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Yukon Practice Tests

Use our practice Yukon driving tests to score better on your Yukon knowledge test.

Yukon Insurance

If you need any sort of insurance products in the territory of Yukon, we have you covered.

Drivers Licensing In Yukon

Yukon drivers can use our licensing sections to help them navigate Yukon's driver licensing.

Yukon Insurance Brokers

Yukon insurance brokers provide much-needed expertise to Yukon residents for their insurance needs.

YT Motor Vehicle Offices

Yukon motor vehicle offices provide driver licensing, driver handbooks and vehicle registration services.

Driving Schools In Yukon

Learn to drive in Yukon with a Yukon driving school who can help provide much-needed driver training.

Yukon Drivers License Tests

Understanding how the Yukon driving test process works is step 1 in the "learn to drive in Yukon" process. The icandrive.ca driving test section helps users divide the whole driving test process into smaller, easy to digest steps.

Yukon Driving Tests Overview

Our Yukon driving test section helps new drivers understand the process and requirements, and gives them an opportunity to practice before their driving test.

YT Car Practice Tests

Attempt the Yukon Class 7 practice tests after you feel you have mastered the Yukon road sign and road rules information in the Yukon drivers handbook.

YT Motorcycle Practice Test

Yukon Class 6 motorcycle practice tests are focused on road signs and rules specific to motorcycle riders and the road hazards they encounter.

What Makes ICanDrive.ca Unique?

ICanDrive.ca is dedicated to Yukon drivers

All of our Yukon content is focused on meeting the needs of Yukon drivers. We work hard to ensure all our information is in accordance with the Yukon Motor Vehicles office directives, and try our best to support all Yukon residents in their quest to learn to drive in the Yukon and be up-to-date with various driving related matters.

Everything on ICanDrive.ca is free

Everything on icandrive.ca is free to use as much as desired, with no hidden costs or fees.

ICanDrive.ca helps train better Yukon drivers

We've invested a lot of time and effort into creating content that helps Yukon drivers be safer, learn better defensive driving skills and give them the ability to manage all sorts of road conditions.

How to Get a Yukon Drivers License

The Yukon follows an informal graduated driver licensing program for all its license classes. The intent is for new drivers to gradually build strong driving skill and move through each licensing stage.

Yukon Driver Licensing

We want to help answer any questions you might have on Yukon license eligibility, preparation, practice tests, test day tips, license restrictions and much more.

YT Car License

For Yukon car or passenger vehicle drivers, you need to move through the YT Class 7 learner stage, YT Class 5 novice stage and the YT Class 5 car licensing stages.

Motorcycle Licensing in YT

Motorcycle drivers in the Yukon start with a YT Class 6 learner license, then get their YT Class 6 novice licence and eventually get their YT Class 6 motorcycle licence.

Yukon Specific Car, Motorcycle, Home and Life Insurance

Yukon insurance can be obtained through a number of insurance companies and insurance brokers. Knowing what you need is the first step in getting the best Yukon insurance product for your needs.

Car Insurance

As a driver, by law, you must carry unexpired, valid Yukon car insurance at all times.

Motorcycle Insurance

There is specific motorcycle insurance for Yukon motorcycle riders.

Home Insurance

Home insurance in the Yukon is available from multiple insurance providers.

Life Insurance

Get adequate Yukon life insurance for peace of mind and security for your family.

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The Daily Driver

Our mission at icandrive.ca is to accompany Yukon drivers on their journey, well past the learning stage and help them stay updated on changing driving rules,  regulations and more. Our Daily Driver section provides various driving guides, insurance guides and license guides, and keeps Yukon drivers aware of any legislative or industry changes that they should be aware of. Use the Daily Driver to stay in the loop on all Yukon driving information, resources and news.