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Ontario Practice Tests

The Ontario G1 and M1 practice tests will help you prepare for the actual MTO driving knowledge tests.

Drivers Licensing In ON

Getting your Ontario car or motorcycle drivers license has never been easier, simpler and quicker.

Ontario Insurance

Insurance in Ontario can be very competitively priced. Our quote comparison tools can show you how to save money.

ON Insurance Brokers

Ontario insurance brokers are licensed professionals dedicated to helping Ontario residents find the right insurance products.

MTO Offices

Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) offices are located all across the province to help with driving needs.

Driving Schools In ON

Learn to drive in Ontario with an Ontario driving school. Government regulated and providing many types of driver training.

Ontario Drivers License Tests

Just like any other test, before you attempt an Ontario driving test, you should study and practice, Practice with as many Ontario driving knowledge practice tests as required. This is where icandrive.ca can help by providing 100% free access to some of the best Ontario G1 practice tests online.

ON Driving Tests Overview

You should know exactly what to expect when you arrive for your Ontario knowledge test along with any requirements, documents etc. needed for your G1 test day.

ON Car Practice Tests

Ontario G1 practice tests will help you master Ontario road signs, Ontario road rules and common driving maneuvers applicable to Ontario passenger vehicle drivers.

ON Motorcycle Practice Test

Use our Ontario M1 practice tests to feel more confident that you are able to correctly identify and follow all road signs/rules and their application to motorcycles.

What Makes ICanDrive.ca Unique?

ICanDrive.ca was started in Ontario

The icandrive.ca project was started in Ontario way back in 2011, and we've dedicated countless research initiatives to ensure we've got everything right for Ontario drivers. From practice tests to driver licensing we've got it all to help folks learn to drive in Ontario.

Everything on ICanDrive.ca is free

There is no cost for any of our Ontario license services or products, so you can use them at any time for as long as you desire.

ICanDrive.ca helps train better Ontario drivers

Better trained drivers are safer drivers. Using this premise, we've created driving guides and licensing guides to help both new and experienced drivers operate their motor vehicles safely on Ontario roads. If you want to learn to drive in Ontario, or keep up with the latest issues regarding driving in Canada, there's no better place than icandrive.ca.

How to Get an Ontario Drivers License

All driver licensing in Ontario is administered by the local Ontario Ministry of Transportation office (MTO). The MTO issues periodic drivers handbooks which is what the icandrive.ca team has used to summarize everything required at each drivers licensing stage in Ontario.

Ontario Driver Licensing

If you have a question on how to get your Ontario driver license, we can help. Use all of our Ontario driving license sections to learn as much as possible about your ON driving licence.

Ontario Car License

Ontario passenger vehicle drivers move through the ministry approved graduated driver licensing system - from a G1 license to a G2 licence and finally a full G licence.

Motorcycle Licensing In ON

New Ontario motorcycle riders must first practice driving with an M1 license and then move to the subsequent M2 and Ontario M motorcycle licence stages.

Compare Ontario Car, Motorcycle, Home and Life Insurance Coverage

The insurance industry in Ontario is made up of many small and large insurance companies who compete with each other - which is good news for Ontario insurance consumers. Greater competition means more competitive quotes and better insurance options no matter which insurance product you're looking at. As you learn to drive in Ontario, you will need adequate insurance in place as soon as you begin to practice your driving skills on public roads.

Car Insurance

Ontario car insurance requires certain mandatory minimum levels of insurance coverage which you should understand.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance helps keep drivers safe, and provides for any damages should a motorcycle driver be involved in an accident.

Home Insurance

ON mortgage rules require home owners to carry a specific level of minimum home insurance at all times. Renters can also benefit.

Life Insurance

There are numerous life insurance options in Ontario, so you're guaranteed to find a policy that fills your unique insurance needs.

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The Daily Driver

Our mission atĀ icandrive.ca, is to accompany Ontario drivers on their journey well past the learning stage and help keep them up-to-date on a variety of important driving matters. The Daily Driver section on our site provides driving guides and insurance guides, and keeps Ontario drivers aware of any legislative or industry changes that they should be aware of. Use our Daily Driver section to stay in the loop on important Ontario driving information and news, and to find the best driving resources and services in your area.