Non-government insurance providers are responsible for providing Nunavut motorists with a wide variety Nunavut motor vehicle insurance policies.

Coverage Limits

The minimum requirement is $200,000 for any Nunavut auto insurance policy and this must be clearly stated within the policy criteria.

Accidents Benefits

Accidental benefits coverage provides benefits that you and certain family/passengers are entitled to receive if injured or killed in a collision. These benefits include income replacement, payment for medical treatment and rehabilitation costs, payment for funeral expenses and payment for grief counseling for family members.

Third Party Liability

Third-party liability coverage provides protection in a situation where you are liable to pay for damages to another person (injury/death) or damages to their property as a result of your auto collision.

Motor Vehicle Insurance is Essential - Don't Drive Without It!

As per Nunavut law, in order to drive in Nunavut, it is mandatory for all Nunavut drivers to be covered under the minimum mandatory insurance coverage. Failure to carry valid auto insurance while operating a vehicle in Nunavut can lead to serious fines and puts a driver in a severely disadvantaged position when being considered for a future Canadian motor vehicle insurance policy.

If you are found driving without a valid Nunavut auto insurance policy you could be:

Convicted of driving without valid auto insurance, and you could be identified as a high-risk driver which would make it impossible to enjoy cheap Nunavut car insurance in the future. You may even be prevented from being able to find an insurance policy from any Nunavut insurance providers

You could be fined anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000

Your driving license could be suspended and your vehicle impounded.

If you are involved in an accident without a valid Nunavut car insurance policy:

In the case of an at-fault accident, you could be held personally responsible for the medical costs/losses incurred by the individual harmed.

You could be denied entitlement to receive any form of accidents benefits insurance for loss of income, hospital expenses etc.

You could be denied the option to sue an at-fault driver for compensation for any injuries sustained during the accident.

Why You Should Compare Nunavut Car Insurance Quotes:

Auto insurance rate comparisons are an effective way to lower your insurance rates.

We are particularly excited to offer what we consider to be the best Nunavut car insurance calculator: it's fast, friendly, and can quickly find the best Nunavut car insurance quotes tailored to your needs. If you have a high risk profile, we can still help you find insurance coverage, whether broker, or through the featured Quote Comparison Tool (which does feature some high risk providers), or through the insurance companies we profile or lastly, through the Insurance section of the - Driver's Directory. We are confident you will find a broker or agent that can meet your needs. Our goal is to save you time & money.

The biggest reason as to why you should compare auto insurance quotes is that when you input the very same details through quote comparison services, you are more or less guaranteed to not get the same price quote from each individual insurance organization. In the event you’ve used a service to shop for Nunavut auto insurance in the past, you've most likely discovered that depending upon where you do your insurance shopping, the quotes you get for one's specific location, personal driver history etc. are substantially different. Your ultimate goal is to get the cheapest, best-fit insurance quote for your needs and comparing insurance quotes across companies is the best way to do this.

Recognizing that each auto insurer has their own methodology on how they evaluate driving competencies and driver records, the resulting insurance quotes usually show broad differences across insurance organizations. In Nunavut, there is a sizable pool of insurance providers, each of which is competing to convince Nunavut drivers to sign up to an insurance plan with their particular organization. A great way to feel confident that you are signing on to the best attainable policy for your requirements is insurance quote comparison with a large pool of insurance providers. This way, you can make an educated final decision.

Many Insurance Providers

Competition for good drivers in the private Nunavut insurance industry is high. Use this to your advantage and try to negotiate for the best Nunavut insurance quote you can get.

Compare Quotes

Use additional quote comparison services so you can feel confident that the quote comparison service is, in fact, giving you the best insurance quotes.

Check Renewal Dates

Your Nunavut insurance policy renewal date is when you should be shopping around for a better rate or working on negotiating a better insurance premium with your existing provider.

Are you ready to compare Nunavut Car Insurance Rates online
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Online Advantage

The Internet has developed the world of insurance significantly. Because of this, we can help you search for a free, online, cheap Nunavut car insurance rate without having to leave your home or pick up the phone.

No Pressure Shopping

You can shop for competitive insurance quotes online from the comfort of your home without having to worry about purchasing on the spot or feeling pressured to make an immediate decision by an agent. It's never been swifter or simpler to find out what your very best Nunavut car Insurance rate could be.

Free Service

Shopping for insurance quotes online costs you absolutely nothing. It's a completely free service enabling you to get the best Nunavut insurance quotes for your needs. Online, there is no obligation or pressure to immediately buy anything.

Competitive Quotes

By shopping online, you have access to dozens of insurance providers without having to invest the time into calling each and every one. You can be assured that you are receiving the most market competitive insurance quotes available for your profile.

Try it now. Compare Cheap Nunavut Insurance Quotes. See for yourself.

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