Getting Your Manitoba Motorcycle Learners - Class 6L

Driving a motorcycle in Manitoba means you have the option to travel and explore everything Manitoba has to offer, while enjoying the experience from the back of a motorcycle. In order to drive a motorcycle in Manitoba without restrictions, you must be a fully licensed rider, and work your way through the Manitoba graduated motorcycle license process. The process begins with the Manitoba motorcycle learners license or Class 6L. The three stage process includes the MB Class 6I or intermediate motorcycle license, and finally, the Class 6F or full motorcycle license Manitoba offers to qualified riders.

Manitoba 6L Licence Process

Knowledge test + Vision test + motorcycle training course → Class 6L (learner) Licence

Building the Skills Needed to Get Your Manitoba Motorcycle Learners

At, we want to make sure that getting your Manitoba motorcycle learners license is as rewarding, educational and stress-free as possible. We've thought of everything you might need on this licensing journey, and put together the information in a simple to understand format, which you can work through at your own pace. If you simply want a quick refresh on your motorcycle knowledge, see our free Manitoba motorcycle practice test, or click the tabs below for info on specific topics.

16 Years Old

You can apply for your Manitoba motorcycle learners or 6L licence on or after your 16th birthday.

Hold A Valid Licence For Another Class

Prior to applying to your motorcycle learner licence, you must hold a valid licence for another driving class, for example, a Class 5F.

Study The Manitoba Motorcycle Handbook

The Manitoba motorcycle handbook contains all the information you need to learn about Manitoba road signs and rules. Learning and understanding this information will help you prepare for the Class 6 supplementary knowledge test on how to safely operate a motorcycle.

6L Knowledge Practice Tests

After spending a decent amount of time studying the information in the Manitoba motorcycle handbook, make sure you go through all of our Manitoba class 5 practice knowledge tests, and the MB Class 6 learners practice test. These tests are designed to mimic the actual test, and really help Manitoba riders learn the road signs and road rules needed to safely drive a motorcycle in Manitoba.

Book Your Test Appointment

You must schedule a motorcycle knowledge test appointment. Some key points to keep in mind

  • Appointments can be scheduled from May 1 to Oct 30 on any weekday (there are no appointments available on weekends except in the city of Winnipeg)
  • You must coordinate with an Autopac agent to pay the required fee and schedule a test appointment
  • Test appointments can be scheduled up to 8 weeks in advance
  • You can indicate your preferred language when scheduling your appointment

MCQ Written Test

  • The Manitoba written knowledge test is designed to ensure new riders have a sound understanding of road signs and rules
  • You must check in a minimum of 15 minutes in advance of your appointment time
  • No books, cellular phones or other electronic devices are allowed in the test area
  • The test is marked on the spot and you will immediately know if you have passed or failed
  • The best way to guarantee that you will pass on the first attempt is to thoroughly study the Manitoba motorcycle handbook and practice lots of knowledge tests (Manitoba Class 6 learners practice test, and Manitoba Class 5 practice knowledge tests)

Medical Report

Depending on the situation, in order to ensure every new rider is physically able to ride a motorcycle, a medical report could be requested.

Vision Test

In addition to the knowledge test, you will be required to pass a vision test.

Test day can seem a little stress-full but it doesn't have to be. Once you're confident that you've learned all the information in the Manitoba motorcycle handbook, and practiced all of our Manitoba motorcycle learners knowledge tests, you should be ready to take the actual 6L knowledge test. Make sure you go over these key test day tips and information to be 100% prepared.

Arrive Early

It's always a good idea to arrive at least 30 minutes in advance of your knowledge test appointment.

Proof Of Identity

When applying for any Manitoba licence, you will need to show supporting documentations that will prove the following:

  • Birth date
  • Full legal name
  • Photograph
  • Manitoba residence and permanent address
  • Entitlement to be in Canada

Vision Aids

Make sure you bring along any vision aids like glasses or contacts to the test.

Applicable Fees

You will be required to pay the knowledge test fee when you originally book your knowledge test appointment with an Autopac insurance agent. Manitoba insurance is mandatory.

Test Re-takes

If you fail the Manitoba motorcycle learners knowledge test, you must wait for seven days before being allowed to take the test again.

Motorcycle Training Course

Once you've passed the Manitoba motorcycle learners knowledge test, you will be issued a Class 6 (M stage) licence, which will allow you to operate a motorcycle during a motorcycle training course. The motorcycle training course is a ministry approved, one-day practice course that teaches new motorists basic motorcycle riding skills. After completion of this one-day course,  you can get your Class 6L motorcycle licence.

Minimum Licence Holding Period

You must remain at the 6L learner licence stage for a minimum of 9 months before attempting to move to the next licensing stage.

Single Driver

As a Manitoba motorcycle learners licence holder, you cannot carry any passengers.

No Alcohol

You must always maintain a blood alcohol content level of zero when operating a motorcycle.

Restricted Driving at Night

You cannot drive at night (1/2 hour before sunset to 1/2 after sunrise).

No Highway or off-road driving

Unless you hold a minimum Class 5 intermediate licence, you cannot operate any off-road vehicles or drive on any highways.

Cannot Tow Another Vehicle

Your 6L licence does not allow you to provide towing assistance to another vehicle.

Looking to Get a Different Manitoba Motorcycle Licence?

MB GDL Process

By following the Manitoba motorcycle GDP process you will learn all the skills necessary to safely ride a motorcycle in Manitoba.

MB 6I Licence

The Class 6I, intermediate licence is your opportunity to really practice and build on your basic Manitoba motorcycle riding skills.

MB 6F Licence

Your final, full privilege Class 6F licence can be obtained after you prove excellent motorcycle handing skills.

Looking for a Different Manitoba Drivers Licence Type?

Choose the type of vehicle you need to get a Manitoba licence for

Many different kinds of Manitoba drivers license types are available. To help drivers find what they need, we've put together information on some of the most important kinds. Not all drivers in Manitoba are looking to get a Manitoba motorbike license or a Manitoba car driving license. For those who need a more specific kind of driving licence, such as a Manitoba boat license, or a Manitoba bus license, a Manitoba air brake license or a Manitoba truck license, click the links for more information.