The PEI Motorcycle Stage 1 License - Learners License

Before you can drive a motorcycle independently in PEI, you need to go through the process of getting a PEI motorcycle learners license (otherwise known as a PEI Stage 1 Class 6 Learner License). Similar to a Class 7 Instruction Permit for passenger vehicle drivers, a motorcycle learner license is obtained after you pass a knowledge test and a vision test. The best way to be well-prepared for your PEI motorcycle learners license test is by reading through the PEI Driver's Handbook and practicing Class 7 practice tests like our free PEI road rules & road signs series and our PEI motorcycle practice test.

Getting Your PEI Motorcycle Learner License

Pass your knowledge test and vision test to get your PEI Class 6 motorcycle learner licence (Stage 1)

The Steps Needed to Get a PEI Motorcycle Learners License

Within the PEI Driver's Handbook, in addition to the basic road signs and road rules applicable to a car driver in PEI, there is also an entire chapter (Chapter 5) dedicated to everything you need to know about motorcycle driving in PEI. Make sure you are 100% comfortable with the information in the Driver's Handbook and can confidently pass our practice version of the motorcycle learners knowledge test. Explore the tabs below for more information.

16 Years Old

While you can apply for a PEI motorcycle learners license at the age of 16, if you are under 18 you need to have a parent or guardians consent to take the motorcycle knowledge test.

Study The PEI Driver's Handbook

You must study the entire PEI Driver's Handbook and really focus on the information in Chapter 5, so you know as much as possible about how to operate a motorcycle in PEI.

PEI Motorcycle Practice Tests

The PEI motorcycle practice test found here, can give you the additional practice and confidence you need to pass the PEI motorcycle knowledge test on the first attempt.

MCQ Written Test

You will need to score a minimum of 80% on the multiple choice motorcycle knowledge test (50 questions). Don't rush through the test. Read each question and the accompanying answer options carefully before you pick an answer.

Vision Test

Your eyesight will be tested by a qualified optometrist.

Arrive Early

Arriving too close to closing time is a bad idea and could mean you have to come back another day, so arrive at your local Access PEI office at least 1-2 hours before closing time.

Documents to Bring

Valid identification documents such as a birth certificate, passport, immigration papers, acceptable proof of PEI residency need to be provided. You will also need to show parent/guardian consent if you are under the age of 18.

Applicable Fees

Double check the cost of your knowledge test and associated licensing fees before arriving at the testing location.

Licence Expiry

A PEI motorcycle learners license is valid for 1 year.

Minimum Licence Holding Period

The minimum wait period at the PEI motorcycle learners license stage is 1 year, but if you complete a Driver Education program, that time period is reduced to 275 days. If for some reason your licence is suspended/cancelled, you will be required to restart the 1 year/275 day wait period.

Novice Driver Course

You need to either complete Driver Education or a mandatory Novice Course (5 hours) before you can move to the next stage of the PEI motorcycle GDL program. In order to register for a Novice Course, you must call your local Access PEI office. The Novice Course will cover important driving concepts such as the PEI demerit point system, impaired driving in PEI, Alcohol/drug related driving implications and how to handle certain driving conditions.

Display L Sign

As a PEI motorcycle learner, you will need to display a small yellow learner/L decal on your motorcycle helmet.

Supervised Driving

A supervising driver who has held a valid PEI driver's license for at least 4 years and has a blood alcohol (BAC) level below 0.05 must supervise a PEI motorcycle learner driver at all times.

No Alcohol

You BAC level must always be at zero when operating a motorcycle in PEI.

No Handheld Devices

You cannot use a cell phone or any hand-held devices when driving a motorcycle.

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PEI Motorcycle GDL Process

The PEI MGDL program mandates that new riders first learn key road signs, rules and motorcycle driving techniques

PEI Stage 2 Novice Licence

Once you've fulfilled the requirements at the PEI learner stage, you move on to the Novice Stage 2

PEI Stage 3 Novice Licence

Once you've fulfilled the requirements at the PEI Stage 2 Novice Licence level, you move to the Novice Stage 3 stage

PEI Class 6 Licence

Once you've fulfilled all the requirements of the PEI MGDL process, you get your full, Class 6 PEI motorcycle licence.

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