Passing Your NT Driving Test

Northwest Territories Driver License Testing

Driver licensing in the Northwest Territories is slightly more informal than the graduated driver licensing in other Canadian provinces (see here), however there is still the requirement that car drivers or motorcycle drivers must pass a NT driving test and be completely qualified to operate a vehicle before they can be issued a full NWT Class 5 car driving license or a full NWT Class 6 motorcycle license.

Choose the type of NT driving test you need to attempt:

NT Driving Test For Cars

NWT Graduated Driver Licensing is a three-step approach to car driver licensing in the Northwest Territories. You can begin the process at the age of 15 with a NT driving test, to get a NWT learners license. You must then work your way through the NWT probationary license stage before the final, full NWT class 5 license level in order to complete your Northwest Territories car licensing journey.

NT Car Licensing

It's not uncommon for new drivers to be confused as to the correct way to get your NT drivers license. In order to explain the process and the individual steps, we have divided each of the NWT Class 7 learner, NWT Class 5P and NWT Class 5 licensing stages into individual sections that you can read through at your own pace.

You can apply once you are 15 or older.

Call or visit a NT DMV office if you have any questions.

Class 7 Knowledge Test

In order to get your Class 7 NT learner license, you will need to pass a knowledge test. While using the NWT Basic Driver's Handbook will help you learn all the concepts, practicing our Northwest Territories Class 7 practice test sets will really help solidify that knowledge and ensure you remember everything come test day.

Study the NWT Basic Driver's Handbook

Attempt as many NWT Class 7 practice tests as you can.

NT Road Test - Cars

When you apply for your NWT Class 5 probationary license, the main testing component is passing a NWT road test. During the road test, an examining driver will ask you to drive through a specific driving route and demonstrate key driving skills ex. parking, reversing, hill parking, three-point turns etc. Make sure you thoroughly practice your driving beforehand.

Review the NWT Basic Driver's Handbook

Practice all your driving skills.

NT Driving Test for Motorcycles

Graduated motorcycle licensing in the Northwest Territories isn't as established from a process perspective as car licensing in the Northwest Territories, but you do need to pass through 2 main stages in order to get your NWT motorcycle license. You must have a prior Class 7 learner license before beginning your motorcycle licensing journey and then move through the NWT Class 6 probationary and full NWT Class 6 license stages.

NT Motorcycle Licensing

A NWT Class 7 learner license will help a new motorcycle driver to know basic road signs and rules. The NWT motorcycle probationary license stage then builds foundational driving knowledge specific to motorcycles and how to handle them in any sort of road or traffic situation. The last, full NWT Class 6 licensing stage completes the NWT motorcycle learning journey.

Get your Class 7 learner license before beginning NT motorcycle licensing.

Find local motorcycle training courses to help you learn.

Class 6 Knowledge Test

The knowledge test component of your NWT Class 6 probationary license testing contains questions on road signs, rules and motorcycle handling techniques. Reading through the Northwest Territories Motorcycle Operators Licence Information Guide and testing your knowledge with our NWT motorcycle practice test series is key to passing on the first attempt.

Study the Northwest Territories Motorcycle Operators Licence Information Guide

Practice Class 6 motorcycle practice tests

Motorcycle Road Tests

The final requirement to get a Northwest Territories Class 6 probationary license which eventually converts into a full NWT Class 6 license, is to pass a motorcycle road test. This NT driving test will assess your ability to confidently drive a motorcycle in a series of different traffic situations while maintaining the correct process, posture, balance and handling.

Invest in good quality motorcycle riding gear to help keep you safe

Ride your motorcycle with a supervisor in a variety of road conditions.

Northwest Territories Road Test

Both the NWT Class 5 probationary license for car drivers and the NWT Class 6 probationary license for motorcycle drivers requires an applicant to successfully pass an on-road driving test. The best way to be prepared for an on-road driving test is lots and lots of practice.

NT Car Road Test

NT Motorcycle Road Test

Free Online Driving Tests

Practice makes perfect, and this applies to your NWT knowledge tests as well. The more time you spend practicing NT Class 7 knowledge tests or NWT Class 6 motorcycle practice tests, the better your chance of passing on the first attempt. Remember, repeated test attempts cost more time and money, so try to focus on passing the first time.

NT Class 7 Practice Test

The Class 7 knowledge test is administered by the Northwest Territories DMV. Our NWT Class 7 practice knowledge test series will not only help you get closer to getting your Northwest Territories car driving license, but will also help you build a knowledge base that will stay with you over your entire driving career.

NT Practice Tests For Motorcycles

While you will build an understanding of basic road signs and road rules at the NWT Class 7 learner stage, the motorcycle knowledge test administered to get your NWT Class 6 probationary license is more tailored to motorcycle specific road rules and signs, to help you know exactly what is expected of you when you drive a motorcycle in the Northwest Territories.