Understanding the NWT Graduated Motorcycle License

Similar to the rules for car drivers in the NWT graduated driver licensing program, aspiring motorcycle drivers must also follow the rules of the NWT graduated motorcycle license program to ensure they develop all the skills necessary to ride a motorcycle safely in the Northwest Territories.

Whether you need more information on the beginners NWT Class 6 probationary motorcycle licence or the full NWT Class 6 licence that allows motorbike drivers complete driving freedom, we strive to make the process easy to understand and follow.

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The NWT Graduated Motorcycle License Program

Getting your NT motorcycle licence can be easy

The Class 6 motorcycle license is the end goal of the NWT Graduated Motorcycle License program or MGDL. By passing through the stages of the MGDL program, you will build strong motorcycle handling skills the confidence to drive in all kinds of weather and road conditions. Keep in mind, driving a motorcycle is a big responsibility, and apart from always driving in a safe manner, you must maintain documentation for the vehicle being driven, as well as the appropriate NWT motorcycle insurance.

NWT Class 6 License Process

Class 6 Probationary Licence → Class 6 Motorcycle License

Getting Your Northwest Territories Class 6 Probationary Licence

A NWT probationary licence allows you to drive without supervision

A NWT probationary licence can be obtained after passing a written test and a two-part practical exam designed to test your actual motorcycle driving skills. Make sure you properly prepare for each of these components so you can pass on the first attempt. It's also a good idea to brush up on your driving knowledge with our free series of road signs and road rules practice tests, here and for motorcycle specific information, here.

NWT Class Class 6P Licence

Class 7 Licence + Knowledge Test + Practical test NWT Class 6 License Process Class 6 Probationary Licence

You need to already hold a NWT Class 7 learner licence to start

Here's how to get your probationary licence:

Study The NWT Motorcycle Operators Licence Information Guide

Take and Pass the knowledge test

Pass the motorcycle practical test

The Full NWT Class 6 License

The Class 6 NWT motorcycle licence is restriction free motorcycle riding in NWT

You will need to stay at the Class 6 probationary license stage for a minimum of 12 months before you can qualify for a full Class 6 motorcycle license. Make sure you drive safely, and don't accumulate demerit points if you want to get your NWT Class 6 motorcycle licence, and exit the NWT graduated motorcycle license program as quickly as possible.

NWT Class 6 Licence

Driving with your Class 6 probationary licence for 12 months → Class 6 License

Your Class 6 license is available after 12 months:

Here's how to get your Class 6 licence:

Obey NWT motorcycle rules while driving as a probationary rider

Avoid demerit points

Looking For A Different NWT Licence Type?

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Regardless of which kind of Northwest Territories driver's licence you require, we'd like to help make the process easier. While most Northwest Territories drivers will require a motorcycle driver's license or regular car driving license, some residents require a more specific type of license. Information about driving licenses like a NWT boating license, or a NWT truck driving license, a NWT bus driver license, or an NWT air brake license, can be accessed by clicking the links below for more information.

Looking To Get Your Licence In a Different Province?

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Depending on where you live, the process of getting a Canadian driver's license varies. Choosing your province or territory of residence allows us to direct you to the appropriate driver licensing resources for your area of residence.