Get the M Class Motorcycle License Ontario Offers

Once you've successfully gone through the first two stages of the Ontario Graduated Motorcycle Licensing process (the M1 and M2), you are ready to get the full, unrestricted final Class M motorcycle license Ontario makes available to qualified riders. Driving a motorcycle is a very rewarding experience and once you are fully licensed, you can drive a motorcycle with no restrictions (other than following the law). To ensure you are a fully qualified for the final motorcycle license Ontario offers, we've compiled everything you need to know about getting your Ontario M licence in the best and easiest way possible.

Ontario M Motorcycle Licensing Journey

M2 Licence (22 months) + Level 2 Road Test → Class M Licence

Final Steps to Get the M Class Motorcycle License Ontario Provides

If you're at the point of seeking the Class M motorcycle licence Ontario mandates, it means you've successfully passed the M1 and M2 motorcycle licensing stages, and are gearing up to get the full, unrestricted M Class motorcycle license Ontario provides. We want to make sure you haven't missed anything, so the following information has been compiled to detail each step and requirement that you need to complete.  The motorcycle license Ontario offers to qualified individuals does require a fair bit of work and practice to achieve. Keep in mind, you must also be able to present appropriate motorcycle insurance, valid license plate and owner’s permit to actually ride a motor bike on public roads. Click through the tabs below for more information.

M2 licence holder

You can take your Class M Level Two or M2 road test after having been a M2 driver for a minimum of 22 months or 18 months if you've taken a ministry approved motorcycle safety course.

Highway Driving Experience

Prior to being able to take the Level Two road test you need:

  • For a Regular Motorcycle - complete a Declaration of Highway Driving Experience form describing your 80 km/hr or greater highway driving experience.
  • For a Limited-speed motorcycle (LSM) or Moped - No highway driving experience is required, however you will be required to drive during the Level Two test on 50 km/hr roads.

Book Your Level Two Road Test

All Ontario road tests need to be booked in advance, and you need to indicate whether you are applying for the motorcycle license Ontario offers for a regular motorcycle, a limited-speed motorcycle or a moped when booking your road test. Be aware that there are busier times of the year, for example, March break and various holidays, so you want to book your test early and reserve your preferred time/date.

Motorcycle tests are typically available for booking between mid-May to mid-October.

Study The Ontario Motorcycles Handbook

No matter which Ontario motorcycle license you're applying for, it is always a good idea to refresh your memory by going over the topics covered in the Ontario motorcycle handbook. We also suggest our M1 practice test as a great way to maintain your confidence and knowledge.

Practice Driving

In addition to using the 18 or 22 months to continue to practice the skills you learned for the Level One road test, you will also need to demonstrate more advanced motorcycle driving techniques when attempting the Ontario M2 test. For the Ontario M2 test, the driving examiner will be providing instructions by radio through headphones and observing how you drive through various situations.

  • Turning (left/right)
  • Stopping and passing through intersections
  • Correctly driving on freeways (entering, driving along and exiting) - this will not apply for limited-speed motorcycles
  • Changing lanes, roadside stopping and negotiating curves
  • Driving through business and residential areas

Keep in mind, the M2 test Ontario administers is the final test before a driving examiner will sign off on the full, unrestricted motorcycle license Ontario offers. Due to the level of responsibility involved with the full M licence, you can expect a more challenging road test vs. what you would have experienced at the Level One road test.

Pre-trip Check

As with all road tests, step 1 is to always confirm that your vehicle is safe and operable for the road test. Depending on whether you take the Ontario M2 test on a motorcycle, limited speed motorcycle (LSM) or a moped, the driving examiner will confirm the vehicle you have brought and structure the test to comply with that particular motorcycle type. Make sure you review the vehicle safety checklist before you arrive at the driving exam center.

Road Test

For the Ontario M2 road test, you will be receiving instructions through a set of headphones, and the driving examiner will be following you in another vehicle. This is where all those hours of practicing in different driving environments will help you feel confident negotiating the examiner decided route. Stay calm, keep an eye out for potential road hazards and concentrate on the instructions your examiner is providing.

Post-test Debrief

Once your Ontario m license test is over, you will return to the driver examination center where the examiner will review your test and provide a pass or fail grade.

The important thing to remember is that if you've practiced and learned everything you need to during the motorcycle licensing process, you will almost certainly successfully pass and get your Class M licence.

To avoid any last minute panic or nervousness, we've created a checklist of everything you need to do or take with you so you can be as calm as possible and focus on doing your best during the M2 road test.

Vehicle Safety Check

The last thing you want is to show up for your Ontario m license test with a vehicle that does not get approved as being reliable for the test. Make sure you check your vehicle against the vehicle safety checklist before leaving home.

Arrive Early

Being early is one of the best things you can do for yourself on your M2 test day. Getting there early will let you be calm, register in advance and set you up properly to take the test.

Cancelling or Rescheduling

There are no refunds on the prepaid Ontario m2 test fee if you cancel with less than 48 hours notice. If for some reason you're not able to make the appointment, make sure you cancel well in advance and re book for a better date/time.

Enough Gas

Make sure you've got enough gas to travel to and from the driver examination center as well as take the test.

Vision Aids

If prescribed, glasses or contacts must be worn during the test. Make sure you bring them with you.

Applicable Fees

Check how much your license fee will be, on top of your prepaid test booking amount and make sure you are able to pay it.

Ministry Approved Helmet

You must bring a ministry approved motorcycle helmet with you to the M2 road test Ontario administers.

Current Licence

Bring your current M2 licence with you.

Test Type

Depending on the type of vehicle you bring to your road test, the final Ontario M license will vary:

  • Class M license - If you successfully pass the test on a regular motorcycle
  • Class M(L) license - If you successfully pass the test on a limited speed motorcycle (LSM) or moped

Test Re-Takes

If you fail the M2 test Ontario administers, as long as your existing M2 licence has not expired, you can re-take the test. If however your M2 has expired, you will need to start all over and pay the fees again.

Licence Expiry

The M class motorcycle license Ontario provides is valid for 5 years, and prior to its expiration, you will be advised via mail so you can renew in time.

If you're above the age of 21 your M licence has no restrictions attached to it.

No Alcohol

If you're under the age of 21, one of the M2 restrictions is that while operating your bike, you must always maintain a blood alcohol level of zero.

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