Taking a Nunavut Driving Test?

Make Your Nunavut Driving Test Easier

The territory of Nunavut does not yet have a formal Nunavut graduated license program, but the Nunavut Motor Vehicles Division does encourage new drivers to accumulate driving experience as learners before they can be issued a full Nunavut car license or Nunavut motorcycle license, and there is a Nunavut driving test at each stage of the process. By practicing under supervision while at the Nunavut Class 7 learners car license or Nunavut motorcycle learners license stage, new drivers can build strong vehicle handling ability before being completely on their own.

Choose the type of Nunavut driving test you need to attempt:

Nunavut Driving Test For Car Drivers

As a passenger vehicle operator (cars, light trucks, vans etc.) in Nunavut, you need to first pass the Class 7 knowledge test to get your Nunavut Class 7 learners license (see our free Nunavut Class 7 practice test series for help with the knowledge test). Our goal is to help new drivers complete the requirements of the Class 7 licensing stage, and pass the first Nunavut driving test, and eventually move to a full Class 5 Nunavut car driver’s license in the quickest and simplest way possible. But don't forget, a Nunavut car driver's license comes with the responsibility to have Nunavut car insurance, as well as to maintain documentation for the vehicle you drive.

Nunavut Driver License

As a new driver if you need guidance on how to get your NU car license, we have you covered. From understanding the information in the Nunavut Driver's Handbook, using Nunavut Class 7 practice tests and getting your NU Class 5 license, we have everything you need to know.

Your 16th birthday is when you can apply for a NU driving license

You can pick up a Nunavut Driver's Manual at any Nunavut Motor Vehicles Division office

NU Driver Knowledge Test

The Nunavut Class 7 learners license test is a multiple choice test divided between questions on Nunavut road signs and road rules. The more thoroughly you study the Nunavut Driver's Manual and practice NU Class 7 learners tests, the better your chances of passing.

The Nunavut Driver's Manual is your guide for everything

Attempting Class 7 practice tests will help you test your NU road signs and rules knowledge

Nunavut Road Test

Road tests can be an anxious time, but if you have studied the Nunavut road signs and road rules, practiced your driving a lot, and made sure your vehicle is mechanically sound to take the road test, you have little to worry about. Try to be as calm and focused during the road test as you can.

Always obey NU road signs and rules when driving a car

Drive with a supervising driver as often as possible so you can get in lots of on-road driving practice

Nunavut Driving Test for Motorcycle Drivers

Learning how to drive a motorcycle in Nunavut doesn't have to be complicated or a stressful process, but new drivers do have to pass a Nunavut driving test at each level. At ICanDrive.ca, we have taken all the guesswork out of studying for your Nunavut Class 6 knowledge test (see here), attempting the Nunavut Class 6 road test (see here) and driving within the license restrictions at each stage. Be sure to always carry sufficient Nunavut motorcycle insurance before driving your motorcycle on public roads, and remember, you must also have the proper documentation for your bike on hand.

Nunavut Motorcycle Licensing

Nunavut has two major stages for motorcycle licensing which are the NU Class 6 learner stage and the full NU Class 6 motorcycle license stage. We can help you prepare for each of the NU motorcycle license stages by separating the information into easy to follow sections so you can get your motorcycle license in the shortest time possible.

Get parental consent if you are under 16

Check out motorcycle training courses

Class 6 Knowledge Test

Similar to the knowledge test for a NU car license, the Nunavut motorcycle license knowledge test confirms that you understand basic Nunavut road signs, road rules and know how to apply them as required in real world situations. By practicing with Nunavut Class 6 motorcycle tests you can improve your chances of passing.

Study the Nunavut Driver's Manual

Practice Class 6 motorcycle tests

Motorcycle Road Test NU

If you have spent a good amount of time practicing your motorcycle driving under supervision before your Nunavut motorcycle road test, you should be in good shape on your NU road test day. Remember the more you practice the higher the chance of passing.

Good quality motorcycle gear is an important investment

Find a good supervising driver who can help you learn better motorcycle riding

Road Test Nunavut

The Nunavut Motor Vehicles Division is responsible for conducting road test appointments for NU car license holders and NU motorcycle license holders. The best way to be prepared for the road test is practice, practice, practice. The more you practice, the higher your chances of passing on the first attempt and the more likely you are to avoid retest fees.

Nunavut Car Road Test

  • Review the information in the Nunavut Driver's Manual and practice some Nunavut Class 7 knowledge tests
  • Find a couple of people who are willing to be your supervising driver and get in lots of on-road driving practice
  • Always stay up to date on your vehicle maintenance and make sure all major controls are in working order on your NU road test appointment date

Nunavut Motorcycle Road Test

Free NU Online Driving Tests

Our free Nunavut online driving tests are a great way to get in some additional practice and build confidence in yourself before attempting a real Nunavut knowledge test for your NU car license or NU motorcycle license. Everything you would have learned in the Nunavut Driver's Manual is fair game when it comes to the knowledge test, so make sure you don't skip any sections in the drivers manual when you do your studying.

NU Class 7 Written Test

The NU Class 7 learner license test is a multiple choice test with both NU road signs and road rules questions. You need to study the NU Driver's Handbook and then practice Nunavut Class 7 tests to improve your chances of passing and getting your NU Class 7 license on your first attempt.

NU Class 6 Motorcycle Knowledge Test

Similar to the NU Class 7 learner test, the Class 6 NU motorcycle learners test is a multiple choice question exam with 50 questions on motorcycle driving and road rules and signs. Practice as many NU Class 6 knowledge tests as possible to make sure you understand all the concepts.