Need to Take an Ontario Driving Test?

Ontario Drivers Licence Test

Regardless of the type of Ontario driving licence, you are looking for there is a standard Ontario graduated driver licensing program (GDL) facilitated by the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) that you need to follow in order to qualify for a full Ontario G car licence, Ontario M motorcycle licence or any other type of Ontario driving licence. The GDL programs are structured to help all drivers learn the necessary driving skills before they are able to independently operate a vehicle in Ontario. Everything about the Ontario drivers licence process, knowledge tests and roads tests can be found in our helpful Ontario driving test sections below.

Choose the type of Ontario driving test you need to attempt:

Ontario Driving Test for Passenger Vehicle Drivers

For a prospective car driver, it is imperative that you pass the Ontario G1 test (see our G1 test practice series), the Ontario G2 test, and the Ontario G driving test. In order to help you understand the Ontario driving test process, we've put together basic Ontario licence information, a summary of what you will need for the Ontario G1 test and the type of driving practice you need before you can attempt the actual Ontario road tests. Make sure you have the correct documentation for your vehicle and the appropriate Ontario car insurance in place before driving on public roads.

Ontario Car Licensing

Many new drivers would benefit with a little more guidance on the total Ontario car licensing process and it's associated requirements. The journey from a G1 licence through a G2 licence and finally to get your G licence is explained concisely to help you get through the Ontario GDL process as fast as possible.

You must be 16 to apply for an Ontario licence

Driver education is a good starting point

G1 Knowledge Test

Passing the Ontario G1 test is stage 1 of the Ontario GDL program. Knowing the Ontario road signs and road rules is important for developing a strong foundation for driving in Ontario. Studying properly for the Ontario G1 test is essential, and using our free Ontario G1 practice test series can be extremely helpful. Some key things to keep in mind are:

Study the Entire Ontario Handbook

Practice as many G1 practice tests as possible.

Ontario Road Tests For Cars

You will be required to pass two separate Ontario road tests to get your G2 licence and your G licence. Both these road tests are designed so the examiner is able to assess your level of confidence and capability handling a car on a public roadway. Some key ways to prepare for the road tests are:

Refresh your mind on Ontario road signs/rules

Practice as much driving as possible, always with a supervising driver

Ontario Motorcycle Driving Test

Learning how to drive a motorcycle in Ontario is similar to Ontario car licensing, in that there is an Ontario Graduated Motorcycle Licensing process as well. However, in order to make things easier, we have put together all the steps you need to complete to get your Ontario M licence. Motorcycle driving tests in Ontario are also administered by the Ministry of Transportation Ontario and the MTO can help answer any additional motorcycle licensing in Ontario questions you might have. And, make sure you have adequate Ontario motorcycle insurance in place before driving your bike on public roads, as well as the correct documentation for your bike on hand.

Ontario Motorcycle Licensing

At each stage of the Ontario, motorcycle graduated driver licensing process, there are specific requirements and a driving test that each Ontario motorcycle rider needs to complete. To learn more about the licensing process at the M1 licence, M2 licence or M licence stage, you can use our Ontario graduated motorcycle licensing section.

Get parental consent if your under 16

Check out motorcycle training courses

M1 Knowledge Test

The Ontario M1 test is similar to the Ontario G1 test but focuses more on Ontario road signs and road rules that impact Ontario motorcycle drivers. Make sure you utilize our tutorial: M1 practice test questions and answers, and the information in the M1 license sections to be 100% prepared for your M1 written knowledge test.

Study the Ontario Motorcycle Handbook

Practice M1 practice tests

Motorcycle Road Tests

The Ontario motorcycle level 1 road test and level 2 road test can only be passed after you have the skills to confidently navigate through traffic while driving within Ontario motorcycle rules and laws. Use our motorcycle learners tips. to pass your M1 road test and M2 motorcycle tips. to pass the M2 road test on your first attempt:

Invest in safe motorcycle gear

Practice motorcycle riding

Book Road Test Ontario

All Ontario road test appoints for your G2 licence, G licence, M2 licence and M licence must be booked in advance with Ministry of Transportation Ontario. Make sure you get enough time to practice your vehicle handling skills before you attempt any of the Ontario road tests. It's always better to be well-prepared and pass on the first attempt vs having to repay the test fees and re-take an Ontario driving test.

Ontario Car Road Test

  • Brush up on your driving basics by reading through the Ontario Drivers Handbook. You can even attempt some G1 practice tests to completely refresh your memory on Ontario road signs and road rules
  • Practice as much driving with a supervising driver as possible so you are able to confidently take the Ontario road test
  • Make sure your vehicle is mechanically safe enough to take the Ontario road test

Ontario Motorcycle Road Test

  • Study the Ontario Motorcycle Handbook to refresh your memory on Ontario motorcycle specifics as well as attempt a M1 practice test if you have time
  • Practice lots of motorcycle riding
  • Invest in good motorcycle safety gear such as a ministry approved helmet, proper clothes and books.

Free Online Driving Tests

The best way to be the most prepared for the first series of Ontario driving test is to practice as many Ontario G1 tests or M1 tests as possible. Once you are 100% comfortable with the Ontario driving test content and structure, you are much more likely to pass the actual Ministry of Transportation Ontario driving test on your first try.

Ontario G1 Test

Our G1 practice tests are not just focused on getting you ready for the first Ontario driving test, but are designed so that the information you learn stays with you for your entire driving career. All Ontario road signs, road rules and driving techniques from a theoretical perspective are covered in our Ontario G1 practice test tutorials. The more you practice the higher your chances of passing the MTO G1 test on the first attempt.

M1 Practice Tests

In order to get your Ontario M1 licence, you need to pass the MTO M1 knowledge test. The best way to be prepared for all the Ontario motorcycle road signs, road rules and motorcycle riding questions is by practicing as many M1 practice tests as possible. Our Ontario M1 practice test sets are almost identical in content and structure to the actual MTO M1 tests so you can be as prepared as possible.