Getting Your Northwest Territories Drivers Licence

Every year thousands of people visit the Northwest Territories to see everything from the beautiful northern lights, to the miles of undiscovered Nahanni national park grounds. This area of Canada is rooted deep in culture and tradition and has a strong focus on ethical, sustainable use of the land. Obtaining a Northwest Territories drivers licence opens up a world of opportunity in this incredibly beautiful part of the world.

Learning how to drive a car (NWT Class 5 license), motorcycle (NWT Class 6 license) or any other vehicle in the Northwest Territories is a fairly straightforward process and follows the NWT Graduated Driver Licensing program. At, we have made sure to include all the steps you need to go through in order to get your Northwest Territories drivers licence in the quickest time possible.

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While most Northwest Territories drivers opt for a regular car drivers license or a motorcycle driving license, some require a more specific type of NT drivers licence, like a NWT bus driver license, an NWT air brake license, a NWT boating license, or a NWT truck driving license, we strive to make the information easy to find, with helpful free tools & resources. Click the links below for more information.

Knowing The NWT Road Rules Can Keep Your Safe

In order to drive as safely as possible in any province including the Northwest Territories, you need to be 100% aware of all applicable road signs and road rules. If you would like to learn more, or refresh your driving knowledge, be sure to check out our series of free Northwest Territories Class 7 practice test tutorials. Driving a motor vehicle comes with a big responsibility to always operate in a safe manner, along with adequate NWT vehicle insurance and the proper documentation for the kind of vehicle you drive. By knowing what is expected of you as a NWT driver, you can avoid serious road situations and help contribute to road safety for all NWT drivers.

Valid Drivers Licence

One of the first things you should do if you are moving from another province or you're a new driver who now qualifies for a driving license is applied for your Northwest Territories drivers licence. Driving without a NWT driving license is a serious offence.

No Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence is not only dangerous to other road users but also poses serious criminal consequences for the drunk driver. Always make sure you are 100% alert and not alcohol/drug impaired when sitting behind the wheel of a car.

One Way Streets

One way streets are indicated with a solid arrow pointing in the direction where traffic is allowed. Be aware of your surroundings, learn to recognize one-way signs and always follow the mandatory flow of traffic.

Obey Speed Limits

It's safer to drive within the speed limit than try to rush and potentially cause an accident and/or hurt another road user. Speed limits in specific zones are indicated for a reason and should be obeyed at all times.

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Depending on where you live the process of getting a Canada driver's licence can be quite different. The process of getting a Northwest Territories drivers licence is not necessarily the same as other parts of Canada. Choose your province or territory of residence, and we'll direct you to the appropriate resources.