The Full, Final Class 6 Motorcycle License NL Issues

Having successfully completed the Class 6 Level I Learner and Class 6 Level II Novice stages of the Newfoundland graduated motorcycle licensing program, you should now be ready to get the full, unrestricted Class 6 motorcycle license NL makes available to qualified motorbike drivers. Driving a motorcycle comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility, both for your own safety and that of other road users. Always drive within the law, with all of the required documentation for your motor bike, and the appropriate motorcycle insurance.

NL Class 6 Full License Process

Class 6 II Licence for 12 months  → Class 6 Licence

Understanding the Class 6 Newfoundland Motorcycle License

The full, unrestricted Class 6 motorcycle license NL offers to qualified individuals not only allows one to drive restriction free, but after holding a class 6 motorcycle licence for a specific period, you can become a supervising driver and/or upgrade your motorbike licence to drive other kinds of vehicles.

Class 6 II Licence Holder

You need to have held a Class 6 Level 2 licence for a minimum of 12 months without any at fault accidents, traffic violations etc in order to automatically be upgraded to a full Class 6 Newfoundland motorcycle licence.

Licence Fees

The cost of your Class 6 licence is $125 (senior fee $65) and must be renewed every 5 years when it expires on your birth date.

Motorcycle Registration

Always remember to keep your registration of the motorcycle license NL issues active and current if you want to drive on public roads.

Insurance Coverage

You have to maintain the proper Newfoundland motorcycle insurance on your motorcycle at all times, and carry the associated insurance documents on you when driving your motorcycle.

Looking for Information on Other NL Motorcycle Licence Types?

Newfoundland Labrador Motorcycle GDL Process

The Newfoundland Labrador graduated motorcycle licensing process helps new riders become more road savvy and safely learn how to ride a motorcycle on Newfoundland roadways.

Newfoundland Labrador Class 6 Level 1 Licence

The Newfoundland Labrador Class 6 Level 1 licence is the beginners permit or learner licence that gives new riders the permission to practice and build upon their motorcycle riding skills.

Newfoundland Labrador Class 6 Level 2 Licence

In order to get your Newfoundland Class 6 Level 2 motorcycle licence you need to demonstrate excellent motorcycle riding skills during your Class 6 road test in a real world test environment.skills.

Looking for a Different Type of Newfoundland Driving Licence?

Choose the type of vehicle you need to get a Newfoundland licence for

While most Newfoundland and Labrador drivers just want to obtain a NL car driving license or a Newfoundland motorcycle drivers license, many other drivers need or want a more specific type of drivers licence, like a NL bus driver license, a NL boating license, a NL truck driving license, or an NL air brake license. Regardless of which kind of NL driver's license you need to apply for, we can point you in the right direction.