Getting Your Class 6 Nunavut Motorcycle License

Once you've gotten comfortable driving a motorcycle at the Nunavut motorcycle leaner stage of the 2 stage Nunavut MGDL, you can attempt the Class 6 road test to qualify for a Class 6 Nunavut motorcycle license. The full Class 6 Nunavut motorcycle license is restriction free, and allows you to drive almost anywhere in Canada.

NU Class 6 License Process

Driving as a learner (1 month/4weeks) + Class 6 road test → Class 6 License

Your Full Class 6 Motorcycle License

While Nunavut does not yet have a formal Nunavut motorcycle GDL program, the intention is that all Class 6 Nunavut motorcycle license holders will be able to confidently and capably ride a motorcycle in most reasonable road or weather situations. You need to become very familiar with Nunavut driving rules, laws and road signs (you can always refresh your motorcycle driving knowledge with our free tutorials here for Class 7 and here for Class 6). You must also thoroughly practice your motor bike driving skills in order to qualify for a NU motorcycle drivers license. The process ensures that new bike drivers can safely manage the operation of a motorcycle. Driving a motor cycle is a big responsibility, and includes carrying sufficient Nunavut motorcycle insurance, as well as maintaining the appropriate documentation for your bike. Click the tabs below for more info.

Learner Licence Holder

You have to have held a Class 6 learner licence for at least 1 month before you can attempt the Class 6 road test.

Book Your Class 6 Road Test

You need to book your road test in advance with a Nunavut driver licensing office. Typically, road test appointments can only be booked during the months of July, August and early September.

Practice Motorcycle Riding

Make sure you thoroughly practice how to safely drive a motorcycle. You need to be able to identify all the major controls and exhibit strong riding capability.

Class 6 Road Test

The Class 6 road test will require you to drive through a set route and demonstrate both balance and motorcycle handling skills. The examining driver will follow you on another motorcycle or in another vehicle and communicate with you via a radio. Make sure you listen carefully to all instructions and calmly drive through the required route.

Arrive on Time

Make sure you're not late for your road test appointment. You could be denied your road test and asked to re-book if you are late.

Working Motorcycle

You have to bring a motorcycle to the test, and it has to be in good enough condition to safely take the test. If your motorcycle is deemed to not meet safety requirements, your test will be refused.

Identity Documents

You must bring along at least 2 pieces of government issued identification.

Licence Information

Once you pass the Class 6 road test, you are eligible to get a Class 6 license. You must pay a $15.40 license fee and can then receive your Class 6 licence.

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Nunavut Motorcycle Learner License

The Nunavut motorcycle learner licence is step 1 in getting a Nunavut motorcycle license. In order to get your Nunavut motorcycle learner licence you need to master Nunavut road signs and road rules.

Looking for a Different Type of Nunavut Drivers Licence?

Choose the type of vehicle you need to get a Nunavut licence for

Regardless of what kind of Nunavut drivers license you're looking to apply for, we can help you find the information you need. In Nunavut, depending on which community you reside in, the process to get a drivers license is handled either by the Nunavut Motor Vehicles Division issuing offices, local Municipal Liaison Office (MLO) or Government Liaison Office (GLO). Whether you need a non-commercial passenger vehicle driving license, a Nunavut motorcycle drivers license, or a more specific type of Nu drivers license like a Nunavut bus driver license, a Nunavut truck driving license, a Nunavut air brake license or a Nunavut boating license, we try to make things easier.