Free Manitoba Class 5 Practice Test Sets

It's about more than just passing the Manitoba driver license test, it's about gaining a true understanding of the road rules for traffic safety, and what the road signs mean. Our fun and highly educational Manitoba Class 5 practice test series may actually help you to be a better driver over the long term.

Free Manitoba Class 5 Practice Test Sets & Practice Exams

All of's Manitoba Class 5 practice test sets are completely free to use, and can be attempted as many times as you need to help you study and get through the first phase of the Manitoba Graduated Driver Licensing program. These class 5 knowledge tests have been created directly from the Manitoba Drivers Handbook (link opens a .pdf file in a new tab) to help new drivers study for the official Manitoba written test conducted by Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) offices around the province.

We believe the best way to quickly increase your chances of passing the MPI knowledge test on your first attempt, is by using all of our Manitoba Class 5 practice test sets in conjunction with the Manitoba Drivers Handbook until you are one hundred percent comfortable with all of the road signs, road rules and traffic safety measures in place in Manitoba. If your end goal is to get through the Manitoba graduated motorcycle licensing process, we invite you to use our Manitoba motorcycle practice test series as well.

Manitoba Road Signs

Become a Manitoba Road Signs expert with our Manitoba traffic signs test practice series

Class 5 Manitoba Road Signs

Class 5 Manitoba Road Signs

This first set of road sign practice test questions, covers regulatory road signs. Regulatory road signs control the flow of traffic, instruct drivers as to the correct speed and direction, and help vehicles to proceed safely and appropriately.


Manitoba Driving Practice Test

Manitoba Driving Practice Test

Our Manitoba driving test is our second set of road sign practice test questions, and covers road warning signs. This includes those that make drivers aware of what lies ahead, such as uneven roads, dangerous curves and other challenging road situations.


Manitoba Driving Test Online

Manitoba Driving Test Online

Manitoba Driving Test Online is the third of our road signs practice test sets. It covers information signs, direction signs, and signs that are temporary or offer information regarding high occupancy vehicles (HOV) to drivers on Manitoba roads.


Manitoba Public Insurance Exam

Manitoba Public Insurance Exam

Our MPI drivers test is a road sign practice exam covering all road signs. It includes all of the information covered in our previous road signs series, including regulatory road signs, information, direction, temporary and HOV signs as they apply to drivers.


Manitoba Road Rules

Become a Manitoba Road Rules expert with our Manitoba traffic signs test practice series

Manitoba Road Rules - Class 5

Manitoba Road Rules - Class 5

This is the first of three rules of the road practice tests. It covers rules of the road such as traffic signals and flow of traffic, right-of-way, dealing with emergency vehicles and more signs applicable to Manitoba drivers.


Manitoba Driving Practice Quiz

Manitoba Driving Practice Quiz

"Manitoba driving quiz" is our second set of practice test questions designed to quiz you on the road rules as presented in the Manitoba drivers handbook. It builds on our first rules of the road practice test set.


Manitoba Driver License Test

Manitoba Driver License Test

This third and last Manitoba driver license test covers aspects of the road rules not covered in our two previous tests. All our practice tests will ensure you develop a comprehensive understanding of the rules of the road in MB.


Manitoba Knowledge Exam

Manitoba Knowledge Exam

Our Manitoba knowledge test - practice exam, covers all areas of the rules of the road. Before you attempt this road rules practice exam, it's best to have attempted our 3 Manitoba road rules practice test sets for Manitoba drivers.


We Can Help You Study For Your Manitoba Class 5L Knowledge Test

Focus on the key concepts you need to know about the MPI knowledge test - always study smart.

The Manitoba Class 5L knowledge test is designed to ensure all new Manitoba drivers build a strong foundation when it comes knowing what the Manitoba road signs and road rules mean, and exactly how to respond to them. Along with the concepts found in the Manitoba driver's handbook, by challenging yourself with as many Manitoba Class 5 practice test samples as possible, you dramatically increase both your driving knowledge and confidence, and therefore, your chances of passing the MPI knowledge test on the first try.

Read The Manitoba Drivers Handbook

Your main source of information when it comes to Manitoba road signs and rules is the Manitoba drivers handbook. Make sure you read through all the sections and revisit any concepts that don't make sense. Make notes of weak areas.

Ask Questions

It's okay to have questions. Feel free to ask about any questions you may have on how to drive in Manitoba, on Manitoba roads or what certain Manitoba road rules are in the comments section. Or send us an email - we typically respond in a day or two.

Do Manitoba Class 5 Practice Test Sets

Practice, Practice, Practice. The more you practice all of the Manitoba Class 5 practice test sets and practice exams, the more you will remember, and the more confident you will feel when you attempt the actual Manitoba knowledge test.

Attempting The Manitoba Knowledge Test

The team at have worked hard to make sure our Manitoba beginners practice test series is as close as possible in format, style and content to the actual Manitoba knowledge test. If you do your part diligently, you will almost certainly pass your Manitoba license test.

The 40 multiple choice question format is designed to show you 4 answers per question. You need to choose the answer that makes the most sense based on what you know about Manitoba road signs and road rules.

Use the 30 minute time limit wisely and carefully choose your answers without rushing but at the same time not spending all your time on one section of the knowledge test.

Practicing as many 5L knowledge tests as possible is how you're going to give yourself that extra edge and practically guarantee you pass your 5L knowledge test on the first attempt.

Driving In Manitoba With Your Class 5L Licence

As a proud new owner of a class 5L licence, this is your chance to use the time to practice your driving as much as possible. However, there are some 5L license restrictions you must always follow in order to remain safe, and keep your licence valid.

Supervised Driving

At the 5L stage you must always be accompanied by a supervising licence holder (Class 5F licence holder for a min of 3 years).

No Alcohol

At the Manitoba learner stage you cannot drink and operate a vehicle at any time.

Passenger seat belts

Passengers cannot exceed the number of functioning seat belts in the vehicle.

Frequent Questions About our Manitoba Class 5 Practice Test Sets and the Manitoba Learners License

We try to make sure that you have everything you need to get your Class 5 learners licence in the most stress-free way possible. We've compiled some answers to what we've found to be frequently asked questions about our Manitoba Class 5 practice test series, and the Manitoba Learners License in general. Our goal is to help all beginning Manitoba drivers on the path to getting their 5L licence.


To apply for a Manitoba Class 5 Learner license, you must be a resident and:

1. Be at least 16 years of age, or a minimum of 15 years, six months and be enrolled in a high school drivers education course.

2. Have parental consent if you are under 18 years of age.

3. Pass the MPI knowledge test and also meet the vision and medical standards.

You must wait a minimum of seven days before you may take another knowledge test if you fail.


On your Manitoba knowledge test day, you will need supporting documents to prove your identity, and establish these essential elements:

Birth date
Full legal name
Your Manitoba residence and permanent address
Entitlement to be in Canada

  • Primary identification, like ID showing citizenship/residency/residency status if born outside of Canada
  • Secondary identification, like proof of residency

See: Acceptable Manitoba Identity Documents


You can take your Manitoba driving knowledge test through any one of the Autopac* agents or one of the Manitoba Public Insurance service centres located across the province.

All Manitoba driving knowledge tests are by appointment only.

With the exception of Saturday appointments at the Barnes Street, Lexington Park and Main Street locations in Winnipeg, they are only conducted during weekdays.

The Manitoba Public Insurance website allows you to search for the nearest location to your home. The location will have an automated driving knowledge test system in place.

See: Book Manitoba Driving Knowledge Test

*Autopac is the name given to various kinds of auto insurance policies by the Manitoba Public Insurance corporation.


There is a fee every time you take the Manitoba Class 5L driver license test - if you fail, and want to try again, you will have to pay for each attempt. It's also a bit of a hassle to go through the entire process again. (This is why it's a really great idea to master all of the material in our Manitoba Class 5 practice test series before you attempt the real thing.)

Each attempt costs $10. There is no charge for those 65 and over or if required to be re-tested for medical reasons.

If you do not pass, you must wait seven days before you can attempt the Manitoba driver license test again. You'll need to bring the same documents as before, as well as $10 for the test re-write charge.

See: Book Manitoba Driver License Test


We are very confident in saying that new drivers have a much better chance of passing the MPI learners test on the first try if they first become competent with our series of Manitoba Class 5 practice test sets. Our tutorials have been repeatedly shown to be a very effective means of studying for the Class 5L Manitoba learners test. Our 2019 version is among the most effective study tools (along with the drivers handbook) for new drivers seeking to obtain their Class 5L MB drivers license this year.

Many new drivers of cars and light trucks have already used them with great success. They can boost confidence and provide a much better understanding of what to expect on the actual test.

When you consistently get a passing grade on all of our Manitoba Class 5 practice test material, you will be able to handle any question that comes your way.

These practice tests combined with traditional study methods are simply one of the best way to prepare yourself for the real test.


Without a doubt, the most effective way to study for the Manitoba written driving test, is to combine traditional study methods with something like our Manitoba Class 5 practice test series. You should begin by obtaining a copy of the Manitoba drivers handbook (available on another section of this page), and reading the whole thing. It's actually quite an interesting read. It’s also a good idea to make note on areas that seem to be more difficult to comprehend - you'll be able to revisit these areas and strengthen your comprehension on one of our Manitoba Class 5 practice test sets.

With our series of MB learners practice tests, Manitoba drivers can get a good look at the test before taking it.


All of our Manitoba Class 5 practice test samples contain questions that are drawn from the Manitoba driver's handbook. We use the exact same information as is used to create the official Manitoba learners test.

However, we go a step further, and also incorporate information provided by visitors to , who give us feedback about the test they have just taken. This ensures that not only are the questions and potential answers accurate, but the look and feel is also remarkably similar. (You might actually see some of the same questions and answers on your real MPI learners test.


When you take the actual Manitoba learners test (there are two sections, one on road signs and one on the rules of the road), you have to score a minimum of 16 out of 20 questions in each section. All the questions are generated randomly by a computer system from a database. There is no way to predict which question will come up on your test.

Note: The Manitoba knowledge test is not an open book test, and there's a thirty minute time limit to complete it.


Every one of's Manitoba Class 5 practice test samples have been carefully designed to be as close to the real test as possible, using the same types of questions and the same format.

Don't be surprised if you see some of the very same question on your test.

Our Manitoba learners practice exams - 2019 edition are completely up to date and cover all of the current rules of the road and road signs. This makes it highly accurate and a very good representation of the actual knowledge test - easily one of the best study tools available to prepare you.

Next Steps.

Once you've passed the 5L knowledge test, you have the ability to practice your driving skills under the supervision of a licensed driver. You must remain at the 5L stage for a minimum of 9 months before you can move to the next level of Manitoba driver licensing.

In order to get a class 5I (intermediate) licence you will need to successfully attempt and pass a Class 5 road test.

Looking For More Information On the Manitoba GDL Process?

The purpose of the Manitoba graduated driver licensing process is to build strong driving capability in each and every Manitoba driver. This is achieved by moving new Manitoba drivers through a three-step process that teaches them key driving skills at each level. The end result is confident, capable drivers who are able to drive safely in any Manitoba road or weather condition.

MB GDL Process

In order to get your Manitoba Driving License, you need to complete all three stages of the Manitoba Graduated Driver Licensing Process.

Class 5L Licence

The Manitoba Class 5 practice tests are the best way to ensure you know all Manitoba road signs and rules before attempting the driving test.

Class 5I Licence

Your Class 5 Intermediate licence allows you to drive without supervision after you demonstrate strong driving skills in the MB Class 5 road test.

Class 5F Licence

If you've followed all the Manitoba road rules/signs and successfully completed 15 months at the 5I stage, you can upgrade to a full MB Class 5F licence.