Saskatchewan's SGI Driving Test Types

Passing Your Saskatchewan Driving Test

In the province of Saskatchewan, driver licensing is managed by SGI (Saskatchewan Government Insurance corporation). Whether you are a new driver or a driver with prior experience from another country or province, you are by law required to complete the Saskatchewan Class 5 driver license or Saskatchewan motorcycle license requirements established by the SK graduated driver licensing program for your license class. Take advantage of the detailed resources that can help you pass your SGI driving test and get your SK drivers license in the shortest time possible.

Choose the type of Saskatchewan driving test you need to attempt:

SGI Driving Test for Car Drivers - Class 5

The eventual goal for any aspiring Saskatchewan passenger vehicle driver is to get their Class 5 car drivers license. In order to complete the learning requirements of the Saskatchewan graduated drivers license program (GDL), all passenger vehicle drivers must first get their Saskatchewan Class 7 learners license, then their SK Class 5 Novice 1 and Novice 2 license, and then eventually graduate to a full Saskatchewan Class 5 driver license. Knowing the complete GDL process, acquiring driving knowledge about the rules of the road, and practicing driving skills and passing each SGI driving test you face, will ensure you get your Saskatchewan car driving license as quickly as possible.

Saskatchewan Car Licensing

In order to help Saskatchewan drivers understand the requirements at the SK Class 7 license stage, Class 5 Novice 1 and Novice 2 stages, pass each SGI driving test they face, and also understand the responsibilities associated with driving with a full SK Class 5 license, our team has summarized all the key information you should know in order to drive safely and legally in Saskatchewan.

If you enroll in driver education, you can get your learner license at 15.

Driver education completion is mandatory before a full license can be issued

Saskatchewan Driving Test

The SGI knowledge test to get your SK Class 7L license is designed to ensure you have a good understanding of the road signs, road rules and basic driving procedures. Preparing for the SGI knowledge test can feel stressful, but the best way to beat the anxiety is by being well prepared. Study the entire Saskatchewan Drivers Handbook and practice with our Saskatchewan Class 7 practice test sets.

Thoroughly study the Saskatchewan Drivers Handbook

Do as many Class 7 practice tests as required until you consistently pass.

SGI Saskatchewan Road Test

SGI road tests are conducted by a licensed examiner who is checking to see if a driver is able to safely, confidently and correctly execute driving maneuvers and techniques. The best way to prepare is to use as much time at the SK Class 7L learner stage to practice. The more hours of real world, on-road driving practice you have, the less likely you will be caught unprepared during this particular SGI driving test.

Use the SK Drivers Handbook to remind yourself of SK road signs and rules

Practice your driving as much as possible before the test

SGI Driving Test for Motorcycle Drivers

Similar to learning how to drive a car in Saskatchewan, getting your Saskatchewan motorcycle license requires a new motorcycle driver to go through the entire Saskatchewan motorcycle graduated driver licensing program. From qualifying as a learner at the SK motorcycle learner stage to driving with a SK motorcycle novice license and eventually getting your m-endorsement on a Saskatchewan Class 5 license there are specific steps you must follow in order to get your SK motorcycle license.

SGI Motorcycle License

The SK motorcycle graduated driver licensing program, with its three unique learners, novice and full SK motorcycle license stages guides drivers from the level of having basic motorcycle knowledge to intermediate on-road driving and finally fully licensed Saskatchewan motorcycle driving. Knowing each stage is very important.

You must be at least 16 to start the process

A Class 5 car license is a prerequisite to getting your SK motorcycle license

SK Motorcycle Learners Test

The best way to be prepared for the written SK driving test for motorcycle drivers, and get your Saskatchewan motorcycle license for learners, is to start with reading through both the Saskatchewan Driver's Handbook and the Saskatchewan Motorcycle Driver's Handbook. Then you can practice SK motorcycle practice test sets to test your knowledge.

Study the Saskatchewan Drivers Handbooks

Use motorcycle practice tests

SGI Motorcycle Road Tests

The only way to be prepared for an SGI road test is to invest hours of time into on-road driving practice before you take this particular SGI driving test. Make sure you practice driving with your SK motorcycle learner license in different traffic environments, different times of the day and attempt all major driving maneuvers such as proper lane position etc.

Safety gear is a must, so buy some as soon as you get your learners license

Practice motorcycle riding

Book Your On Road Saskatchewan Driving Test

The on-road, SGI driving test is coordinated by Saskatchewan Government Insurance or SGI. SGI is responsible for operating all driver licensing programs including road test bookings for your SK car license or SK motorcycle license.

SGI Class 5 Road Test

  • The Saskatchewan Drivers Handbook and Class 7 practice tests will help you remember key SK road signs and rules
  • A qualifying licensed supervisor must accompany you when you drive as a Class 7 learner driver and help you develop your driving skills.
  • Proper registration, insurance and mechanical safety is necessary for any car used for an SGI driving test

SGI Motorcycle License Road Test

Free Saskatchewan Driving Test Quizzes

The Saskatchewan driving practice tests will help you test your knowledge of Saskatchewan road signs and rules of the road as they apply to Saskatchewan car drivers or SK motorcycle drivers, as well as help you to know what to expect on the actual SGI knowledge test.

Class 7 Practice Tests

In-depth understanding of Saskatchewan road signs, road rules and driving expectations are some of the main areas your SK knowledge test will focus on. Use our free Saskatchewan Class 7 practice knowledge test series to be better prepared for your SGI knowledge test.

SK Motorcycle Practice Tests

The first step to getting your SK motorcycle license is demonstrating that you have a good understanding of road signs and rules of the road as they apply to motorcycle driving. Our free Saskatchewan motorcycle practice test will help you pass the SGI motorcycle knowledge test.