The NS Graduated Motorcycle License Program

Similar to the Nova Scotia graduated driver licensing program for passenger vehicles, Service Nova Scotia has also created a NS graduated motorcycle license program that helps Nova Scotia residents learn how to properly and safely drive a motorcycle on public roads. The Nova Scotia motorcycle GDL program is a 3-step program with the introduction of new skills at every stage.

As an aspiring motorcycle driver in Nova Scotia, you will have to get your NS LM licence as a learner, progress to the NS Class 6 N stage (or Newly Licensed motorcycle driver) to build your bike driving history and eventually graduate to the final Nova Scotia Class 6 motorcycle license.

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The NS Graduated Motorcycle License Process

Let us help you learn how to drive a motorcycle in Nova Scotia

The three-step NS graduated motorcycle license program can seem confusing to some new motor cycle drivers, but in reality, it's not that hard if you do your part. We've worked to simplify the NS graduated motorcycle license process by breaking down the program into easy to understand and easy to follow steps.

NS CLass 6 License Complete Process

LM Licence + 6N Licence → Class 6 Motorcycle License

Getting Your Nova Scotia Motorcycle Learners - Class LM Licence

The LM Licence is your first Nova Scotia motorcycle licence

Depending on whether you are a new or experienced driver, the requirements to get a NS motorcycle learner’s license (LM licence) or LM endorsement (for experienced drivers) are slightly different. Prospective motorcycle drivers with no previous driving experience must get their Class 7 Nova Scotia learners license first, in addition to the other requirements for a LM licence, which is to demonstrate a strong knowledge of the motorcycle driving rules as they apply to Nova Scotia's roadways. A great way to test your motorcycle driving knowledge, and make sure you are ready for the LM license test is with our free NS Class 6 practice test.

Nova Scotia Class LM Motorcycle Licence

Class 7 Learner License + Motorcycle Rules Testing + Balance Test → Class LM License

You can get your LM licence when your turn 16.

Here's how to get your  learner licence:

Pay for your test in advance

Take and pass the knowledge test

Pass the balance test

Pass a vision test

Getting Your Nova Scotia 6N Licence

The 6 N motorcycle license is your ticket to eventual motorcycle riding freedom

The second level of the NS Graduated Motorcycle License program involves successfully passing a motorcycle driving road test to get a NS Class 6N or Newly Licensed motorcycle driving license. Remember, once you begin driving your motor bike on public roads, it is imperative that you have sufficient Nova Scotia motorcycle insurance and keep all of your vehicle documentation up to date.

NS CLass 6N License Process

LM License for 6 months + Advanced skills test → Class 6N (newly licensed) motorcycle licence

A min 6 month waiting period must be completed before your 6N license

Here's how to get your Class 6N licence:

Bring a safe motorcycle

Bring your NS LM License

Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment

Pass the road test

The Full Nova Scotia Class 6 Motorcycle License

The Class 6 license is the final stage in the NS graduated motorcycle license program

After a 24-month wait period and the completion of mandatory motorcycle driver training, you can apply for a full, unrestricted Nova Scotia Class 6 motorcycle license.

NS CLass 6 License Process

6N License (24 months) + Motorcycle Driver Improvement Program → Class 6 Motorcycle Licence

Your Class 6 license is available after 2 years

Here's how to get your Class 6 licence:

Drive safely for 24 months with your 6N license

Complete a motorcycle training course

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