Taking a BC Driving Test?

BC Drivers License Test Information:

BC has a standard graduated driver licensing program operated by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia or ICBC, which all new and experienced drivers need to follow in order to get a BC drivers licence. The right kind of BC drivers licence allows one the opportunity to drive a passenger vehicle, a motorcycle or any other sort of motorized vehicle in British Columbia. If you are looking for BC driving test information for your BC Class 5 car driving licence or the Class 6 motorcycle licence BC issues to qualifying drivers then we have you covered. Everything from BC drivers license practice test sets for the ICBC knowledge test to the ICBC road test is summarized in simple, easy to follow steps so you don't have to do any further research for your BC driving test.

Choose the type of BC driving test you need to take:

Class 5 BC Driving Test For Passenger Vehicles

If you want to drive a passenger vehicle like a car, light truck or van in British Columbia, you need to work your way through the BC graduated driver licensing program for car drivers and eventually get a full BC class 5 license. In order to get your BC learners licence, you will need to successfully pass the ICBC knowledge test (practice here). Once you have your learner licence, with adequate on-road practice, you can attempt the ICBC road test to get the Novice Driver or N license BC makes available. And finally, you take the last BC driving test or ICBC road test for a full, unrestricted BC class 5 license to complete your BC passenger vehicle driver licensing journey.

BC Car Licensing

Our goal is to provide drivers in BC with complete guidance on everything you need to know about the BC graduated license process. With detailed information on the requirements at the BC learners license stage, the BC novice driver stage and the final BC class 5 driver's license stage, we strive to help with each BC driving test you face.

You can take the ICBC knowledge test when you turn 16.

Focusing on the BC Learn To Drive Smart Manual is an essential starting point

ICBC Knowledge Test

The ICBC knowledge test will assess your understanding of BC road signs and road rules. By learning the key concepts explained in the BC Learn to Drive Smart manual and then mastering those through BC class 7 practice tests you can be sure that you are completely prepared for the ICBC knowledge test. Keep in mind:

Don't miss any of the sections in the BC Learn To Drive Smart manual

Use all our Class 7 practice tests to learn everything you need to know

ICBC Road Tests For Cars

Once you pass the ICBC knowledge test; to qualify as a BC learner driver you need to start practicing driving to complete the Class 7 ICBC road test (more here) and the Class 5 ICBC road test (more here). Each of these types of BC driving test will focus on specific car handling skills, and the tests get more challenging as you progress.

Remember all the theoretical information from the BC learner stage

Use the timely wisely to practice all on-road driving skills

BC Driving Test for a Motorcycle Licence

The motorcycle licence BC makes available to interested residents, is obtained through the BC motorcycle graduated driver licensing program, where depending on if you already hold another full-privilege drivers licence (Class 1-5) or not, determines the time you need to spend on each motorcycle licensing stage. The ICBC manages all BC motorcycle licensing programs and the administration of the appropriate BC driving test.

Motorcycle Licence BC

Motorcycle drivers in BC need to know exactly what is expected of them at each stage of the BC graduated motorcycle license program. Whether they're looking for practice ICBC knowledge tests for their learner licence, detailed ICBC road test information for their BC motorcycle novice licence or BC Class 6 licence, we have it covered.

You must be at least 16 to begin the process.

A motorcycle training course makes things easier

BC Motorcycle Knowledge Test

The BC motorcycle knowledge test can seem quite difficult but in reality if you do a good job of reading through the BC Learn to Ride Smart guide and spend some time on the class 6 motorcycle practice tests you will be more than prepared for your actual motorcycle knowledge test. Focus on learning all the concepts and skills needed.

Use the Learn to Ride Smart manual as a guide

Practice, practice and more practice makes perfect

Motorcycle Road Test BC

The ICBC requires all new riders to pass two separate BC motorcycle road tests before you can get your final Class 6 BC motorcycle licence. The motorcycle skills test and road test to get your Class 8 Novice licence focuses on basic motorcycle driving skills, while the Class 6 road test is the advanced road test that includes highway driving on the test.

You can't practice riding or take a BC road test without proper riding gear.

The more you practice the better prepared you will be

ICBC Road Test Booking

The ICBC road test appointments for your BC Class 7N, BC Class 8N, BC Class 5, and BC Class 6 licence will have to be booked directly through the ICBC in advance. Make sure you spend enough time practicing your license specific skills so you have a higher chance of passing your BC driving test on the first attempt.

ICBC Road Test Class 5

Motorcycle Licence BC Road Test

Free ICBC Practice Tests

The ICanDrive.ca BC driving practice tests can help you be well prepared for the actual ICBC knowledge test, whether for a BC car drivers licence or a BC motorcycle licence. Our knowledge tests are very close in format and content to the official ICBC knowledge test so you know what to expect on your test day.

ICBC Knowledge Test For Cars

In order to get your BC learners licence, you need to pass the ICBC knowledge test for passenger vehicles. The test is structured as 50 multiple choice questions dedicated to BC road signs and road rules. By reading through the BC Learn to Drive Smart guide and practicing BC Class 7 tests, you can be well prepared to pass the ICBC knowledge test on your first attempt.

BC Motorcycle Knowledge Test

The BC motorcycle knowledge test to get your Class 8L/6L motorcycle licence determines if you have a good understanding of BC road signs, road rules and driving practices as they apply to motorcycle drivers in BC. Our BC class 6 motorcycle practice test is designed to cover as many BC motorcycle driving concepts as possible, so you can confidently take the BC motorcycle knowledge test.