The Full Class 6 Motorcycle License BC Offers

The motorcycle license BC offers is also called a Class 6 motorcycle license. It is the final stage of the BC Graduated Motorcycle Licensing system. A class 6 BC licence is a full-privilege license, with riders needing to demonstrate strong motorcycle riding skills before they can get this particular BC motorcycle license. In order to make sure you've gone through the process correctly, we've put together everything you should know before applying for the motorcycle license BC offers.

6 Licence for New Riders

BC Class 6 License Process - New Riders

8N License + Class 6 Road Test → Class 6 License

6 Licence for Experienced Drivers

BC Class 6 License Process - Experienced Riders

6L Licence + Class 6 Road Test → Class 6 License

Getting the Motorcycle License BC Mandates Quickly and Safely

If you are near the point of going for your Class 6 licence (the final motorcycle license BC makes available to qualified riders), it means that you are almost at the end of your motorcycle licensing journey. Getting a BC motorbike license means you will be able to ride your bike without the BC motorcycle learners or BC motorcycle novice restrictions. To make things easier, we've detailed all the final steps you need to take before you can get the final, full-privilege motorcycle license BC mandates. Click the tabs below for more information.

8N Licence Holder

If you started your BC motorcycle learning journey as a new or L/N driver, you would have passed the required tests to get your Class 8N (novice license). You must hold a Class 8N license probation free for a minimum of 24 months before you can apply for the Class 6 motorcycle license BC makes available.


6L Licence Holder

If you began learning how to drive a motorcycle in BC as an already experienced driver then you would have successfully gotten your Class 6L licence. After having held your Class 6L licence and passing your motorcycle skills test, and been at the Class 6L stage for a minimum of 30 days, you can attempt the Class 6 road test.

Book Your Class 6 Road Test

You need to book your Class 6 road test in advance at a preferred time and location. You will also be required to indicate what kind of motorcycle you will be bringing to the test. Keep in mind, if you test on a motorcycle below 200 cc, your licence will be restricted to that type of motorcycle.

Study The BC Learn to Ride Smart Guide

The British Columbia Learn to Ride Smart guide will help you brush up on your road signs, signals and road rules knowledge.

Study The Tuning up for Riders Guide

Make sure you review the information in the BC Tuning Up for Riders Guide as well. This guide will help you refresh your memory on the correct way to perform motorcycle driving maneuvers.

Practice Hazard Perception

In the weeks leading up to the Class 6 road test, learn to become more aware of potential hazards around you. Identify them and research the best strategies of how to deal with them.

Practice Driving

The Class 6 road test is your final motorcycle road test and really tests all of your motorcycle riding skills. It's recommended that you get a couple of classes from a trained instructor or driving school to be completely prepared for the Class 6 test, and getting the motorcycle license BC will provide. It won't hurt to refresh your driving knowledge with our BC motorcycle practice test.

  • Riding through intersections, turning right and turning left
  • Correctly entering and existing high speed highways
  • Signaling and changing lanes
  • Joining and leaving traffic
  • Reverse stall parking, regular parking and parking on the side of the road
  • U-turns
  • General riding and maintaining correct lane positions at all times

Remember, because the Class 6 test is your final motorcycle road test, it is very strict, and you absolutely must demonstrate that you are a safe, capable and confident motorbike rider in a variety of circumstances.

Pre-trip Check

Prior to beginning the test, the examiner will check your motorcycle to ensure everything is working correctly and that the vehicle is capable of taking the Class 6 road test. Make sure you complete your own motorcycle check using the below checklist before arriving at the examination center. If your motorcycle isn't deemed to meet the vehicle safety requirements, your test might be cancelled.

Class 6 Road Test

The Class 6 road test is conducted though a pre-set route which the instructor will guide you through via a two-way radio. The instructor will follow you in a car as you navigate through different riding environments, for example city streets, commercial areas, school zones and highways. The test itself will take about an hour. It's important to remain calm and focused during the test. Pay attention to every instruction and do your best to demonstrate everything you've learned over your motorcycle learning journey with confidence.

Post-test Debrief

After the test is complete, you will drive back to the examination center, be told immediately if you passed or failed and your examiner will go over the test with you.

To help you be as prepared as possible for the Class 6 road test we've put together everything you need to know or bring with you on your test day.

Vehicle Safety Check

Making sure your motorcycle is in test worthy condition is the first thing you should check before leaving home. Use our vehicle checklist to ensure everything is working like it should.

Vehicle Documents

You may be required to show proper BC motorcycle insurance and registration documents, so make sure you bring them along.

The Correct Motorcycle

You may want to take the test on a motorcycle with a minimum of 200 cc. If your motorcycle is less than that, your licence will be restricted to whatever type of motorcycle you bring to the test.

Arrive Early

Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment time to sign in, take a breath and mentally relax before the test begins.

Cancelling or Rescheduling

Make sure you are reaching out to the ICBC examination center at least 48 hours in advance if you can't make your test date/time otherwise you might lose your entire booking fee.

Vision Aids

Glasses or contacts must be worn during the test if they are prescribed.

Applicable Fees

Make sure you bring along the needed fees.

Ministry Approved Helmet

All motorcycle road tests require you to wear a ministry approved helmet.

Licence Expiry

The Class 6 motorcycle license BC provides is your full, final motorcycle licence. You will be required to periodically renew your licence and will receive a notice from the ICBC prior to any renewal requirements.

A Class 6 license is a full-privileged BC motorcycle license and while there are no restrictions on this license type, motorcycle riders are still cautioned to exert extra care when driving in bad weather conditions, through construction sites and remain 100% aware of their surroundings at all times.

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