Need to Take a NL Driving Test?

Newfoundland Driving Test Information:

All Newfoundland and Labrador driving licenses require residents to pass through the stages of NL graduated driver licensing established for that license type. Regardless of whether you are seeking the car drivers license NL requires or the motorcycle license NL mandates, you will need to pass both a theoretical and practical NL driving test to get your final license. Understanding that all new drivers can feel overwhelmed with the amount of Newfoundland driver's licence information out there, we have compiled all of the requirements, including a NL online learners test practice series and information for the various road test NL provides to get your Newfoundland driver's license.

Choose the type of NL driving test you need to attempt:

Passenger Vehicle NL Driving Test

Getting your Newfoundland driver's license for passenger vehicles like cars is a three-step process. First, you need to master the road signs and rules of the road to get your NL Class 5 Level 1 learner license. Using this license to practice on-road driving skills, you can then attempt the on-road NL driving test to get your NL novice driver license. Eventually, after you have accumulated enough driving experience, you can move to the final Newfoundland car license stage. Always Make sure you have up-to-date documentation for your vehicle and sufficient Newfoundland car insurance in place before driving on public roads.

Drivers License NL Process

If you need a simple, summarized view of the things you need to get your NL Class 5 Level 1, NL Class 5 Level 2 or full NL Class 5 license you've come to the right place. We can help you understand your responsibilities as a driver at each stage and prepare you for the specific NL driving test required to get various kinds of NL driving licenses.

The min age requirement is 16

The NL Driver's Handbook has all the important details and time required at each stage

Newfoundland Permit Test

The Newfoundland permit test is a multiple-choice question exam where you have to correctly answer questions on Newfoundland road signs and road rules. The best way to pass on the first try is by properly reading through the Newfoundland and Labrador Road Users Guide and attempting as many NL Class 5 practice tests as possible.

Study the Entire Newfoundland Labrador Road Users Guide

Use all the Class 5 permit test practice sets

NL Driving Test

Before you can become a Newfoundland Class 5 Level 1 driver, you will need to pass a NL driving test that will assess your ability to handle a car in a variety of situations.  This road test is facilitated by a driving examiner who evaluates how well you follow the Newfoundland driving laws and rules of the road.

Remember all your Newfoundland road signs and rules

Get lots of driving practice before your road test

NL Driving Test for Motorcycle Drivers

Similar to the process for getting a Newfoundland & Labrador car driving license, motorcycle drivers must pass through the NL graduated motorcycle license program before they can get their full Newfoundland motorcycle license. The three-step motorcycle licensing program involves first getting a NL motorcycle learners license, then a NL motorcycle novice driver license and finally the full motorcycle license NL offers to qualified applicants. Remember, whenever you are driving your bike on public roads, you must have the correct documentation for your bike and NL motorcycle insurance in place.

Motorcycle License NL

The three distinct NL motorcycle license stages are divided up into the theoretical learning NL Class 6 Level 1 stage, the beginning to drive on-road NL Class 6 level 2 stage and the experienced, full NL Class 6 license stage, at which point you exit from the NL motorcycle GDL program.

Step one requires both a NL knowledge test and balance test

Check out motorcycle training courses which cover all three stages of the NL motorcycle GDL program

NL Motorcycle Permit Test

The best way to prepare for the Newfoundland motorcycle permit test is to read the Newfoundland & Labrador Road Users Guide from cover to cover and thoroughly study it. Once you've mastered the information in the guide, you should practice with our NL Class 6 practice test to confirm your understanding of the concepts.

Study the Newfoundland Labrador Road Users Guide

Attempt all the Class 6 motorcycle practice tests

Newfoundland Road Test

As part of the on-road NL driving test for motorcycles, you will be required to demonstrate that your motorbike meets all necessary safety requirements. Make sure you check all major controls before your test. The best way to get the motorcycle license NL offers, is to get lots of riding practice with a supervising driver.

Protective gear is a must when it comes to driving your motorcycle

You must be accompanied by a licensed motorcycle driver when practicing

Newfoundland Road Test Booking Online

When you are ready to take the on-road Newfoundland driving test either for a NL car license or a NL motorcycle license you need to book your NL road test appointment in advance. The best way to be prepared for your NL road test is to spend as many hours possible practicing key driving skills that are not only needed for the road test but will continue to help you all through your driving career.

Road Test NL - Cars

  • It's best if you review your notes or the Newfoundland Labrador Road Users Guide to make sure you remember all the key Newfoundland road signs and rules. If possible, even take some time to attempt an NL Class 5 practice test.
  • The more on-road driving you practice with your Class 5 Level 1 driver license, the more confident you will be for your actual road test appointment.
  • The car you bring to your NL driving test must have a valid registration, insurance and be mechanically sound.

Road Test NL - Motorcycles

Free Online Driving Test For NL

Practice makes perfect, and practicing for the NL drivers permit test for your NL car license or NL motorcycle license is no exception. The series of free online permit tests are almost identical to the actual NL permit tests, both in terms of questions and format - so use them to really build your skills when it comes to NL road signs and rules of the road.

NL Class 5 Practice Tests

If you practice with our free Newfoundland Class 5 practice test series before attempting the actual Newfoundland permit test, you have a much higher chance of passing and getting a NL learner license on the first try. We cover all the necessary road signs and road rules questions, and make it easy to know exactly what to expect on your driving test day.

Class 6 Motorcycle Practice Tests for NL

The NL motorcycle license permit test required of individuals looking to get their NL motorcycle learners license, covers both general road signs and rules as well as information specific to motorcycle driving in NL. To do well on the NL Class 6 permit test, you need to study hard, and then practice sufficiently with NL Class 6 motorcycle practice tests before attempting it.