Getting a Yukon Class 6 Novice Motorcycle License

Once you've built a strong base knowledge of the Yukon's road signs and rules and practiced how to ride a motorcycle with a co-driver at the Yukon Class 6 motorcycle learners stage, it's time to start preparing for the next phase of the Yukon graduated motorcycle licensing process - the Yukon Class 6 Novice motorcycle license. A Yukon Class 6 Novice motorcycle license allows you to drive a motorcycle without supervision (but with some restrictions) and is assigned only to riders who have demonstrated strong motorcycle driving capability.

Class 6N License Process

16 years old + Practice riding (6 months) + Road Test → Class 6 Novice Licence

The Steps to Getting a Yukon Class 6 Novice Motorcycle License

Our team at wants to make sure your Yukon motorcycle GDL process is as quick and easy as possible. To make that happen, we've listed everything you need to know about the Yukon Class 6 Novice motorcycle license in easy to follow steps in each of the below tabs.

16 Years Old

You need to be at least 16 years old in order to begin the Yukon Class 6 Novice motorcycle license stage. If you got your Class 6 learner at the age of 15, there is a wait period between then and your 16th birthday when you can apply for your Class 6 Novice licence.

Min Six Months At The Learner Stage

Even if you get your Class 6 Learner Licence after you turn 16 you must practice with a learner license for a continuous 6 months before you can start the process to get your Class 6 Novice licence.

Book Your Class 6 Road Test

Contact your local Yukon Motor Vehicles office to book your road test appointment. Road tests can only be attempted by appointment. Unless an exception is made, road tests can only be booked from May to September.

Study The Yukon Learn To Ride Smart Manual

It's a good idea to brush up on the basics, which in this case are the Yukon road signs and road rules. In addition to studying the Yukon motorcycle handbook, we recommend practicing with our Yukon Class 6 motorcycle learner licence practice test series and Yukon Class 7 practice test series to refresh your memory.

Study The Yukon Tuning Up For Riders Manual

The Yukon Tuning Up For Riders Manual is a great resource when it comes to actual motorcycle handling techniques. With detailed illustrations, scenarios and information, there is a lot of very useful information in this guide that can help you become a better Yukon motorcycle rider.

Practice Motorcycle Driving

One of the requirements at the Class 6 learner stage to graduate to the next level, was to accumulate a minimum of 30 hours of riding practice. Use this time and more if you can, to learn all the motorcycle maneuvers and techniques you could be tested on during your Class 6 road test.

Change up the days/times you practice riding your motorcycle so you become comfortable riding your motorbike in different scenarios. Some main skills and maneuvers you could be tested on during your Class 6 road test are:


  • Environment observation
  • Hazard identification and reaction
  • Correct maintenance of space margins
  • Speed control
  • Confident and correct steering of your motorcycle
  • And communication with other road users


  • Riding through and turning in intersections
  • Leaving/entering traffic and/or highways
  • Signaling and changing lanes
  • Parking (roadside, hills, reverse stall parking)
  • U-turns
  • General good riding practices

Pre-trip Check

Even before the Yukon Class 6 Novice motorcycle license road test can begin, the examiner will make sure the motorcycle you have brought to the test is capable of taking the test. Some key things they look for are:

  • Valid motorcycle insurance and registration documents for your vehicle
  • A safe, fully functioning motorcycle

Yukon Road Test

The class 6 road test typically takes less than an hour to complete and you will return to the Motor Vehicle office after your test is finished. During the test the examiner will be following you in another vehicle and communicate with you via a one-way radio. Stay calm and focus on following all the examiners instructions while remaining aware of your surroundings.

Post-test Debrief

Upon completion of the test, you will be told if you passed or failed, along with recommendations on where you could improve your motorcycle driving skills.

If you pay attention to everything on our Class 6 road test checklist, you should have nothing to worry about and will be 100% ready on your test day.

Arrive Early

Always arrive at least 30 minutes in advance of a road test appointment. This gives you time to settle in and be relaxed before the test begins.

Vehicle Safety Check

Check all your motorcycles controls before you leave home to ensure everything works. Also, make sure you bring along valid insurance and registration documents. The motorcycle you bring to the road test should be a good weight and size for you, and you should be able to comfortably rest both feet flat on the ground when you're seated.

Ministry Approved Helmet

You have to bring a helmet to the road test otherwise you won't be allowed to take the test.

Vision Aids

If you need glasses or contacts, make sure you wear them for the Class 6 road test.

Documents To Bring

You need to bring along documents to prove your identity (photograph, full name, date of birth and signature), prove your Yukon residency status and show consent of a parent/guardian if under the age of 18.

Applicable Fees

The Yukon motorcycle Class 6 road test fee is $20. You have to repay the fee every time you take the test.

Test Re-takes

If you fail the road test, you can re-take it, but must pay the road test fee again.

Minimum Licence Holding Period

You must remain at the Yukon Class 6 Novice motorcycle license stage for 18 continuous months before you can move to the next stage, which is the full, unrestricted Class 6 Yukon motorcycle license.

Passenger Restrictions

A novice rider cannot operate a motorcycle with a passenger under the age of 13.

Supervised Nighttime Driving

A Yukon Class 6 Novice motorcycle license holder, if riding between the hours of midnight and 5 am must be accompanied by a qualified co-driver.

No Alcohol

You must always ride with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of 0.0.

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Regardless of which Yukon driving licence you need to apply for, we have it covered with information that can help make the process easier.