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Manitoba Practice Tests

Manitoba practice driving tests will help you know what to expect for the actual MPI knowledge test.

Manitoba Insurance

We can help you get Manitoba insurance to safeguard the most important things in your life.

Drivers Licensing In Manitoba

Driver licensing in Manitoba doesn't have to be complicated if you use the icandrive.ca process maps.

Manitoba Insurance Brokers

A Manitoba insurance broker will help you understand your insurance options and the products suited to your lifestyle.

Manitoba Public Insurance Offices

Driver licensing and related services are managed through Manitoba Public Insurance representatives and offices.

Driving Schools In Manitoba

A Manitoba driving school can help coach you on all your driving tests and the skills needed to safely learn to drive in Manitoba

Manitoba Drivers License Tests

When you begin to learn to drive in Manitoba, whether for a passenger vehicle, motorcycle or other motor vehicle, you have to apply for a Manitoba drivers license and you'll need to complete the associated driving tests to be issued a license. The best way to be prepared for a Manitoba driving test is to use the icandrive.ca Manitoba driving test resources and practice tests.

Manitoba Driving Tests Overview

In parallel with the Manitoba Public Insurance driver handbook rules, we provide guidance to Manitoba drivers on how best to pass all Manitoba driving tests whether knowledge or skill based.

Manitoba Car Practice Tests

Step one in the Manitoba graduated car driver licensing journey is to attempt as many Class 5 practice tests as possible in order remember road signs/rules and to get your Manitoba Class 5 learners license on the first try.

Manitoba Motorcycle Practice Test

A Class 6 Manitoba learners license test is designed to assess driving knowledge required of motorcycle drivers. Use our practice tests to prepare for your Manitoba motorcycle learner license test.

What Makes ICanDrive.ca Unique?

ICanDrive.ca is here to help Manitoba drivers

Recognizing that Manitoba drivers have specific road signs, rules of the road and driving regulations, we've invested a lot of time and research into making sure all of our Manitoba driving resources are tailored to Manitoba residents, in particular to those that want to learn to drive in Manitoba.

Everything on ICanDrive.ca is free

You can visit any page on the icandrive.ca website and use our free resources to become a better Manitoba driver.

ICanDrive.ca helps train better Manitoba drivers

Every icandrive.ca resource page or practice test is designed with safety in mind. We want new Manitoba drivers to walk away with a better understanding of how to drive safely on Manitoba roads, and what defensive driving skills they should know as someone who wants to learn to drive in Manitoba.

How To Get A Manitoba Drivers License

The Manitoba Public Insurance corporation (MPI) is responsible for driver licensing and administration. However the icandrive.ca team can help you best prepare for your "learn to drive in Manitoba" journey, the MPI licensing process and the associated Manitoba driving tests in a simple, easy to understand way. We want things to be as quick and easy as possible for those who want to learn to drive in Manitoba.

Manitoba Driver Licensing

With everything from Manitoba driver license eligibility, preparation, test day tips, driving rules, restrictions and graduating through the Manitoba licensing system we have you covered.

Manitoba Car License

Getting a Manitoba car drivers license means going through the graduated driver licensing program. It begins with an MB Class 5L licence, moves to an MB Class 5I licence and ends with a full MB Class 5 licence.

Motorcycle Licensing In MB

A Manitoba motorcycle driver must first get their MB Class 6 Learner licence, then practice motorcycle driving to move on to the MB Class 6I and finally the MB Class 6F more advanced Manitoba motorcycle driver level.

Car, Motorcycle, Home & Life Insurance for Manitoba Residents

For some kinds of Manitoba insurance products, insurance is compulsory, while for others, you can choose to purchase particular types of Manitoba insurance policies for better accident coverage and greater peace of mind.

Car Insurance

Car insurance in Manitoba is compulsory. Give some thought to what exactly you need before you purchase coverage.

Motorcycle Insurance

All Manitoba motorcycle riders must carry valid insurance when driving a motorcycle on any Manitoba roadway.

Home Insurance

Depending on your ownership status you may need some sort of Manitoba home insurance on the property you live in.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance provides compensation to your family or beneficiary in the event you unexpectedly pass on.

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The Daily Driver

Our mission as a team is to accompany Manitoba drivers on their journey well past the learning stage and help them remain updated on all driving rules and regulations throughout their driving lifetime. Our Daily Driver section provides driving guides, insurance guides and keeps Manitoba drivers aware of any legislative or industry changes that they should be aware of. Use the Daily Driver to stay in the loop on important Manitoba driving information and news.