The NL Motorcycle Learners License - Class 6 Level 1

Before you can legally drive a motorcycle in Newfoundland, you must prove that you know all of the road signs and rules of the road. Carrying some type of valid Newfoundland motorcycle license is proof that you know the basics, and (with some restrictions) are at least qualified to learn to drive your bike on public roads. At, we can help you prepare for, and successfully pass all stages of the Newfoundland graduated motorcycle licensing process, to eventually get your full Class 6 - the unrestricted motorcycle license NL makes available to qualified applicants. The journey begins with getting your NL motorcycle learners license - Class 6 Level 1.

NL Class 6I License Process

Written Test + Vision Test → Class 6 Level 1 Licence

Preparing For The Class 6 NL Motorcycle Learners License

A balanced combination of learning the Newfoundland Road Users Guide, and practicing Class 6 permit tests (like our NL Class 6 practice test) will help you be well-prepared for the actual NL Class 6 motorcycle knowledge test. Remember, passing the motorcycle driving knowledge test on the first try means that you can start preparing for the NL motorcycle novice driver license (Class 6 Level 2 stage) a bit earlier, so, make sure you study the road signs and road rules properly the first time.

16 Years Old

In order to apply for a Class 6 Level 1 NL motorcycle learners license, you must be at least 16 years old. Motorbike drivers under the age of 19 will be required to prove parental consent before they can take any tests to get a NL motorcycle learners license.

Study The Newfoundland Labrador Road Users Guide

The NL Road Users Guide is your go-to resource when it comes to any questions about NL road signs and rules of the road. You need to study the Newfoundland driver's handbook from cover to cover, and go back to any sections that don't make complete sense the first time. How well you've studied the Newfoundland drivers handbook will determine your success in the both our practice tests, and the actual NL driving knowledge test.

Attempt Newfoundland Practice Tests

You need to make sure the information you've learned from the Newfoundland Road Users Guide stays with you. The best way to check your driving knowledge is by attempting as many of our Class 6 practice test and Newfoundland permit test practice as possible before you attempt the actual NL driving knowledge test.

Book Your Balance Test

You need to book a balance test appointment with your local Motor Division Office in advance.

Practice For the NL Balance Test

You will be required to complete a balance test to get a NL motorcycle learners license. In advance of your balance test appointment make sure you practice the following on the motorcycle with which you will be taking to the test:

  • Correct operation of all the controls
  • Being able to confidently control the engine (Starting and shutting off)
  • Changing gears while riding (up shifting/downshifting)
  • Weaving through pylon course
  • Riding slowly through a pylon course and maintaining your balance
  • Stopping quickly without causing the wheels to skid

Newfoundland Knowledge Test

  • The NL knowledge test is set up to ensure that you have a good understanding of Newfoundland & Labrador road signs and road rules
  • You must obtain a mark of at least 85% to pass
  • Contact your local Motor Registration Division Office for their knowledge test writing hours

Balance Test

You need to pass the balance test along with the knowledge test to get your NL motorcycle learners license. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the motorcycle you plan to bring to your balance test in advance.

Vision Test

It's mandatory for all Newfoundland & Labrador motorcycle drivers to meet basic eyesight standards. Getting your NL motorcycle learner licence requires a vision test, which will be conducted at the testing facility.

Practicing the Class 6 knowledge tests and practicing your motorcycle balance skills is the right way to prepare for your Class 6 Level 1 licence test day. Here are some other items you should have top of mind so you don't forget something important on the day of your test:

Arrive Early

You will have a scheduled appointment for the balance test, and should aim to arrive a minimum of 30 minutes in advance to get settled in. Either before or after your balance test, you'll have to write the knowledge test and complete the vision assessment.

Documents to Bring

Proof of Age & ID Documents

In order to get your NL motorcycle learner licence you will need to show proof of age and identification as well as parental consent if under the age of 19.

Vision Aids

Bringing your glasses or contacts if you need them is vitally important.

Applicable Fees

There is no fee associated with writing the knowledge test to get your motorcycle beginners permit in Newfoundland, however you will have to pay a licence card fee after you pass:

  • Beginners permit licence fee $60
  • Seniors (65+ years of age) beginners permit licence fee $26

Getting Your Licence Card

After passing the NL motorcycle permit test, vision test and balance test you need to pay the $60 ($26 for seniors) licence fee to actually get a Class 6 Level 1 NL motorcycle learners license card.

Licence Expiry

The NL motorcycle learners license is valid for 2 years.

Minimum Licence Holding Period

With an approved Service NL motorcycle driver education program - 8 months wait time otherwise you must remain at the Class 6 Level 1 learner stage for a minimum of 12 months before you can take the road test to get your Class 6 Level 2 licence.

Supervised Riding

You must always be accompanied by a supervising rider/driver (Class 6 with a minimum 4 years of experience) on another motorcycle or vehicle.

Single Motorcycle Rider

You cannot carry any passengers with you at the Class 6 Level 1 stage.

No Alcohol

Both yours and the supervising riders blood alcohol concentration level must be 0%.

Restricted Driving at Night

You must refrain from driving in the hours defined as dark, which are 1/2 an hour before sunset to 1/2 an hour after sunrise.

Speed Restrictions

A NL motorcycle learners license holder cannot drive on highways or roadways where the posted speed limit is higher than 80 km/h.

No Licence Upgrades

You cannot upgrade to a commercial licence until you have at minimum held a full Class 5 or Class 6 licence for a full year.

Wear An Approved Helmet

Protective gear is mandatory and can a huge difference in saving your life if you are ever involved in an accident.

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