Manitoba Graduated License for Cars & Light Trucks

Licenses for passenger type vehicles or light trucks

If you are looking to get a Manitoba car license, you have to go through the Manitoba graduated license stages. We can help make thing easier. From Manitoba knowledge test practice sets, to inside tips on passing the Class 5 road test, we can help you do your very best, every step of the way through the Manitoba graduated license process.

Our goal is to make sure your Manitoba car licensing journey is as stress free as possible and you can get through the Manitoba graduated license process in the shortest possible time period. Our step-by-step approach to learning how to drive in Manitoba is easy to follow, and before you know it, you'll have a Full Manitoba Class 5 license, and be able to drive independently in Manitoba.

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Your Manitoba Graduated Drivers License or GDL Manitoba

Understanding the Manitoba graduated license process

By working your way through the GDL Manitoba or Manitoba graduated license process, you will build strong driving skills and learn how to drive a car or light truck through a step-by-step approach, designed to reduce accidents. In order to become a fully licensed Manitoba car driver you first have to learn all Manitoba road signs and rules, as well as practice driving under supervision.

The Manitoba graduated license (GDL Manitoba) program allows a new Manitoba driver to gradually develop the skills and confidence to drive a car or light truck in any weather or road conditions. You will be able to correctly identify and respond to road signs, road rules and any possible road hazards you may encounter while driving in Manitoba.

The Manitoba Car GDL Process

Get Class 5L(Learner) Licence + Class 5I(Intermediate) Licence = Class 5F Licence.

Here's How to Get Your Manitoba Class 5 Learners License

Step one of the Manitoba graduated licensing system is to get your Class 5L licence

The Class 5L knowledge test is a multiple choice test designed to ensure all Manitoba car drivers have a strong knowledge of the road signs and road rules. The best way to pass this test is to learn the information in Manitoba driver's handbook and dedicate some time to attempting our free Manitoba Class 5 practice test series.

How to Get Your Manitoba Class 5 Learners License

Pass the knowledge test & vision test and get your Class 5L licence

You can get 5L on your or after your 16th birthday:

Here's how to get your 5L licence:

Bring two pieces of identification

Show proof of parental consent if under 18

Take and Pass the 5L knowledge test

Pass a vision test

Getting Your Manitoba 5I Licence

Your Manitoba 5I or intermediate licence is step two in the Manitoba licensing journey

Your Manitoba Class 5 Intermediate license allows you to drive a car in Manitoba without a supervising driver. The purpose of this stage is to accumulate driving experience and prepare for the final road test.

Getting Your Manitoba 5I Licence

Drive safely for 9 months and pass the road test to get Class 5I Licence

You must remain at the 5L level for a minimum of 9 months before attempting the 5I road test.

Here's how to get your 5I licence:

Bring a vehicle in good working order

Bring the associated test fees

Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment

Take and Pass the Class 5 road test

How to Get Your Manitoba 5F Licence

Your Manitoba 5F licence is a full privilege, zero restriction licence.

Drivers that have successfully completed the time requirement at the Class 5 Intermediate level automatically move in to the full Manitoba class 5 license stage. The important part is to practice safe driving and remain probation free for a minimum of 15 months. You must of course also have sufficient Manitoba car insurance as well as other essential documentation in place.

Manitoba 5F Licence

Drive safely for 15 months with Class 5I Licence to get the Class 5F Licence.

You can get your 5F after holding a 5I for a minimum of 15 months.

Here's how to get your 5F licence:

Practice safe driving

Remain at the 5I stage for a minimum of 15 months

Remain probation free for the duration of your intermediate licence stage

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