Getting Your Canadian Air Brake Endorsement

An air brake system is a type of compressed air braking system which is typically used on heavy trucks and buses to ensure a safer way to slow down or stop the vehicle. In order to drive a truck or bus equipped with an air brake system, the provincial or territorial version of the Canadian air brake endorsement must be present on the operators driver's licence.

The Canadian air brake endorsement ensures that heavy truck and bus drivers are trained in the proper use of air brakes and also have basic knowledge on how to maintain air brakes. If you need to add an air brake endorsement to your license, we can help. Choose your province or territory of residence below.

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Driving a Vehicle With an Air Brake System in Canada Requires a Canadian Air Brake Endorsement On Your Licence

Regardless of the province or territory, if you are driving a vehicle equipped with an air brake system or an air-over-hydraulic brake system you must be certified and have a Canadian air brake endorsement on your license. Some of the most common braking systems are air brake, hydraulic brake, air-over-hydraulic and air parking brake systems.

Air Brake Systems

Air brake systems are usually used on large commercial vehicles and use compressed air, which is stored in tanks to produce a force that applies the brake on each individual wheel.

Hydraulic Brake

Hydraulic brake systems are used as the main braking system on almost all passenger vehicles and light trucks. Hydraulic brake systems operate due to the force produced when brake fluid is compressed.


Air-over-hydraulic brakes are typically used on medium sized commercial vehicles where a combination of compressed air and a hydraulic braking system are used to help these types of vehicles stop.

Air Parking Brakes

Air parking brakes are sometimes used on medium-duty vehicles such as school buses. It's basically a combined system where there is an air-operated parking brake system and a hydraulic brake system for all other braking.

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